Sunday, August 29, 2010

It’s the long awaiting month again!

Ramadhan datang lagi~~~!!! Chewah..bunyi macam iklan Tora.

One of the thing yang membuatkan aku rasa best sangat pasal bulan puasa ni is because the tadarus activity that being made throughout the whole month of Ramadhan.

Bagi sesapa yang tak tahu apa menda tadarus ni, it’s an activity being done after solat terawih where a group of people or an invidual will recite the al-Quran until it finish. Kiranya macam projek Mari-Khatan-al-Quran  lah.

Aku pun tak tahu dah tahun keberapa aku involve dengan aktiviti ni. Yang aku tahu, hujung bulan time raya ada penyampaian hadiahand sorang-sorang akan dapat at least RM50. Hahaha


Budak-budak kat sini memang rajin baca Quran tiap-tiap malam sedangkan aku cuma berkesempatan datang kalau aku tak ada apa-apa aktiviti or kelas or test kat kampus malam-malam. Then, baru aku dapat pulang.


Most of the kids here are the kids which had involved for this activity for several years already. Adik aku yang Form 4 baru join tahun ni.


For me personally, aktiviti ni memang perlu bagi budak-budak ni spend their time rather than main mercun or main meriam buluh and such. Dah nak raya ni, memang mintak di jauhkan oleh mak bapak diorang takut nanti putus tangan, hilang kaki or paling naya, hilang anak.


One of the best part is to see their expression which shows their emotion of having this activity not just to getting the pahala from God but also meeting friends and enjoying themselves.

I think everyone can agree with me upon that.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Farm, Food, Birthday

About a month ago, my course; Diploma In Plantation and Industrial Management had our team building for the Part-1. Despite I have to spend two nights in the ladang alongside with bugs and insects, I would rather say it is much of a success.

But the most important thing is that I can see the beautiful nature panorama and it can be only see in the ladang.

One of it is the view of the dragon fruit patch.


Beautiful isn’t it? I mean just by looking to the whole green scenery does makes you feel calm and just want to enjoy the nature.

A week after that, B.J and I have a new activity on Friday which what we called “Food Scavenging Hunt”.


Because the UiTM staffs from different departments will have their tea time at Anjung Seri and quoted from Assoc. Prof. Margaret, “If a students held event, there’s no enough food but when the staff handle even, there’s always so much food”.

And that is the reason on why both of us having our evening to lurking around for free food and let me tell you this, from the picture, the result is not that frustrating.


We have a lot of leftovers until I swear you can get this leftover to be finished for a birthday party.

Talking about birthday party, about three weeks ago, my little brother Raqib, had his 8th birthday celebration.

It’s not a big celebration, just a relatively small one; between us family only.

Even the picture was taken from my camera phone and here I post it for your view.


From here, you can see the older siblings aren’t there because most of them are busy playing with the computer and only know to finish the cake after the candle being blown.

Some non-supportive siblings I assume.

Monday, August 23, 2010


It’s already the 13th day of fasting meaning there is only another 17 days to raya.

Some how with the fasting period is going on, my schedule become hectic as the place that I usually went to; i.e canteen; can’t be visited no more.

Hence, it’s back to the most popular place in campus when it is Ramadhan, it’s lunchtime and you do not want to go back and fourths from the room. It is, the library.

People only want to get the aircond and as for myself, it is dating in public, baby!

I kept on going back home but it is not as often as last year because there is certain commitment that I need to fulfil for example test and a girlfriend to be satisfied. Sounds wrong, I know.

Tadarus as always and my aim to be at my 23rd time to khatam the Al-Quran.

Rahim would be going to Kuala Lumpur to fetch Rahmat there and I do hope that he is capable on to buy along the camera that I wanted so much all these while. The DSLR camera I mean.

I’ll be in my shit pants tonight because I’ll be having two test tomorrow; Land Survey and Economics.

