Saturday, September 29, 2012

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Under The Light

Under the light

Let there be light. Its existence has created more than brightening our world. In a deeper meaning, how much it has affect ourselves.Perhaps in a lonely journey heading towards our goal, shit happens in between. You tripped, receive an arrow right to the knee or fall into the abyss; light is the one thing you seek.

It is more than brightening the world. It is a symbol. A symbol of hope, upon what lies ahead and a symbol of not giving up. The warmth motivates and push you to endure all those terrible things and swallow it despite how hurt it is going down your throat.

None the less, you will end up being stronger and experience the whole wide perspective in live not because of darkness; but because of light.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

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Phone Call

Phone Girl

Voice, is among one of the things that your sense will pick up when you were born and until now; despite numerous alternative method to communicate; listening to the voice of the person whom we love is the most serene one can indulge.

Either using a house line, a payphone or perhaps through a mobile phone, we never tire upon this way of connecting to the person. Just by listening to their voice, we feel secure and calm as text does not deliver this way.

There are listening and speaking; in which one party must choose only one. Hence, it train you to be a better listener towards others. You will never find this in text, WhatsApp nor BBM. Lastly, the most beautiful thing about a phone call, the assurance of self that the person actually spend their time for you and talking to each other is the proof that no other method could surpass it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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For some people, seeing a beautiful round white dandelion shooting up from the ground, they would immediately pluck it and gently blow it as the little stalks starts to fly away following where the wind would scatter it.

For some people, seeing an ugly weed populating their garden cause them to terminate all of them as they perceive those dandelions as something useless and meaningless. They will try with all their might to wipe it out due to the meaning of beauty are totally different.

Life is just like a dandelion. People would appreciate you and some people would try to make you drown. We cannot make all of them happy about us; perhaps because of jealousy or their own nature to do no like you.

But for the people whom appreciate you as you are, feel bless as those people who are real catalyst that make you as what you are right now; even though they are from your past, present or future; be bless.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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There Is This Girl…

There was this girl

There is this girl who is waiting for the right one. She does not do any searching as she lives in the world of fairytales that her prince charming would meet her underneath the crepuscular rays. None she knows things would not be fall right into her arms as she is blinded and captivated by the happily ever after. Hardship does not even come to her mine thou Snow White have to suffer before meeting the one.

There is this girl who found the person whom completes her. Despite the aurora shining above them, she is struggling to keep the aurora from not going away. Her fear of a storm that would put off the beautiful light made her putting a shed over it but it is too big to cover. Restless yet determine as she try to shoe off potential stealers but deep inside her heart, her uttermost fear; the aurora would break up and leave her alone underneath the dark rainy cloud drench in soulless pieces.

There is this girl who is hoping the one that walk away returning to her yet death cannot be undone. She thrives for strengths, fight for happiness and endure the pain; just to release herself from a broken shattered heart. She believe in chances, thus hurting herself every time when they get back together. Never she knew the only way out is to let go whom she think is the one.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

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Untold Silence

Sealed Lips

Some people enjoy the quietness when they sleep underneath a tree, when they read a book or just sit with their couple; doing nothing, say nothing. Just sitting there side by side knowing the existence of completeness. However, those are good silence which every person seeks for its serene.

Silence that could hurtful is when the person that you love, whom you care and protect chose to ignore you alongside with your existence. Perhaps it was caused by a mistake or things that you did which hurt them deep. Days and months have passed but no words, no mumble, no laughter; even a slighter smile; cease to see.

We sometimes tried our best to engage with them but they keep on pushing us and giving a response to do not allow us in their gravity. It is sad and the worst part is that you miss the person. They never told you the reason why the did it nor giving us a hint about what has happened. For them, there is no us. It is just you and me.

Once inseparable are now apart.