Friday, December 31, 2010

Closing the chapter of 2010

The new book will show itself any minute now; thus shows the curtain of 2010 will be closed.

Lot of challenges and tests that I have to endured trough out the year which I’m quite astonished to see myself was able to walk out with all of my limbs still intact.

2010 has really showed me path which I selected to choose. Sometimes, when I’m in doubt, I always see myself from another perspective to make sure in the end of the day no regret will come to me for making the wrong choice.

Of course, there are certain things that I haven’t fulfill so far such as travelling around Sarawak due to certain limitation that I posses. But it wouldn’t stop me from doing so in the future. The dream will be always continue to grow and it will be always evolve to make it better.


Thank you for my parents who let me did all the things in my way by supporting me financially. I always put the priority of study ahead of anything else even though I’m busy with almost everything and anything. Remember, parents’ blessing is important because without their blessing, you might end up doing all types of wrong moves.


Thank you to my lecturers who guide me all throughout these journey. You did fulfill your responsibility successfully by guiding and opening the door for us; to make me the proud as I can walk with my head held high. You did all the impossible achievable by giving us the ladder of knowledge which I climbed on to obtain the success by grasping hard upon it by years and finally, it is safely in my arms.

DSC_0122DSC07091Thank you to my friends, who had pushed me all the way back; who convinced me to do something crazy and different. It’s because of you guys who influence me in peer manner which subsequently does influence the way I’m thinking and put my subtle into action. I do appreciate you guys who keep on believing in any activities which I plan and organize plus giving your full support by participating in those activities. From there, I know you guys have the faith and trust in me to do almost everything without being worry that it would be messed up. I do extremely believing in it.

Please do take care well of the Debate Unit. We fight, we won and we survive. I might not be around anymore but you guys along with the Debate Unit always in my heart; the nearest because you are part of my family.

Even with all my might that I possessed, I couldn’t have done all of the amazing things if it is not because of these people who really gives me their full fledge support to me; those two person which are important during my academic and life-experience study.


Thank you Miss L, for revealing my strength along with my weaknesses so that I can be better in future. Your way does really change me a lot and the peak is when Terrence and I successfully went to the final of Yayasan Sarawak World Style Debate Tournament 2010. In every explanation that you gave to me, it does create a hard imprint which I might say, quite hard to be forgotten. You’re the best and you will remain the best of the best from all the best.


Finally, thank you to my lover who shows me the meaning of true love. Time that has been spent with you will be cherish in my memory. And don’t to worry love, I won’t find another you over there. Till now sweetie, you will be remaining in my heart and in my mind all the time. I love you too much.

This is the closing of the chapter of 2010 and I hope that 2011 will bring a better way and a better excel to you and me.

I hope my new path in UiTM Shah Alam taking Bachelor in Mass Communication (Interpersonal) would bring me more great things ahead.

Until then, bon voyage.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Exam Result–Part 6 (July–November 2010)

I know it would be quite late to tell this since the exam’s result has been released about 15 days ago.

But personally, for me nothing is too late when it is comes to good news. Frankly speaking, it didn’t occur to me at all that I would achieve the result that I dream off.

Here, I’m gladly show you my final exam result below.

CaptureClick the picture to enlarge

Finally ladies and gentlemen, I achieved Dean’s List for the first time! Perhaps it is not so much to some people but it meant so much for me.

This semester, I just did all my best along with the hope to score well for my final semester. Yet, the to achieve GPA of 3.5 I put it away aside because deep down in my heart I already lost my faith to obtain it.

But here it is; still in disbelieving and awe condition I am. Enough of the rackets, let us see and analyze through all the subjects that I have scored.

1. Agricultural Economics

Result : B+

Seriously, I thought I would flunk this paper since my carry mark is low and I didn’t perform well in the final paper. But somehow, Mr. Ghazali has helped to boost my mark that causes this subject to be my turn key point of obtaining Dean’s List.

Perhaps the economics paper was the least paper that I like since I failed the Principle of Economy back in part-3 which I retook this semester.

The calculation and the formulas really bugged my head but Alhamdulillah, I passed.