Just wish me all the best, aite!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Special month, special rate for special ones

We’re in the special month in Islamic calendar which is Ramadhan. It is a month where people tend to be close to their loves ones especially their family. Enough said, family plays an important role in driving an individual to fight for what he believed for.

Some one those willingly to sacrifice their time and energy to find money to be send to the family by migrating to other countries. As for Malaysia, it is being known as a jackpot for all immigrants out there. Since they sacrifice almost everything, thus it is important to them to know the condition of their beloved ones. Note that in Malaysia we have three major immigrants which are Bangladeshi, Indonesian and Pakistani.

Without them in the factory, plantation and construction sector, we have to admit that we can’t generate our economy as efficient as now. That is why Telekom Malaysia (TM) under their brand of iTalk would express our fellow Malaysian gratitude towards them by giving a limited promotion indeed.

“What type of promotion?” you may ask. Well, since everyone needs to be in touch with their love ones, TM decided to give a discount IDD call to these three countries.


One of the best thing about iTalk from TM is that you can make these calls either from fixed line or even from mobile phone with the same charge to each country that has being put in the list.


Therefore, they can call upon their loves ones almost every day and every time during the promotional period from 10th August 2010 until 30th September 2010. From here, there would be question and research of which telco gives the best rate during this period. Thus, here I would like to ease your trouble my fellow reader because it is already being given to you below.


I think after you compared the entire rate above, you will say iTalk Whoa! gives the best value for the money. Need to be reminded that most of these user do put a constraint budget for calling and personally, this is the best solution for them.

So, that just it? Nope, there’s more! starting from 1st September 2010 until 31st October 2010 any iTalk users who activate iTalk will be rewarded 20% FREE iTalk credit!


Isn’t that awesome! Therefore, the user for the iTalk for the IDD call rates can have a double dose of good things that could make the bond with their love ones much more even closer.

What are you guys are waiting for? Go to the nearest store which have the iTalk logo and get all the benefits during these limited period or you can go to iTalk Whoa website to seek further details.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

When your best friend fall for you

Today, it is a norm that a girl have a best friend who is a boy and vice versa. This is because the similarities in them doesn’t distinguish either you are a boy or even if you are a girl.

The term of a friend derived when you have a lot of things in common and you are comfortable with that particular person; leading to a fact that you can discuss and talk almost about everything.

For a girl, when you have a guy as your best friend, it is really coming in handy especially when you asking for their help to move heavy stuff from another place to another or even seeking an advice from guys point of view.

You have so much fun with him, sharing almost everything and doing activities together everyday until this one particular sentence comes out from his mouth, “I like you; a lot. I like you more than a friend” or even any words that utter out from his mouth which have the same meaning as earlier on.

Then, you will have this dilemma of;

1. Accepting him as for you too share the same feeling.

2. Try to say “No” due to you do not have any feeling towards him

For No. 1, there is no problem in that because there will be no one that will be hurt by your action; taking into account it is only involving both of you.

But as for No. 2, you will be in a deep shit of dilemma because you will have more than “losing a friend”; you will loose another person in your life.

Due to that, on how you want to tackle the problem in the very first place? That is why ladies, you need to read this post from till the end.

There are some few steps involved.

First, you must know the reason on why he have the feeling on you at the first place.

There are TWO reasons on why he have the “unacceptable-feeling-to-you”. Mainly, he doesn’t have any option or even you spend too much time with him or it could be combination of both.

I have a friend, Sandra. She have a guy friend who fall for her and he confessed his feelings for her hoping for Sandra gives the answer but Sandra told her that she need him as her friend; not the other way but that guy keep on holding to imaginary hope hoping one day she would accept him. Since they have been friends long time before they hook up, nether less to say that he already knew her family including her parents.

Either it is sending her to a place in the town or do the lawn, her boyfriend willingly to do it for her even she kept on refusing his help because it looks like she is using him and even though she already told him on false hope that he put on, he kept on saying that “the day would come”.

The guy have all of these values to be a girl’s boyfriend; good look, smart, multi-talent etc. but it just doesn’t feel right for Sandra.

