Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To all girls out there...

Often we heard that women wants to look for a man who have look, money and power despite on how the women represent themselves.

For goodness sake, if you have a conjoined eyebrow, loads of pimples at your face and do not look good; don't dream of it. Even a beggar wouldn't look at you.

It's not that I'm discriminating this type of women but then, they have to see from the reality point of view. What you watch in everyday soap opera, telenovela or drama will not actually happen in our reality.

Personally, I don't aim for looks no more. From the place where do I come from, beauty is common. So you got lucky in the gene pool, so what? It doesn't make you more interesting except for being a sexual prey for the lust men.

Having a reality check that I'm still a student doesn't make me a person with power and loads of money. I do know where do I stand; therefore developing the inner strength.

I could ask many girls whom people acquainted as beautiful as for the end result I just see them as another product of "just-being-beauty-is-enough".

Me myself; along with certain number of guys; we are already tired with girls whom always kept promoting their beauty. Yeah, it certainly works on the "God-she's-damn-hot-if-I-could-bang-her" type of guys; but not us.

To qualify yourself, you must have something rather than your beauty and what for you have been doing. I don't accept answers such as "I do qualify myself because I'm hot and have been traveling a lot".

If you give me that type of answer, I'll certainly going to look you as "My God, are you always like this? Selling yourself to guys?".

In conclusion, if you're beautiful, it will not works on me. Your just being proud of yourself as what you look like; not as what you are.

Hence, what can you say more rather than your looks?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sexualism Oriented

To be frank, I don't discriminate those bi, gays or lesbians out there.
Yes, I have to admit that there are sissies in UiTM Sarawak and everytime they walk by, people will start to curse them badly. Even to the stage of stating about their parents.

For me, it is totally wrong for them to do so because those bunch of bastards does not know them well. They just see them from the outside and not the inside.

Have you ever try to mingle with them? Or even try to talk to them in a friendly way even once?


Have you heard "Don't judge a book by it's cover?" for those people who are cursing them?


I do boldly stated here that I'm a pro of sisses, bi-girls and lesbians.
You may ask me:-

Why not gay?

It is because it's quite disgusting to see two men cuddling each other.

Why I'm supporting sissies although they are men too?

It is because they do not look appear manly enough for me to see them as something disgusting.

Why I support lesbians?

It is because they still retain their looks as girls but only have the sexual attraction towards their own same gender.

Why not pengkid?

It is because they are trying to look like a men whilst at the same time they don't have a penis like men do. And do note that sissies can construct vagina but pengkids can't construct erect penis. They have to use dildo instead *laugh*.

Those mentality of supporting them also are mainly being influenced by my life experience, people whom surrounding me *75 per cent of girls around me are mainly bi* and also to the open-minded base which I do hold.

Don't you ever dare to tell me about the religioneolitic issue that you would bombard me because I'm really do aware of it. It is only I'm a person who thinks from different angle; not like some of those conservatives out there.

They only see stuff from one angle where as I look from different perspective.
Those people have their right too and there are no type of way you could surpass their right.

Hence, to the people who always likes to mocking them; either you are boys or girls; please don't look wrong towards them. They are humans too.

P/S: This post may will be controversial but I have to say what I want to say. For goodness sake, it's my blog and I can do and write whatever I want. Bare that in mind.


Hear ye hear ye!!!!
UiTM Sarawak has disable the server that gives the DNS and WINS address for your wifi!!!
Hence ALL students can't surf the internet due to that fuckin' stuff!!!
It has happened last year; also during the mid-year exam.

What I will do?
I'll go to the IT unit and ask them what is wrong.
If they come up with a stupid answer, I'll do something about it.


P/S: Yes Stiff, it is also for the sake of MOB WARS.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

ONE down, FOUR to go!!!!

I started to study around 1.30 a.m for my CTU211 paper. Yes, I do realized that I had 12 days of free day to do my revision just for this subject. But taking my favourite quote;


Our last minutes attitude can't be change and I'm not in the exception list. I have to cover about four chapters CTU and it took me around 7 shoots of coffee to stay awake.

When the clock shows 6.oo a.m, I took my shower and get ready for the paper at 9.00 a.m. Yes, I know it is still early. Quite early indeed.

Then I start to refresh on what I've been memorizing at the same time having a butterfly in my stomach plus feel like to almost cry when I think I can't answer the CTU211 paper.

On 8.45 a.m sharp, I went to the examination room waiting for the invigilator to tell us to open the question paper.

I looked at the question paper and it has only five questions and I need to answer just three of them.
And I answered FOUR

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Can't concentrate

A cup of coffee, crackers & a laptop connected to the internet.
Who could resist?