2. Agricultural Extension

Result : A

It was a surprise seeing Associate Professor Dr. Margaret Chan gave me an “A” for her paper. Mind you that she is one hard lecturer to please as you must do your assignment with quality and answer her paper according to your understanding by putting it into your own words. I think personally, this is the highest achievement I have with her since she taught me for 3 semesters for 3 different subject; Math and Research Methodology; which I obtained C and C+ respectively.

3. Land Survey

Result : A-

This is the subject that makes me look like a fool in class since I do not know a single thing about this particular subject. On the night before the final paper, I took my time to revised the textbook; which wrote by the lecturer himself; and finally understand the whole concept but it was too late; or else I would score an “A”.

4. Principles of Economics

Result : B

During my time in part-3, I failed this paper due to my brain couldn’t absorb anything that involves figures, formula and calculation; and it cost me failed this subject. So I rise up and took this paper for the second time so that I could redeem what has taken. I struggle enough for this subject and I’m really quite satisfy to get a “B” since I know I cut out from my flesh and blood just to achieve it.

5. Personnel Management

Result : A-

I’m a person who is strong at memorizing facts and therefore making this subject as my favourite. Not to mention the lecturer who taught this really lenient indeed. She told the class that she would accept any answer as long it is related to the concept. Another “A-“ from my own effort.

6. Agricultural Marketing

Result : A-

This subject was initially being taught by a lecturer who caused me to lost my Dean’s List chance back in part-4 but she was being replaced by a good lecturer. Although she was quite new to this subject but she make an effort herself to understand and deliver the topic to us. Thanks to her, I understand every single detail about this particular subject.

Overall, I obtained 3.54 GPA which eligible me to graduate with a 3.08 CGPA for my diploma. I didn’t see it coming and I owe it all to the lecturers who had taught me all this while.

Thank you all.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hometown : Kampung Boyan

I was born in a typical modern Malay kampung which you can compare to Kampung Bharu in Kuala Lumpur.

Kampung Boyan; located at the area of Petra Jaya, Kuching, Sarawak is the best place for me so far in the entire of my life.

As a resemblance, both kampung share the most common thing, it’s located near to the main city; which for my kampung is just located just across the Sarawak river.


During the evening, you will enjoy a beautiful scenery of Kuching city from the other side.

Dusk ray really outstand most of the buildings to create a galore and spectacular view for eyes to feed on.


With every minute that passes by, you can see the changes in the colour of the atmosphere; resembled by the lighting reflect from the building as you can compare from both of the pictures above.

DSC_0066Now, you guys must be wondering on how to get the other side? Fear not, if you live near the city’s hotel, you can use the service of the penambang to get you to the other side with a fair RM 0.50 to get across.


The penambang will take you from each of the side and they operate until 11 p.m so you guys do not need to be worry if there is no more transportation to get back to the other side.


Penambang or also known as small boat has been the traditional method to go across the river as long I remember. It is now is a trademark of the Sarawak river in any print outs about Kuching.


Here, there is a lot of stalls selling local food and beverages such as the popular kek lapis Sarawak, mee kolok and laksa Sarawak.

There is also some small stalls that sells local merchandize plus not to forget the exquisite ikan Terubok masin that you can get it all here.


After enjoying the food, you can have a long walk along the village waterfront to enjoy the beautiful scenery around the kampung area.


You could have a glimpse of the end of the city which locates the ships for the fishermen.

I hope you guys could be thrill to come here and if you do, we do welcome you with open arms.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Full Review : Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah

Pada hari Ahad yang lepas, saya telah pergi menonton filem Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah (HKLBR). Ini merupakan filem Melayu kedua yang saya tonton di pawagam selepas filem Ngangkung pada tahun ini.

Filem ini merupakan rentetan daripada filem Zombie Kampung Pisang yang diarahkan oleh pengarah yang sama kira-kira dua tahun dahulu.

