Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's a rainy day....

It has been for almost 2 weeks that Kuching kept on being rainy.
Luckily I'm in my campus; in my room to be exact; so I'm not in boredom. B.J is also here accompanying me in my room due to the factor that my roommate has left due to the CNY holiday and he want to go home. Plus, I do quite afraid to be alone....*laugh as you may*

Dah lah I haven't finished the debate VC Cup report *hint* I haven't started yet, I also have not start with my AGR 160 research about bananas (yes people, bananas), CTU assignment which I could say Atai are quite furious towards me right now (I hate his mood swing), activity proposal for Block 6, BEL term paper draft, try to cover ACC100, ECO113, AGR161 chapters (God, I have quiz for all of these paper after the holiday), JPK election plus doing the work of brand marketing for the Debate Club. See!!! How much work I need to do within this week and next week!!!

Plus, my 3 years-old Dell D600 laptop are making so much fuss right now. Mind you, in the world of technologies, 3 years means 30 years. Just imagine how old is the technology that I use right now.
Can't wait for the new lappy, which I hope that I can get my hands on it during the middle of February. It's Compaq CQ-20, a 12.1" lappy. See how small it is!!!
Hence, I can bring it everywhere without having my lappy backpack being that quite a burden. because it's just weigh around 1.66kg.

After the holiday, I would have at least 4 girls surrounding me.
Who are those girls? They are girls which I "hang-out" before the holiday and since the holiday I only being able to text them *mind you I'm so such good in text game*, those girls are currently have that emotional attach to me...
Naah, I won't expose here who are they due to the factor they might read this but all I want to say that I'm not being a player nor a flirter. It's just I want to have girls around me at all time because like Hana said, I'm a ladiesman. I can't survive a day without a girl!!!

Yesterday was the most pissed day I've ever had for this year, so far.
Let me tell you what happened.
My co-curricular activity for this semester, Public Speaking, has been gone in the list when I want to do the validation. Same thing goes to B.J.
According to the co-curricular coordinator, both of us has registered for activity which are not available in UiTM Sarawak.
I was like, "WTF, but the co-curricular activity were in the list!"
"That is because our system are centralize in Shah Alam. Hence all the co-curricular activities from Perlis till Sabah are gather there. That's why you see there are lots of activities in the list given... We just can't do nothing because the system has shut the input thus we can't register your name again. I think that you will retake yor co-curricular in Part-4."
What!!! Part-4!!! Where everyone has already finish with their co-curricular, B.J and me have to continue it again!!! Fuck!!!
Then, around 45 minutes later, both of us bump to my Ketua Program : Diploma Perladangan and he said he'll try to settle up those things because in 2 days he will go to K.L. I think he can sort this problem by go to Shah Alam during that time. God will.
What about B.J? Well, we already go to En. Hashimi, the Penolong Pendaftar of UiTM Sarawak and he said he can't do nothing because it doesn't involve with academic.
Poor poor B.J and me, looks like we have to continue our co next sem!!!!

But hey, at least look at the bright sight..
We have a new motion for next public debate which is "This house believe on centralizing the UiTM system according to campus".
I know it involve a little bit about technical stuff but hey, at least those idiot would have their ears smoke when they listen to our debate...