Woke up around 6:00 a.m sharp and the passion to study pumping to the rooftop. My CTU211 notes is in the laptop so I switch it on.

Then, the little wireless icon started to show itself while having this little balloon popped out stating:-

Wireless Network Connection (UiTMSwk-Staff)
Speed: 11Mbps
Signal Stength: Low
Status: Connected

So I log in and start to check my e-mail, others blog and mine, reading news and such. I thought it will take me around 30 minutes.

6:30 a.m: Still onlining
7:00 a.m: Still onlining
7:30 a.m: Still onlining
8:00 a.m: Still onlining
8:30 a.m: Still onlining
9:00 a.m: Still onlining
9:30 a.m: Still onlining
10:00 a.m: Still onlining
10:47: Still onlining and currently writing this post.

Distraction just killing me inside!!!!

Okay Black, stop right now or you will never study...*you think*

P/S: Just admit that all of you having the same problem as me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009





Sunday, April 19, 2009

My totally beloved family


Yes, I do come from a family of nine sibling and the best part is EIGHT are BOYS and as the youngest and the ONLY GIRL is five years old Nurfarahin.

Mind you to have a lot of children and at the same time my parents are quit busy with their work, I myself feel quite astonished on how my parents could cope with us NINE siblings.

Our house never quite; even at late night where supposedly everyone in the neighborhood already fallen asleep.

Tooking a quote of my mother, "Kitak orang tok bising eyh sampei pepagi butak camtok pun pencuri sik berani masuk rumah!!! (All of you keep on creating havoc even during early in the morning until a buglar don't have the guts to enter the house!!!).

Consider this situation, with two laptops in the house; exclude the old one; my 3rd and 5th brothers onlining at 11 p.m until 3.30 a.m. Then I woke up from my sleep scowling my brother onlining using my laptop. I grab it back and the turn to online will get to me.

At 5 a.m, both of my little brothers will automatically opening their eyes and start to search for my older brother's handphone and mine to play games which both of us installed. After that my little sister will cry around 5.30 a.m causing my mother to woke up, make her silence and head to the kitchen to get the breakfast done.

Imagine if the whole siblings are in the house; my 4th brother live in a hostel in a technical school; the word of silence will never exist.

You may potray, "With that loads of bros and sis in the house, your mom do hired a housemaid".


Since my little sister were 3 years old, my house never hire a housemaid. Why?

1. With the number of clothes, meals and cleaning need to be made in one day, who could?
2. With the number of naughty boys in the house; other than my parents; who could stand with it?
3. We already grown up boys now, we can do the housework ourselves, thank you.
4. We already being tought to babysit since we were 9 years old; hence we're professionally trained in this field.

But overall, even with the number of nine siblings, you would actually surprise if one day you step your foot into my house, it feels like we are only three or four sibling...due to the fact that that some of us like to wonder around.

Anything and all,


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wrong lesson to the children

I went to The Spring (a shopping mall in Kuching) this afternoon in the reason to go to MPH. After spending around half and hour reading those mags and books, I went to the food court to bought myself a cone of ice cream.

At that precise moment a staff from MNG store changing the clothes one of the mannequin that are being displayed.

But yet why it need to be done at the wrong time?

The kid in yellow shirt watching it with full concentration

I will not blame them if they want to be doctors one day.

P/S: I laughed like hell.

Eye Twitching

Since Wednesday my lower left eye kept on twitching. I do have this back in the year 2007 and now it has return.

Old folks says that if our lower left eyelid keep on twitching, that means that we will cry and if the left eye end twitching, you will go through a bit of hardness.

Since I've been in a total-messed-up-trouble, I've been wanted to believe this superstitious believes; due to the fact what it has been state happened to me in 2007.

But then, there must be a scientific reason on why this symptom occur. Then, I found this:-

Eyelid movement = Myokymia

"Myokymia is; according to doctors;

A common condition where a few of the muscle fibers of the upper — or more commonly the lower — eyelid contract irregularly.
Myokymia is closely associated with stress, fatigue, lack of sleep and too much caffeine

Treatment: Reduce your stress, get more sleep, nix the coffee, eat more bananas and B-complex pills. Throw in a couple of sugar pills for good measure. Save the cerebrospinal fluid exam for emergencies."

Credit to:- Mama Aina

So there you are. The scientific reason on why my left eye keep on twitching. Yes, I admit I do have a total-thick-gaban-level of stress, lack of sleep and I kept on drinking Nescafe' mild (the yellow sachet) until I stopped three nights ago.

With the exam papers fooling around (you can see me exam schedule on the right), it does really tense me up to a hiking mountain if I could metaphor it.