HKLBR ini diarahkan oleh sutradara Mamat Khalid yang terkenal dengan filem yang diolah kelihatan bersahaja akan tetapi disertai dengan mesej-mesej kritikan terhadap sosiologi budaya, kepercayaan, pemahaman dan budaya orang Malaysia itu sendiri yang diparapkan (embedded) di dalam filem tersebut

Melalui tulisan pasca-tonton ini, saya akan cuba untuk memberikan maksud-maksud mesej yang ingin disampaikan oleh Mamat Khalid kepada penonton kerana bagi pendapat saya, kebanyakan para penonton yang telah menonton filem ini belum memahami sepenuhnya apa yang ingin dibawa dan diutarakan oleh pengarah terbabit.


Babak 1:

Para pelajar yang ditangkap merokok telah ditewaskan oleh guru lelaki mereka walaupun mereka bertukar menjadi zombie. Pada bahagian kredit telah menyatakan babak ini telah dihasilkan menggunakan duit PTPTN.


Kebanyakan para pelajar kini telah menjadi semakin memberontak dan disebabkan oleh tekanan perasaan daripada kawan-kawan disekeliling mereka.

Mamat Khalid juga mempersoalkan para pelajar tentang pengurusan kewangan mereka yang tidak sistematik kerana menggunakan duit PTPTN untuk perkara yang tidak berfaedah.

Babak 2:

Pengawal keselamatan yang ditugaskan menjaga kawasan tapak pembinaan sanggup membawa kerusi ke pondok dengan mengelilingi pondok tersebut daripada membongkok atau menerusi atas palang penghadang kenderaan. Pengawal itu juga lari daripada tapak pembinaan apabila melihat sesuatu perkara yang pelik berlaku dan pada akhir filem, ia telah dijelaskan oleh kren-kren yang digunakan bagi aktiviti pembinaan waktu malam.


Kebanyakan orang sekarang suka menggunakan jalan yang senang untuk mengecapi kemenangan, objektif atau sasaran daripada bersusah-susah dahulu.

Mamat Khalid juga menegur sikap kita yang terlalu suka membuat sesuatu andaian tanpa memeriksa sumber-sumber atau mengenalpasti kebenaran disebalik sesuatu peristiwa.

Babak 3 :

Ini mengenai watak Usup yang mengalami kecederaan pada kedua-dua belah kakinya setelah digilis oleh kenderaan pembajak sawah yang dibawa oleh Purnama yang pada ketika itu sedang berSMS dan bersembang di telefon tanpa memberikan sebarang perhatian ke hadapan.

Babak ini juga menunjukkan Usup menggunakan kerusi roda yang disediakan oleh pihak kerajaan (logo “HAK KERAJAAN” tertera di belakang kerusi roda) untuk memudakannya bergerak ke sana dan ke mari. Akan tetapi, ketika Usup dikejar oleh ‘hantu’ Kak Limah, beliau dapat berlari menyelamatkan diri dengan berlari sambil membawa kerusi roda tersebut.

Pengajaran :

Sememangnya babak ini menjurus kepada para pemandu Malaysia yang memandu sambil menggunakan telefon bimbit atas apa alasan sekalipun dek kerana kealpaan dan kelalaian mereka menunaikan tanggungjawab sebagai pemandu berhemah di jalanraya.

Mentaliti orang Malaysia terutamanya orang Melayu yang selalunya mengharapkan subsidi daripada kerajaan untuk apa sahaja aktiviti tanpa perlu berpenat lelah telah digambarkan dengan jayanya oleh Mamat Khalid.

Akan tetapi, jika bangsa Melayu diancam oleh anasir-anasir yang tidak senang akan kedudukan mereka, orang-orang Melayu akan bangkit daripada tidur yang amat lena selama ini demi kelangsungan survival Melayu di bumi Malaysia ini.

Babak 4:

Husin yang merasa tidak senang dengan tempat tidurnya menjengah ke bawah katil kerana takut ada sesuatu di bawahnya sedangkan ‘hantu’ Kak Limah sudah sedia menanti di sebelah katil.


Orang kita mudah takut dan berasa was-was kepada ancaman-ancaman daripada luar sedangkan ancaman di dalam negara itu sendirilah yang akan merosakkan negara itu sendiri ; rasuah misalnya.

