Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Munch Park Party


Last night, our class Interpersonal Communication class MC27S4A made a self-made-group dinner. Well, basically we were just spending the surplus money that we gained from our class activities, events and projects throughout the semester.

A number of our classmates could not attend due to other commitments but we were having fun throughout the night. That is also our chance to actually to have a deep conversation about relationships, hearts and feeling; which is unavoidable since our course is mainly about extensive deep person-to-person communication.

Thank you for Atiqah Azlan for making the delicious spaghetti, Yuna for the Singaporean bihun and I-do-not-know-whom who made the delicious thick gravy chicken curry. This would be our last semester as a second year student before beginning our third; and our last year; as a student. For those who wants to see the rest of the pictures, you can click here. Such a great time and all the best to all of us for this final exam!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Exam Is Here


Picture above is from my Instagram which I took last semester but the concept is there. The exam week has arrived and I am currently working my ass off. First paper was Corporate Public Relation and it has been done upon to my level of satisfaction. It is the killer paper for us this semester as the lecturer is quite strict with her marks; not to mention it is a 4 hours credit paper. Yes, 4 hours credit.

The next paper will be Event & Publicity Public Relation and Media Law paper which is a back-to-back paper. With the emotional breakdown I’m currently going through right now, I’m trying my best to be strong for this final exam. Definitely hard but I will survive.

Seeing my classmates making their notes while myself still lingering around does make oneself feel scare towards the potential odds. Better work my notes now.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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Patiently Being Apart


Long distance relationship does have it own quirks. Holding each others hand, having your partner in your arms, kisses on the lips and looking into each others eyes, it is all impossible due to the gap created by space.

Space and time are the enemies of a long distance relationship because anything could happen before both of you meet again. Due to the distance, the bond would easily wilt down and it causes the relationship to be jeopardize. Thus, a lot of people would see this as a good attempt to separate both you either by seducing one of the partner without actually making them realizing that they are being drift apart further and farther or by discouraging the other partner about the relationship if they have a weak faith and trusts of the relationship.

Your partner would create a tantrum; pushing you away and try to shut you down. Do not give up and keep on fighting because for them, they want to see the effort being throw in so they would be convince that you are serious about them. Another thing might happen such as your partner could mess up the relationship and make you feel very angry and upset towards them. If it does happen, listen to their explanation as they always listen to you. Do not take your own action by leaving them dangling without explaining and telling about how do you feel and what do you want to do about it.

Call each other every night. Talk for hours. Text hundreds. Wish each other every morning. Do not make them wait. Answer when they initiate it. Because appreciation and trust within the relationship are the key to keep on lasting. Loving each other and being forever is the realitigasm and ultimatum of it. Being happy with each other and posses the feeling of could not live in this world without each other.