Thanks to my dear Baby (she really help me a lot in the case of reducing my stress), I'm not as stress at the previuos day but only when I have a quick glimpse of think about my stress issue, my heart will pound like crazy. God, I need to calm myself real quickly.

P/S: Even when I type this post, my left eye keep on twitching like crazy. And I miss my home...

Friday, April 17, 2009


Aku takut....takut sangat-sangat.
Tak tahu nak luahkan kepada sesiapa kerana nanti semua orang akan memandang serong padaku.
Serius, aku memang takut sesangat.
Dah lah exam on the way, satu hal pulak menjelma.
Tiap-tiap hari aku dalam ketakutan.
Kerana...yang menjadi taruhannya adalah....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Help me please...

I feel really scare right now...really scare indeed.
My heart's pounding like crazy since yesterday.
My mind couldn't think.
My concentration towards study are fading.
My God, please help me along all the way.....


Now I realize that the phrase of


is the best way for you to carry your life on

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Way.....

I still remember when my heart were being crushed in 2006, it did hurt like hell.
I'm skinnier, pale and almost lost in the direction of life.
If you see me back then, I wouldn't blame you if you call me a loser.
Because I was one; once.
Due to that, I have the most down and terrible moment ever in my life in the following year.
Failing my major exam, parents scold me hard,
It was the most worst year I've ever been.
It took me almost a year to recover from that situation.

Now it's different.
Even I've been crushed down by my emotional attach towards the girl,
I could recover back.
Thanks to my previous experience.
A year of learning only cost me less a month to get her out.
It's true what people said.
"Experience will make you stronger".

Monday, April 13, 2009


Sometimes we do tend look at certain things and naturally our mind will say either;

"Gosh, it's beautiful!" or "What the hell is that thing?"

Human minds are really complicated. By fact, human is the greatest creation of all. From there, we couldn't standardize the meaning of beauty in every person.

That ladies and gentlemen is the artistic value in human.

They defer right and wrong in two separate lines. There is no straight patterns towards it. Eventually, humans will fall to its jurisdiction. Due to that, God created our mind to have its own limit.

Black & White

Everything in the world have it owns balance.

Right and wrong.

Innocent & guilty.

Ying & yang.

Men & women.

Boys and girls.

Good & evil.

Even though all of these matters has been mentioned, why do you guys give the complaints every time you are in a really deep tense situation.

Remember, everyday we've been given the chance to have an enjoyable fun life but at the same time there must be a counter-balance to all of it.

And don't look it at one perspective. Look at another angle.

Don't look the glass as half empty; look it as half full

Filling in the stomach

I went home last Friday due to the free time that I always have during those time. Unexpectedly, Mohammad; a best friend of mine; agreed to see me and we met at Coffee Bean (where else?).

Just about 15 minutes of chat, he said "Rahman, do you eat sushi?". Hence, he brought me to Sushi King to enjoy the Nippon cuisine.

Sweet corn sushi which I'm quite fond off

A strawberry drink with a scoop of ice cream topping; not my taste

Anyway, I still drink it because I don't want to waste it

And look at the overcome result, loads of plate; not to mention the side order

Next day, Mokhzani, Hamizan and I suppose to meet each other but somehow Hamizan had certain things to be done. Basically, our appointment were canceled.

I was mumbling to myself because if I know this sort of thing happen, I would just stay in UiTM and do my revision. That is when I texted Mohammad telling him that I'm free that afternoon. He picked me up and we end up having our lunch in Pizza Hut.

The appetizer

My favourite dish; Spataralagetti

Look at that cheesy crunchy crust; I mean could you resist it?

Just look at that tempting topping...yum yum

Here, I would express my gratitude towards Mohammad who always treat me with food and not to mentioned bought me two movie tickets to see movies back to back; K-20 & The Conffession of A Shopaholic.


A pen, a ruler, a calculator, a question paper & empty answer sheets

To be honest, I'm not the type of a person who likes to calculate.Being worse, I don't really like number at all.

Last Thursday, an accountancy test was held and I shit you not that I might did bad in the test. To tell you the truth, I'm quite afraid if the marks for this test do not get me a pass. *sigh*

P/S: Thank you to Hasimah and Wally by finished up the assesment. I'm really grateful towards both of you. You're the best....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Something that we almost lost...


“When is the last time that you laugh along with your friends during a conversation?”

For me, I have it every day due to the fact I enjoy my friends companion all the time. Never once I see them as a burden every time they are around.

Hana, Yaya, Zureen, Stifler, B.J, Paul, Swin, Bear Bear, Hafizzul and loads of my friends are my source of inner light. Without them, maybe I’ll have a busy day with a total boredom.

At least by having those, does not matter how busy am I; at least at the end there will be people who will wait for me; I can tell them matters that made my day.