Babak 5 :

Bomoh daripada Bentan, Indonesia yang mengaku mempunyai ilmu kesaktian yang tinggi di hadapan para penduduk tempatan tidak berjaya untuk menewaskan ‘hantu’ Kak Limah dan akhirnya mengalami sampuk.


Secara terang-terangan pengarah ingin mengutarakan isu rakyat negara Indonesia yang mengaku memiliki segalanya apa yang Malaysia curi daripada mereka selama ini; contohnya adalah Kain Batik. Apabila kita menjawab, mereka menjadi semakin ‘paranoia’ yang akhirnya menyebabkan mereka mengambil tindakan sendiri yang tidak berhasil apabila kita tidak melayan sebarang provokasi oleh mereka.

Babak 6:

Bomoh daripada Kelantan cuba menewaskan ‘hantu’ Kak Limah dan telah beberapa kali salah memanggil hantu sehinggakan hantu kopek dan Nang Nak muncul.

Beliau juga meratib “belawok..belawok..belawok…” sementelah orang-orang kampong menunggu di belakang beliau.


Mamat Khalid sekali lagi terang-terangan cuba mengacah filem Ngangkung yang kebetulan mempunyai pelakon bomoh Siam yang sama kerana sebelum itu, pelakon telah melakonkan watak bomoh yang sama dalam filem Ngangkung.

Walaupun ditelan arus pemodenan, akan tetapi mentaliti rakyat Malaysia masih lagi mempercayai benda-benda yang berusurkan mistik dan mudah mempercayai bomoh-bomoh daripada doktor-doktor yang bertauliah.

Berapa banyak kes yang telah dilaporkan kepada pihak polis apabila terdapat kes bomoh merogol pesakitnya?

Orang sebegini mudah ditipu asakan ditunjukkan ‘kuasa-kuasa’ sakti oleh bomoh tersebut tanpa mengetahui sekiranya bomoh tersebut menipu.

Bagi maklumat anda, “belawok” dalam bahasa Kelantan bermaksud “tipu/menipu”.

Babak 7:

Pada babak ketiga terakhir dalam HKLBR, ketika Hussin bertemu dengan Nin di belakang warung Pak Jabir; kalau anda perasan terdapat orang yang menjala di atas jeti menggunakan jala berwarna kuning. Ini kerana pada babak ini, Nin ingin memberitahu sesuatu kepada Hussin yang dia hanyalah jelmaan yang hanya boleh dilihat oleh Husin; bagi rekod, bomoh Siam juga boleh melihat Nin; akan tetapi dihalang kerana Pak Jabir memanggil Husin untuk bersama dengannya. Bomoh Siam juga mengatakan “Kalau depa ingat kat dia, dia juga ingat kat depa” kepada Awie ketika di warung dan juga di kubur Nin.


Seperti mana yang kita tahu, warna kuning merujuk kepada metafora alam mistik; misalnya keris lama dibalut dengan kain kuning ; yang kita memang tidak boleh menyangkal langsung kewujudannya atas dasar salah satu daripada Rukun Iman iaitu “…mempercayai benda-benda ghaib”.

Dialog yang di utarakan oleh bomoh Siam itu adalah sebagai peringatan kepada kita supaya jangan sesekali melupakan kewujudan makhluk-makhluk dan alam ghaib ini.

Diharapkan dengan sedikit-sebanyak daripada penjelasan daripada tulisan ini boleh membantu anda memahami apakah mesej-mesej tersirat yang dibawakan oleh Mamat Khalid melalui filemnya.

Sebenarnya, terdapat banyak lagi mesej-mesej yang tersirat di dalam filem itu dan saya cuma menyampaian apa yang yang perhati dan fahami.

Filem HKLBR merupakan satu filem yang bagus dari Mamat Khalid dan saya memang mengesyorkan filem ini sebagai ‘Wajib Tonton’ kepada seluruh pembaca; cuma sila setkan mentalityianda kepada mood relaks dan memahami mesej kritikan sosial masyarakat yang diutarakan dalam filem ini dan anda akan mengalami kepuasaan maksimum apabila menontonnya kelak.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy birthday EveryoneConnects

Recently, the website of has celebrated its first birthday bash with the fresh look and new content.

