Sunday, September 27, 2009

Raya Syawal : Seventh Day

No more visiting.

Tones and loads of assignment, assessment, revision and study to do.

Plus, I gained weight.

Now I’m 62 kg with the height of 163 cm.

But, I just can’t.

There is always distraction.



Saturday, September 26, 2009

Raya Syawal: Sixth Day

I was led myself to a minor incident.

When I was waiting for my brother downhill, somehow there’s the tendency in me to play with the motorbike.




I bump the motorbike to the white in colour wood and to know the impact effect, just observe the yellow in colour plastic bottle.

What it did to the bike?





Still haven’t get the real picture?

Let me gave you a picture from different angle.


Get what I mean?

And I end up finishing giving my brother RM70 of my duit raya to him to fix that things.

Yes, although he maintain his cool but inside he does went berserk.

And do what does it cost me?



Small cut and bruises to my legs than the cost of RM70.

It’s like what a Malay quotation alway said,



Friday, September 25, 2009

Raya Syawal : Fifth Day


The top view from my house in the early morning of the 5th day of Raya.

After sort things out at my house; washing the dishes, do the laundry, swept the house etc. I prepare myself to get ready when Yaya’s text arrived nearly noon asking me to get ready. And owh! By the way, Celcom line were sucks on that day.

I waited for like FOUR freaking hours and I called Yaya for every half-an-hour to “check” things up. Abruptly, all the guys were at Yaya’s house and unable to make their journey since Dr. Wan Akil was talking to them.

They finally arrived using Redha’s Perodua Kelisa and since there were SEVEN of us, I have to sit on Alex’s lap.

First stop is to Madam Ratna’s house since she kept on texting Wan to visit her for Raya. Before us, there were some students in the house and they were karaoke.


After they left, Mdm. Ratna persuade us to sing; we w ere shy at first but Alex took the first move and selecting some songs. I just there with him just to tagged along. Mind you, I want to sing also.

Hence we sang loads of songs, having the impression that we were in a karaoke box. Need to note that her house does really have a very good sound system.


But although we put to the loudest volume and having our voice at the top box, Redha still have his sleep quite peacefully. Hahaha..

Alex and I were singing Isabella, Sejati, Sekuntum Mawar Merah etc. until it is Yaya’s turn to sing after Mdm. Ratna did her stuff by persuading Yaya to join her to sing along.


For the first time ever exclusively in The Black Label, Yaya is singing in the picture. What song? It is Tenda Biru by Ella and her most favourite; because that is the only Malay song that she remember the lyrics; Menghitung Hari by Kris Dayanti.

Afterwards, we headed to Wan’s cousin’s house and Yan’s house which just located near to each other. Then, we decided to head our way to Redha’s house but first Yaya need to refresh herself; so we turned back to Yaya’s.

Eventually, Redha left his phone at Yan’s and together with Alex, they went to get it back where as Camy, Wan and I was waiting for Yaya. Since Redha’s brother need to use the car, hence Yaya will drive her own car along with us in it and we would meet up with Redha at his place.

Mind you, Yaya’s father was quite disturb emotionally because it has been for two days in a row that Yaya arrived to home early in the morning and we decided that will be our top priority for today.

Our dearest Zureen who was having her quality time spent some time with us downstairs and we have a little chat together.


Yes I know girls, you just love the dress that she wore isn’t it? Hahaha…

In the house, there is one thing that caught my eyes and it was Wan Akil’s very own grandfather chair. So I asked Zureen,

“Can I sit on it?”.

“Yeah, just sit on it….”.

“But where’s your dad?” in case he went berserk if sit on it.

“Naah, he is in the room playing my brother’s PS2….”.

You would wonder why I want to sit on it, right? It is because of this;


The great Stifler was sitting on it last year. So, I was thinking to continue the “new tradition".


And yes, it suits me quite right. The chair likes me. To compare and to make it a bit sentimental, I create this;


See, it is a match. The chair likes us.

Just before we end up our journey, we headed to Redha’s and our final destination; thanks to Yaya; is my house of choice; Baby’s house.

The guys, especially Alex and Redha was personified by the mother and the daughters. What can I say? If I can’t resist them, all guys just couldn’t.

