Friday, November 30, 2012

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The Chaser

The Chaser

There he was, recalling all the memories with a person whom he called “amour”. The flashback mix with the good and the bad ones started to make him choke because an urge of manly tears abrupt.

How he could loose her in the first place? He himself agree that in the early relationship it is about learning to understand about each other but as he learn he more, bit by bit, day by day; she decided to put off the spark.

Hence, left him with an empty dark gallows that a heart crumpled dying slowingly. He told himself to move on but the trace of her still live inside him; leaving the heart excruciatingly.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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Magic Dust

Magic Dust

Dear magic dust,

I still remember first time I met him in a place I know so well. From afar, I was laying my eyes upon the person who possessed a beautiful smile alongside with cute dimple on each cheek. I poised myself, trying to be around him while collecting the courage to speak up, even to say “Hi”, it would be enough. But you gave more than that.

There were you on his hair; perhaps reciting the love chants. When I noticed, I came up to him and brushed his hair subconsciously. When I realized of my action, my heartbeat became fast and there he is smiling and while extending his hand to me, he said “Thank you, miss …..?”. And our magic moment began.

Dear magic dust,

Thank you for inspired him to wrote sweet messages, letters and cards. Initially, I was hesitated upon how he would bring this relationship to another level and there you are again made him to rubbed his eyes because “There is dust in my eyes”. I softly blew his eyes and when we found ourselves looking directly into each other’s eyes, he proposed. I was once again feel blessed.

Dear magic dust,

It seems like he is far from my reach. Something about him change. Please, I beg you…bring him back to me. I miss talking to him for hours in the phone, texting him endlessly and cuddling while feel his warmth around me. I love him so much. Without him, there would not be the left of me no more.

Dear magic dust,

He is everything to me. He is my air. He is my sight. He is my soul. He is my life. For me, he is the one; whom I want to devote my life to and to whom I want to called as my partner for life. Let death make us apart and let marriage be our unbreakable bond.

The vow we will utter, the words that we meant; let is be the eternity chant which make us belong to and only to each other.

Monday, November 26, 2012

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Unseen Suffocation

Looking Somewhere Else

There will be that moment when you think that he does not care. There will be that moment where his hug as not as tight as before. There will that moment you think that he ignores you. There will be that moment you feel tired being treated that way. There will be that moment when you want to walk away.

You told him that you want to walk away but he keep on holding you from going away. Day by day he hold you longer but you feel like you are trap in a room with the exit being shut tight. You eagerly want to get up and run to the door to get away as if claustrophobia hits but the door is still close.

He keep on asking you whether you are fine or not but the truth is he did just hold on tight. The longer he do this, deep inside you are dying. But he knows that there is something wrong. Something that you do not telling him. He can sense that but he choose to remain silence because he is afraid it will drift you further. Yet, he also believe the commotion between you and him can be solve.

All that he needs is time and real communication; nothing to hide, nothing to hold on. Spill everything, utter every words and listen intently. When he already hear all the things that he needs to hear and it is still unfixable, then…..then it is your call.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

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Shattered pieces in every corner of the room, tears running down the cheeks, internal devastation; one word could describe the situation, break-up. It has been a week since the torment but the pain still pinching on every possible exposed bleeding wound.

She did not nothing wrong. She did not argue. She did not cheat. She done her best.

He left.

Holding tight to his shirt, she sniff it as she misses him so much…protruding longing, hoping for the last kiss, the last hug and having him playing the skin flute for the last time. As the sobbing is getting heavier, the song of “The Loneliness” by Babyface could be heard inside the room.

The pain is excruciating. Her family and friends want to be there for her but she rather being left alone because for her, the pain could never be could never be split to pieces…unlike the heart that he smashed to smithereens.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

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Early Rise

Morning Satisfaction

The sun ray starting to fill the room and your eyes dazzled. Still puckering while rubbing your eyes, you got your back up against the bed. Seeing the person whom you met last night still sleeping right next to you, a kiss to the shoulder and slowly but surely, the person whom introduced self as Robin, turns around.

“Good morning.” as Robin smiles showing a pair of cute dimples while kissing your lips lightly.

“I had a great night, Taylor. The best I’ve had so far.”. Her hands starts to linger around Taylor’s bare chest while looking at him straight into his eyes.

Taylor smiles and as he wants to grab his pants right at the side of the bed, there is an interruption from Robin’s hand whom flick away his fingers from grasping his skinny worn out coloured jeans.

“It’s still early…and I can see a swollen package” she whispered.

By then, none of them wants to leave the room and last night journey is being replay.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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Just A Sip

Just A Sip

Morning routine starts again. After dressing up ready to face the day, you decide to use  Clinton Street as you want to get your regular cup of Joe. Along the journey, your mind starts to organizing the list of things-to-do and imprint it hard so none will lost in the crumbs of thoughts.

Arrived at the café while being greet by the aroma of Arabica coffee, you look at the display chiller and decide to have a Crème brûlée one the go but then you realized that it is not a good idea. So asked the waiter to send your Italian café mocha and the Crème brûlée to the empty small table fit enough for two outside.

There you are while taking out the unfinished book that you have been reading for the past two weeks, The Promises, and ignoring the eternal world as you are exploring the serene of every words, every dialogue, every plot and enjoying the storyline.

A cup of hot coffee with a pastry and a book; nothing would be perfect than this.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

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Doubt And Suspicion

Doubt & Suspicion

Every one wants to deliver the best within a relationship because dedication, effort and thoughtfulness are the keys of maintaining the bond for two person whom falling in love with each other.

But when one started to sense that they are something wrong with their partner; insecurity emerge out without an invitation and resolve around affecting the mind that caused a lot of bad thoughts within the affected ones.

Reading status from their lover that does not portray any sentiments of passion but more to inner conflicts, status that came with a heart symbol which follows numbers that you do not familiar with and upon how phone calls and texts are not as long as it is used to be; suspicion and doubt occur.

“Is there another person?”, “Is my love is going to breaking up with me?”, “Is my love cheating on me?”,  “Is it something that I did?” and lots of suicidal mind questions will pop out in their thoughts. It is not good. It will kill them. Thus, throughout their day will only suffocated with questions.

When they ask, the only answer they would likely to receive is either silence or a vague answer such as “Don’t worry….it is nothing.” without further due explanation. Hence, the suspicion elevated and doubt plays its role by manipulating our mind.

There is nothing we can do except wait until things explains by itself or our love open up to us. When it does happen, be ready to accept the worst because it might cause you to be devastated.

Friday, November 16, 2012

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There would be a moment when you feel the relationship is trembling, the feelings of non-existent within, suffocation and much more symptoms that caused the cloud of unhappiness plastering your mind.

Is it uncertainties? Is it confusion? Is it doubt? Or is it your mind messing up with you?

Perhaps it is indescribable but when the clock strike, are you ready for it? The will and the ability to overcome the dark thought that might hurting not just you but your partner as well as they are being left without any answers due to your sudden change of behaviour.

Maybe the uncertainties has come and chime its way in. The coherent going through the mind and the heart by telling you that jealousy and the fear of being hurt has reach its peak. Thus, causing the dark cloud spreading the dark seed.

Reassurance and constant communication between you and your partner is vital; despite whatever decision that you might come into; because two minds shares the same heart and the responsibility is held by both parties.

Relationship of passion and love are the best thing that might ever happen to both. So do not waste it to the sewer. Lift it up. Let world to see. No dark cloud should be a villain. You are the villain…to the dark ashes and seeds.