Celebrities like Bunkface also came to celebrate the anniversary of the portal.


Here, the fans of EveryoneConnects didn’t miss a chance to register themselves with the offer provided by TM just for that day.


A job well done by the top guns of TM to ensure that this events going well and running smoothly. Credits to them for making this happen.


The new interactive website allows the fans to be able to interact within their own communities, send greetings to one another, listen to music, view sporting events and movies as well as participate in more interactive and upcoming events.

Among the features of the newly-enhanced website include the Stadium, the Jamming Garage, Open House and Sini Maa to meet the expectation and the need of all-in-one entertainment.

Stadium is a sports portal room for the fan that are enthusiastic about sport.All the highlights, comments, videos are all accessible here. These rich football content are offered by TM in collaboration with Manchester United as the Official Integrated Telecommunications Partner of Manchester United in Malaysia. Another feature of the webpage is a game play board that also serves as a chat room for fans. Hence, it is a medium for you guys to interact with each other on the matches that MU has previously played and a critical comments about the players.

The Jamming Garage emulates aspects of a garage music studio. This studio features “Camp Bunkface”, where fans can get all the information they need about Bunkface, listen to their songs and watch video previews as well as exchange music information. For those indie-music lovers out there, this is a place where you could share your idea and interact amongst the music fans.

Sini Maa is a playful webpage for movies. This webpage highlights movie trailers and videos available on Hypptv (UniFi), and (web channels) including video clips from Pilih Kasih, the acting reality program sponsored by TM. The webpage also features Movie Buzz, a chat room for film buffs. Here, the fans can get the latest update about new movies that will be release plus you have the advantage of being amongst of the first people to know.

To provide further opportunities for fans to connect, communicate and collaborate, Open House is the perfect place for fans of EveryoneConnects to extend various messages and wishes for birthdays, festivals and celebrations. The Open House is designed to appeal to all Malaysians and features video wishes, a wish board called Spread Some Love, and a selection of personalized e-cards for the user’s selection. Here, you guys can put up personal message to those people that you want to dedicate too and a way to express yourself.

The EC Hall of Fame webpage is a walk down memory lane for all the activities that have occurred since EveryoneConnects first launched in November 2009. The webpage highlights previous content of and fans can sign the guestbook and view videos and photos of past events and activities.

In addition to the featured webpages, The World of EveryoneConnects brings out the personalities of EC fans who love music, movies, sports and more as they can select their own personalized avatars as they enter the website. Via their online avatars, fans can truly connect, communicate and collaborate with each other online in real time.

To commemorate the first year of Everyoneconnects, TM celebrated the occasion with various exciting activities in collaboration with Sony, Universal Music and other partners.  Among the activities were PS3 competitions, balloon busting event, a birthday celebration for EveryoneConnects, an online gaming face-off with pro-gamer Summer and a special performance by Bunkface. The event was hosted by Hunny Madu and Ben from Flyfm, who hyped things up with their funny antics and lively banter with the crowd.

TM also launched its UniFi high speed broadband service new TV Commercial at the Everyone Connects event. The TVC, titled “We love the UniFi VIP lifestyle” features the award-winning indie band, Bunkface downloading music through UniFi high speed Internet connection; Summer, a professional online gamer defeating her rivals on Sudden Attack thanks to UniFi stability and Zeffri Yusof, a UniFi customer and his family watching HyppTV via their UniFi connection.

When was first launched in November 2009, it began with a song entitled “Through My Window” performed by Bunkface and other celebrity artistes. The videos were screened via the EveryoneConnects website and users were encouraged to upload their own cover versions of the song and vote for their favourite cover selections. Through word-of-mouth and the power of social media, a simple yet catchy song culminated in Malaysia’s largest outdoor sing-along event in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, participated by more than 6,000 fans at Bintang Walk.

For more information on TM’s EveryoneConnects campaign, visit