Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I’m not looking for us and neither should you

The stigma “It’s Black we’re talking about!” among girls is still not faded.
The perception of the Venusians is still attached to a certain degree which already being hardwired into their brain.

Quoting Yaya, “You are good as a friend but as a boyfriend……?”
*silent pause*

You see, it is not about on the basis that I am a player.

That’s a big NO NO.
This guy is not a player.
This guy is a man with options.
Let me break it down for you.

Here, I see much of the guys do commit themselves to one particular girl.
They spent their time together after class, going to the small town behind the campus and just sit together holding hands.

Yes, commitment is good. Girls love guys who commit themselves to them; exclusively to them.
But, please do be reminded that commitment could also kill you.


You already commit yourself with what-so-called your future spouse-will-be and then the fate kick your ass at the right spot where it will hurt you the most.


Since she’s the only one in your mind; YOUR ONLY VERY OPTION; you will feel really depressed indeed. Wait, there’s more. Your mind will out of the main focus while you are here in the campus; to study and achieve the highest goal; but due to the break-up, your mind stranded somewhere between Goby and Sahara desert.

It is much more hurtful when you see her with another guy; even though they’re just friends but it will hurt you more badly.

The breaking point is when you face up your final paper, couldn’t answer it well and it affect your pointer badly.

Analogy done.

That is why I’m doing what I’m doing right now. By not letting me into those bad-effects-to-my-future.
One of the main reason I love to mingle around and make new friends is just to get to the main aim; have options and let it coming.

Although you and your options just friends but the main idea here is to let your brain know and realize that she’s not the only girl in your life. It is to open your mind to the real surroundings because after all the while, Mr. Commitment has closed the door of the guy’s brain to see the options because all in his mind is his girlfriend.

There’s choc full of beautiful girls out there and it may seem a bit hard on the first move but believe me; you will improve yourself on that.

May it sounds mean because it is like I’m using girls to cover up the hurtful-things-will-be but prevention is better than cure.

Now, here’s the bad part.

Since I have a lot of options, it gives a long-term effect towards me.
“Commitment” is almost no more in my mind.
It’s true because since I have a lot of options other than the girl whom I may date, the commitment towards the relationship has stay away and it stray quite far indeed.

When I date a girl, there’s some question would be play in my mind.

1. Do I have girl-friends who have the same or more looks than her?
2. Do I even bother to text her?
3. What is her advantage over the other?
4. What makes me will stick to her?
5. Can I find a girl like her around?

Note: Girls out there, you ought to text your boyfriend constantly so that in their head, it will say “OMG, I have a girlfriend” because guys tends to forgot they do have one.

Question (5) is the most important question of all because that the question determine my final answer either to stick around, to give my commitment or to make my dispersal move.

And let me tell you, the answer for Question (5) is really hard indeed due to the fact that almost all of the girls do have the similarities either in behavior, characteristics or even the level of looks.

I only manage to find FOUR girls whom answer Question (5) but let me just keep it to myself.

Hence, that is why my term for “commitment” is almost to none and that is why you have the perception of “Black is a contagious disease to the Venusians society”.

P/S: All the best for the final. May God be with us all.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You will be in love with iTalk Whoa!


Introducing the new product from Telekom Malaysia (TM).

It is called iTalk Whoa! and yes, I know what is currently being play in your mind.

You guys must heard of iTalk plan which were referring to the iTalk plan where it is only have the function of calling and that’s just it.

Well, thanks to TM’s brilliant marketing strategy team, they came out a new refurbish iTalk product which just does not for only calls but consisting lots, lots, lots and lots of great function which may be the necessity for people who always likes to be connected with each other and to their loves ones.

So, how to begin?

It is simple as it can be.

All you need to have is a laptop or a PC which are connected to the internet. Either you’re using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, it is fine by me; then type in the address for iTalk Whoa! .

First, you just register yourself at the website and you will be rewarded for doing so.

In which sense you will be rewarded? You will be given free credit worth RM5 for you to start to use the service. See? It’s that simple isn’t it? Who say that you have to pay first before doing something? With iTalk Whoa!, this might be an exceptional.

Afterwards, you login again from the main address just to make sure your account has been set up.


As you can see iTalk Whoa! website is just like a one-stop-centre for every application or networking sites that you want to have. Hence, it is a real good start for you guys who have multiple loads of networking accounts.


There is a lot of functions but let us start by e-mail function. FYI, iTalk Whoa! Mail could integrate almost all types of mail client including Gmail, MSN and Yahoo. Just click to “Mail Setting”, key in some details and the rest will be done in a jiffy.

Every time you receives new e-mails, it will be push in to this one-stop application. It is very useful indeed especially when you have multiple e-mail accounts for various reasons.


If you click the “Instant Messaging” button and when the side window open, you click at the “Setting” (the one with Wrench symbol), you could set up your Yahoo Messenger, MSN and various types of IM client including Facebook.

Yes, Facebook do being support by this application. All you need to do is just add another client by changing the “Available Networks” box.


Other than IM, Twitter is the “in” thing now. It is a trend for almost everyone has a Twitter account and iTalk Whoa! will not let you down because it has the Twitter function available thus there is no worry for you guys to tweet around. *wink*


From the multiple loads of functions, one thing which is very cool is the capability of sending SMS not just to local telco but also other international telco around the globe. Meaning by, you still can contact with your friends or your love ones via text and it does come cheap; 20 sen/sms !!!

Hence, from the highlights of the services that has been mentioned above; need to be said that it is just a glimpse of what actually this service offer; it will be hype for you guys in the future. Thus, I urge you guys to better to start now! I did!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy birthday: Gadis berbaju kurung biru


It’s her 20th birthday today and it makes it literally she’s a lady now.

Lady Yaya if I would say it correctly.

In the norm, I do not want and I do not like to praise her if we’re face to face because for me, giving a praise to a lady such as her is very expensive indeed.

It does not mean that I’m stingy at giving praise to people; I do give ‘em but not to her.


Because she doesn’t need praise; although I kinda slipped it once in a while to her.

And when I praise her, she will feel she’s at the top of the world.

Let me tell you something on the reason I praise her rarely.

It’s because she doesn’t need one.

Why again?


I don’t meant that she has nothing more to be praise to but due to the fact that there is nothing more to be praise towards her.

Let me try to break it down for you.

She’s pretty, she’s brilliant, she’s the only one who could knock my gut, she’s the Chief’s daughter, she’s loyal, she’s stunning, she’s understandable person, she’s lovely and most of all, she’s important to me as she’s the only one who stay after those two “disappeared”.

By seeing all of this, tell me something; on which account I could praise her more?


She doesn’t need praise.

Like I said before; she is the praise herself.

Even though she thinks I’m acting bad towards her but I am not.

It’s just a way to show that I care about her. Like there is no people out there who treating not-so-good behavior to their best person. *pffft*

I do care, I do care, I do care and I do care.

It’s just I’m doing it by my own way.

Dear Lady Yaya,

                Happy birthday to you and may God bless in everything   that you do. I’ll be praying for your safety, for your success & for your happiness.

P/S : Btw, I’m still and currently catching up.