Redha was freaking tired because he has nothing to eat since morning and yes, for the THIRD time people, we end up at McD.


Do not get fooled on what she hold. What she ordered is so much more. Do not believe me?


See? I don’t lie….LOL.

We manage to end up our journey not later than 12.15 a.m and it is the last journey for that day.

Hence, thank you for all who read this Raya Syawal journey post.

P/S: Throughout the 3 days of journey, I have make a very good deduction and it is non-arguable indeed.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Raya Syawal : Fourth Day

Yesterday, we promised to go out visiting together and among us are Yaya, Alex. Camy and myself.

Redha and Yaya fetch me from my home and we went to MJC; a new township in Kuching; to meet her there since our first plan to went to Redha’s uncle whom having an open-house today.

Afterwards, we decided to head our way to Hana’s. Since Camy does not know the direction the her house, Redha along with Yaya and me in the car be head of direction. Alas, we made through the journey.


Here is our beautiful Hana in her synchronize dress along with her little sister, Lala. She was also were having her open-house on that day. So we help ourselves with the servings.


Did I mentioned about her new fluffy Persian kitten. He is really adorable indeed; yet quite mischievous at certain time. FYI, Redha’s afraid of animal. So much of being a macho man. Haha…


Since the yesterday visiting that we end up at McD plus arriving at home passed 2 a.m, eventually there is still someone who’s still sleepy. Plus, Yaya can’t be blown with air conditioner or else she would doze off like what you see right now.


A special pose from the future-datin-will-be and somehow I do have a really great hunch about it.


But no matter what it is, I surely do not want to miss to take a picture with the adorable Hana and yes, she is adorable; if it is not for you, it is for  me.

Just after that, Yaya suddenly remembered her cousins who are supposedly at the airport right now and her mistake is that she didn’t have any chance to hang-out with her when her cousin were in Kuching. So, us headed to the airport in an enormous speed thanks to Redha.

When we reached at the airport, Yaya’s cousins was just at the Departure gate before Yaya ran to them and spend their quality time around less than a minute. But hey, it better late than never right?

We had our tea meal at Kuching International Airport (KIA) in KFC; thanks to Yaya’s auntie who sponsored the food. Thank you so much.

Since we are already in the area of BDC; another township; we head our way to Camy’s and also she needs to return the car because her sister would be using it.

The best thing about Camy’s house is the internal garden. If you do not have any idea about it, here is a peek for you.


Since this thing is a bit related to my field, professionally I gave credit to the developer for having this type of initiative to make this thing happen and credit to Camy’s for retaining this part of the house.

Although it is already passed Maghrib, we still continuing our visiting to Nisa’s house located at Kampung Gita. Camy, Alex and me stay back at Nisa’s because Yaya and Redha need to fetch Wan Hamidi that has arrived from Betong.

We did have our waiting quite long at Nisa’s though. Camy was freaking impatient since it already late for her to return home.

Finally, almost two hours of waiting, they arrived and having Nisa tagged along, we headed our direction to Yaya’s cousin house.


A picture and the only picture of two of them that I possessed, I’ll keep it like really well.


I just couldn’t recall of how many of times we already help ourselves with laksa all the time. My stomach crying as I swallowed the food down to my gut.

Finally, we made it clear that this the last house of the day and we sent Camy and Nisa back to their home. Wan eventually who  was having a very long exhausting journey all the way from Betong was craving something to ear even though he has finished one full plate of  laksa. Hence, we decided go to the place that we had gone last night. Yes, it is McD.


I didn’t order because I was freaking bored with McD. I just at them not less than 24 hours ago. So I just chill there with them; munching the fries together. LOL.

Not long so after, we sent Wan and Alex to Wan’s brother house; it already passed 11 p.m, hence we can’t send Alex back to UiTM. So he stayed at Wan’s place; after we make sure Yaya already arrived safely home not to mention waiting for our dear Miss Zureen who was lurking somewhere.

Redha was freaking tired until he drove like a mad man capping up the speed up to 120 km/h when he was sending Alex, Wan and me return back home.

And yet, we promised to go out visiting again for the last time tomorrow.

And yes, we end up at our house passed 2 a.m.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Raya Syawal : Second Day & Third Day

Well, basically there is nothing interesting throughout the day until late night.