Alas, she met Mike. He have all the values same as friend but the feelings for Mike is more than a friend and that is attraction. Only Mike have the affection trigger to her and that is the reason on why she dated Mike.

As for her guy friend, although he already his best to capture Sandra’s attention but it is already too late. One problem with Sandra is that she didn’t have the heart to tell him about Mike out of empathy. In the end of the day, she dated Mike but having a guy friend ;who is already almost loose the “friend” status in front of her eyes as she now doesn’t know who is he now; who are trying hard to impress her without knowing his hope already being shattered all over the place.

So, what is the problem? The problem is within Sandra’s guy friend who only see her as the only girl in his eyes without even bother to look to other girl saying try to be loyal. The more he tend to look Sandra as his option and only option, eventually his chances to seek different as options will be decrease.

Due to the fact that Sandra doesn’t have the feeling for him, thus it is okay for him to check out other girl given him made out the effort to do so. But sometimes people could be stubborn and perhaps he would try to do not having or pushing other girl away from his eyes and heart because he want to remain Sandra as the only one in his heart so that he would not “cheat” his feeling towards her.

What Sandra can do is helping him out from his world of his to the reality. On how he would do this is easy. Ask him out and at the same time make sure you have other female friends to be with you. It is much more helpful if the friends are talkative and friendly so that it could create a fraction of spark in his friend. By using subtle words, tell him that the friend of yours is very interesting person and try to ask him to accompany her if she wants to buy something from the near shop or to the ladies room that cause her being separated from the group. Use the excuse of “be a gentleman” to him to push him to accompany friend of yours. Since he have a feeling towards you, he will do as you say even he is quite hesitate.

From there he or she might open-up into a conversation and by the time both of them return, he have the tendency to talk to almost of the people in that one particular group.

How this could help? By doing so, you help him to open up his mind to options and definitely pushing you away from the “only option” status. Even it does looks small, but in the long run it will erode the feeling towards you.

Another method you could use is particularly a little bit cruel but it does works.

When you are with him; much more encourage if there is other friends around,; try to mention something about your dream guy quality. A very good example is, “I love guys with dimple. It makes me like *rolling eyes*”. Note that you use the term of “love” rather than using “like" for a fact that guys doesn’t feel enough threaten if the girl use the word “like”. According to time, if you continue to mentioned about that thing; maybe twice a day; he couldn’t bare with it and he will degrade himself from your dream-quality-guy.

As a bonus, if there’s any friend whom ask you a question about if you have feeling for that guy friend of yours, you make a big “X” using your hands. It is much more better if he himself is there because it is a very good subtle way to convey your actual rebel towards him.

As for the second reason, you spend too much time with him. Psychologically, when a guy spend more time with you more than other girls even if you are just one of his best; worst if you are his best friend; he would have an emotional attach towards you.

What is emotional attach?

An emotional attachment is simply where you build a bond with somebody or a friendship with somebody and as time passes you grow closer to that person emotionally (that person does not need to be growing closer to you in return; it just depends). When this closeness gets to a stage where you trust this person more than other people and you want to spend more time with this person, this implies that you are becoming emotionally attached. In my opinion, emotional attachment is more of an illustration as to how good a relationship with somebody is. Emotional attachment may be how much you care about someone, trust someone, etc, but most of us already know that. I think of the level of emotional attachment you have towards someone as being an indicator of the success of your relationship with that person (whether he/ she is a friend, partner, parent, work-mate, etc).

Hence, you need to have a less time with him; in other words try to create distance between both of you. By doing so, it could reduce the emotional attach of his towards you but it does takes time and it works. Maybe to do not make it quite obvious, try to just spend some time with him less than before and perhaps finally both of you just having lunch to spend your time but it is much more better if you could gather along some of your friends so that you would go for your lunch in a crowd; not to mention to do not make the action obvious.

So here it is ladies. All the steps that you need to know on how to prevent or kick away the feeling of your guy best friend romance feelings towards you.

Try it! You’ll love it.