“People are better than no people”
– Alex Karev (Grey Anatomy, Season 5 Episode 19)


Enjoyable moments are meant to be kept in our mind.

Every time we are depressed or in a down moment, only those memories that could help us to struggle our way through. Sometimes human tend to forgot those things because they are all occupied with matters which sometimes could mess up their life.

They need to be realizing the importance of getting your life to the fullest without neglecting the most important thing in their life. Stubborn as they are, they will listen to every word that we said to them only to found it is just temporarily.

Hence, during this stress moments; both for lecturers and students; try to find a moment in your life which you make you happy.

…….and the problem will faded away.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hazardous experiment

It is quite rare for my class to have an experiment because sometimes the outcome are do not like it seems. For example, both of the pictures shown below are the result which are not meant for the experiment report.

Holding a sample of soil which looks like holding an agglutinated shit


Dough it into a cute animal

No wonder our lecturer was mad at us for playing with soil. Well sir, that is the result when you let the little children playing with something-which-determine-their-future-by-getting-great-marks.


Sometimes we are not as strong as we believe,
Sometimes we feel down,
Sometimes we feel sad,
Sometimes we feel out of hope,
Sometimes ourselves just like a mirror,
Sometimes will easily shattered when it falls.

A memory....

I wonder if I'm able to be with you again
and here after


Nur Aishah Hanim

p/s: This will be the last post and the last memory of more pain, no more lost, no more misery
I'm a reborn...

Saturday, April 4, 2009


What I'm going to say does not judge to all girls. Only 7 percent of them.

To the 7 percent group of girls, please do be aware of your body scent and your mouth breath. Maybe you will not realize it but you do have those problems.

So please, take care of yourself before you approach any guy on the streets because just by those two factors; even you do have a sweet, cute and beautiful face; guys will turn off.

Let me repeat it again, TURN OFF.

Hence, be aware.

P/S: Who says only guys that have to take care of themselves?

On the way home....

Maybe some of you guys are wondering, “How on earth Black go home?”.

Well, basically I just use the public transport. Although people kept on saying that the public transportation in Kuching especially towards the bus service are sucks, I really don’t mind as long I can reliable on them to bring me home without troubling my parents nor brothers to fetch me from UiTM Samarahan.

Here, I’ll tell you on how I use the bus services.
To get to the bus, I need to wait at the main road located at the back of UiTm by passing through the Seri Mulu’s gate. By the way, Seri Mulu is the boys’ block. After that, if you’re lucky, you will wait for the bus under the hot sun since there are no bus stops at the place where I use to wait. If it is not your luck on that time, you’ll wait wet being soak by the rain.

When you see the bus, wave your hand to make the bus stop *duh*. Give the bus driver RM2.20 for the fare and sit down, relax while enjoying the ride at the same time enjoying the view along the way.

But for my case, the bus was empty all the way. So during the 40 minutes journey from Kota Samarahan to Kuching, it is just the bus driver and me *don’t you ever get the wrong idea*.

The bus driver driving with care

Along with one passenger in the bus

I do tell you the truth didn't I? Empty; both front and back seats

You will reach Kuching after 40 minutes of journey and from there you can go wherever you want in the city. Yeah, before I forgot, the last bus from Kuching back to Kota Samarahan is 6.00 p.m. So guys, time yourself if ever you want to use this type of transport, okay?

Today is.....

Ladies and gentlemen.
Today is the 19th birthday anniversary of...
But first, I want to wish....


Every week, I would go home on Friday or Saturday morning. But all of the sudden, I didn’t went home on Saturday’s morning because my brain kept on telling me that there is something happen today which are ruddy important.

I was kept on thinking from yesterday until at 8.00 a.m this morning when Stifler told me;

“Black, isn’t today is Yaya’s birthday?”.

MY GOD!!!!


Luckily Stifler put it as a reminder in his phone; same as I, only I set it up at 9.00 a.m. Hence, I tried to call Yaya but she didn’t answer. Usually this is the time for both of our princess, Yaya and Zureen, to sleep until the sun is on top of our head. Nether less, I hope she’s okay today after what she already experienced throughout the week.

What ever it is Yaya, remember that I always going to be there with you, no matter what.
I love you Yaya... <3

P/S: For the first time ever, you see me posted in colours. Well, it is a special day. Yaya's birthday.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You'll know it is April Fool's when...

Pick which are real, which are schemes:-

1. Somebody believes you that the MPP's organized a "Bubble Party" as one of the activities for University stamp.

2. Having a new THEP on 1st April 2009.

3. A girl came up to you and said, "I read your blog" and walked away and thus it makes you having puzzled expression.

4. You received a text message stating that VC involved in an accident and loss his mustache as the injury.

You choose...