On the second day of Raya, I was just sitting at home due to tiredness and needless to say that I need some rest from yesterday.

My parents along with the other bottom 5 siblings were making their journey to Sarikei to visit my mum’s village where as I was left with 4 other brothers at home. And once again I am the Cinderella on the third day.

But first, I made a simple English breakfast for myself.


French toast with sausages along with a cup of warm tea. How nice it can be? LOL.

Then, around 6 p.m I received a call from Yaya that she and the others would make a visit to my house but it took about nearly midnight for them to came by.

As for Zureen, she was so sleepy until she actually slept at the chair along with the pillow. *laugh*


Yet in the sleepiness, she still have the energy to called her lovely boyfriend who is also were making his Raya visiting.

Since it midnight, every restaurant or even stalls in Kuching were closed when our stomach demand for food. Hence, we went to the only place that you would go to grab something to eat, McD!


There, we met some very familiar faces and surprisingly there is a lot of people; teenagers mostly; going to McD to have something to eat. I mean, from the starting of the day until night, they sure went to multiple of open-house and yet they craving for hamburgers.

Plus, now I know the place in Syawal starting the second day of Raya that you can socialize and make new friends; only at McDonald! Hahaha…


The queue was very “decorative” and colourful indeed. Thanks to the Raya clothes and baju kurung that they were wearing. It never felt this happening before in here. LOL.

After we grab our food, Yaya, Redha and Zureen sent me back home and we promised to go out visiting together the very next morning.

And yes, we arrived at our home passed 2 a.m early in the morning. Luckily my parents has gone away to the village.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Raya Syawal : First Day

It has been a tiring day for me; to be honest with you. I haven’t sleep all night long because of these certain jobs that I have to finish up in order to have a non-nagging-from-my-mother in the bright morning of Syawal.

On raya eve, usually my home will be in the last-minute preparation such as paint the walls, putting on the curtain, setting up the furniture etc.


Here we can see what I really meant. Luckily we h ave almost a dozen of free labour source; thus my mother just kept ordering around.


While in the kitchen, Rais is roasting the peanuts so it can be use to make peanut gravy which our house usually enjoys it once a year; only in Syawal.


Well, as for me, I have to clean up the big mess under the house thank to the past-wiring that has been done to the first floor. You just do not have any idea on how tiring it was.


And this ladies and gentlemen, is the piles of clothes that I need to fold at 3 a.m in raya morning. Plus, having eight siblings, you would say that this job is the last thing that you would do.


Let me introduce to you the leader of all the boys in Kampung Boyan. Hafiz, the son of the famous Pak Lah’s mee kolok son. If you heard the father’s special menu name, you would definitely know the boy that pose at the middle.


You can call it as the one of the most important element in Hari Raya celebration which is asking the forgiveness from our parents. And that younger brother of mine needs a lot of apologizing to do. LOL.


And maybe along the way through out the journey to kampung, I kind of slipped my drinking box at the side of the road. Yes, I know; Malaysians. Pffft.


Her name is Aisya; the daughter to my cousin. Yeah, she’s sweet isn’t it. But it has to come in a package, she nag you just like your mother.


Here is the picture of me with my sweet cousin and thanks a lot to my little brother who’s inter-framed at the middle makes the value of this picture decreases.


The third and the youngest set in my family. You can call them the Z-generation since they were born in the year of Y2K.


His name is Muhammad Raqib and please, do not get fooled by from his name because his attitude is the most mischievous among the family.


Please, do not get it wrong, The baby is own by another cousin of mine. So, you can stop wondering if she is the new addition in the family.


The big man of the house himself. The only person that I fear most in the world; my father.


As sweet as her looks, I wouldn’t recommend any guys out there to approach her. This cousin of mine would be the factor of a dear-good-addictive-longing or even you can call it in a Malay; she will caused you to have a strong angau.


Definitely, you do not want both of them to be best friends one day because somehow, I have the feeling that these two will be really good at men.


And last but not least, another cousin of mine make her messed up facial expression before my family and I leave the house.

From the start of the day, I have the feeling that I’ll be put off instantly when I reached my bed at home. And yes, I slept like grizzly bear.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya To All



On this Hari Raya eve, behalf on my family and also myself individually, I would like to wish people out there Selamat Hari Raya Aildilfitri and maaf zahir dan batin if all this while I create trouble and mess things up during the entire of the year.

I hope with all the thousand apologies, it would make Syawal as the most best day ever. After all, it is the month of victory after we succeeded tempted the seduction from our passion and lust through out Ramadhan.

But remember guys, do watch what you consume tomorrow, okay? We do not want you to pump up your weight after you’ve been declining your waist size in the fasting month.

And once again, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Megan Fox, baby!


Just downloaded it yesterday.

Read it. Enjoy it.

and not forget to….

Surf it.

A special edition for those guys whom adore the hot sizzling Megan Fox and have a wet dream about her. A good source to you bastards out there; to know women and girls better from their own point of view; by reading this magazine, you would thank me thousand of times which would eventually repair you a bit in there.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A trip to Lundu

On Friday, when I was having my sleep in my room because of the extremely tiring field work at the farm, Mike called.

“Black, do you have any activity this evening?”

“No, why?” and suddenly I feel a bit of discomfort through the question.

“If you do not have anything else to do, I want you to come with us to Lundu to survey the place for our Family Day project”.

I was thinking before giving the answer because I just want to relax for the whole evening but since it is a big project that has been given to our class by our Programme Chief; hence the answer is “Yes, I’ll meet you around 2 p,m”.

After we sorted out the car rental; btw, we used my licence but it is who Mike who’s driving; Mike, Anna, Farah, Irwan and me headed our way to a 3 hours journey to Lundu.

And if you guys does not know our direction to Lundu; if you realize the map of Sarawak and there’s a place that look just like the tail at the very bottom left, that’s the destination.

After we surveyed from one to another camp site in Lundu, we manage to found one suitable place for it. It’s called Kem Pandan.


From the picture itself, you could see how beautiful and clean the beach are. But pity, for the actual activity that would be held in October, under UiTM outdoor policy, there will be no swimming activity. Sucks? Yes, I know.


The new couple, Anna and Mike walking side by side on a beach for the first time, Looks kind of romantic, isn’t it?


Yours truly are being affectionate towards the beach. If my memory serves me right, it was nine months ago since the last day I set my foot on a beach.DSC05091

See the loving couples behind me? Personally, I think that is the best place for every couple to hang-out way far from the noisy city. Plus, the ambience is near to perfect when you’re talking about getting you’re couple for a walk.


And do not forget guys to take pictures along the way when you’re at the beach. A picture could tell a thousand words.


When I was walking on the beach, I was amazed on this big structure that are just at the centre of the beach. And its height is around two-stories high. Hence, I opt myself to climb the structure and be on “top of the world”.


To give you a clear picture of the big rock structure, here is the plain picture of it. FYI, it was taken about 30 metres from the structure itself. So, imagine the actual height and mass of it.


What interest me is that the surface structure on the rock due to the erosion that has been made by the ocean tide. By academic fact, the process of this type of erosion takes around more than 20 years to achieve this level of state.


And finally, less than three minutes of hike, I arrived at the top while has the feeling of satisfaction. The best part is where the panorama from up the top is very cool indeed.


If you notice in the picture, the surface of the rock is totally different from the surface of the bottom rock due to the fact that the source of the agent of the erosion is the wind. Since the wind contains water (humidity), thus it takes a long time to create such surface effect of erosion.

That is why the bottom structure suffer more effect than the top because it it cause by physical agent erosion factor; the ocean.


Just imagine my feeling when I have this panorama within my sight on the top of the structure. It was a very great feeling indeed.


The last pose from the top of the world. Love the facial expression.


See the scratch marks on the giant structure. It is called “Rill Erosion”.


Here’s the picture at the jetty in Lundu. Thanks to the uncle who snapped this picture of mine.


Finally, thanks to Irwan and Farah who would tag along in the site survey trip. Btw, they are the new edition of the couple in the class. Sorry for blurting this out you guys.


And also, not forgetting Anna who is the loyal site surveyor for our class together with her hubby cum the driver of the day.


The last credit shall be given to Mike a.k.a our driver for the day and also the Project Manager of the Family Day.


Hope to see you guys again for next post of my journey. From yours truly, have a great day.