Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here ye’ Here ye’

Finally, UiTM Sarawak dah pilih Yang Di-Pertua serta para-para Majlis Tetinggi yang baru.

It just occured yesterday when all of them have to skip their evening class sampai lecturer nak complaint pun tak dapat due to the fact this High Post election is held under the Hal Ehwal Pelajar.

But, neither less the Debate Unit wants to congratulate to two person of our members because not only they get the post that they want but yet it’s a two high position in a row.

Here, ladies and gentlemen, para pembaca sekalian kepada YDP kita yang baru, Hairul “Hando” Hafiz.


A person who as early as Vice Chancellor Cup already shown a leadership aura. You deserve it.

None the less, our new Naib Yang Di-Pertua, Sharifah Shazzea Wan Akil


Yes, aku tau dah lama kitorang takda a women in the High Position kan? Now this is the time where the equality is justified in UiTM Sarawak which nothing less has practiced the equality of gender long before even Malaysia was born. LOL

She’s a woman with spirit and by having those dynamic duo go-getter, the MPP Board this year should be a fun thing; at least I can know what happening in the UiTM admin from a reliable source.

In other words, the Debate Unit has become currently is the most powerful group in UiTM Sarawak whose members are consisting of many young talents in different fields.

Therefore, we will try to do our best in the thing that we do. Quoting Uncle Ben, “With great power, comes great responsibility”.

P/S: Semua ahli-ahli Unit Debat berdoa dan mengharapkan Khairul Azizi yang sedang kini bertarung dengan nyawa supaya bebanan yang dia tanggungi sekarang berkurangan. Kepada keluarga Khairul Azizi, kami berharap anda dapat menempuhinya dengan tabah.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A drop of blood could save a life

Last Saturday, there was a blood donation being done by the Nursing Diploma Club (NUSAS).

The registration has being made throughout the weekend at Youth Floor, hence I just signed my name in.

We have PPKP last Saturday but I manage to steal some of my time for this humble purposes. At least that is the thing that I can do in order to help other people in trouble.

Here’s some snapshot for you guys.


I actually want to the how the flow of the blood begin and let me tell you, it was awesome when you see your blood moves in those tubes.


And this is the place where the blood flow come first before it flows to the main blood collector.

Notice about the white clip where it prevent an early flow of the blood.


Finally, here’s my main blood collector which just half full during the second minute.

I waited nearly an hour and I finish up less than 5 minutes than I was started. Never mind, it’s all about saving someone’s life.

That all is matter.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The naughtiest

Kat sini, kita nak kasi full preview of my two youngest siblings. Sorang tu dah masuk Darjah Dua, sorang lagi baru jer mula tadika.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Muhammad Raqib Sallehin & Nurfarahin Sallehin.

As the most youngest brother in the family, budak ni lah the most mischievous brother of all. Ada-ada jer hal mau dibuatnyer. And that is one of the main reason budak kecik ni selalu kena pukul by the elder brothers.

If that happen, he would usually come to me to seek for safety; tau pun takut budak ni.

As for Nurfarahin lak, she’s the only daughter and the youngest one in the family. Kalo nak sebut pasal manja tu, memang manja la but she always with Raqib until perangai mengalahkan budak lelaki lagi.

Bukan takat tu jer, bab education pun my parents sent her to Smart Reader; one of the leading kindergarten in Malaysia. Ko tau brapa monthly fee dia? RM300 PER MONTH!!!

Aku ngan abang aku dulu belajar kat tadika polis dulu, ko tau tak!? The other siblings got their early education kat Tadika St. Jude which the fee rate is at RM80/month jer.

Memang bunyi macam tak fair pun but that was a very long time ago; the time dimana my parents are struggling for money during those days. But now, bila dikenang kembali, my parents would laugh when they remember those times.

Back to my sister. Bila dia dapat tahu yang dia mula sekolah a month ago, bukan main semangat lagi dia mau prepare diri dia dengan beli beg ni lah, baju ni lah, sweater ni lah.

Aku dulu sekolah cuma pakai seluar pendek dengan baju putih jer tau! Budak perempuan ni sorang nak mengalahkan diva lak permintaan dia. Umur baru jer 6 tahun.

Although I have to admit, kalau takda diorang dua ni, mau sunyi rumah because adik yang nombor tiga paling muda dah pandai behave himself and the others lak dah besar panjang.

Tapi tu lah, memang kena tahan perangai diorang dua ni. Nasib baik kau ni kira penyabar tahap gaban…. Kalau tak…..nasib diorang la.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lucky Week for the social circle

Last week was the most memorable week ever that our circle has encountered. It was so good until I have to force myself to remember those lucky things.

1. Hairul “Hando” Hafiz & Sharifah Shazzea Wan Akil won the MPP election.

With the help of Facebook, anything can be possible! Both of them have set up their own Facebook Fan Page and ultimately conquered the UiTM Kota Samarahan for their own faculty with the majority votes.

As the MPP-elect, both of them will surely gives all of their best to fulfil the wants of the all students in UiTM Kota Samarahan in relation to strive them to success.

The choosing for the Majlis Tertinggi will be handle after Chinese New Year break since both of the MPP-elect who are also the members of the Engli sh Debate Unit will represent UiTM Sarawak in Borneo Cup this Thursday alongside with their team mates.

Good luck to us all.

2. Succeeding obtained Block 6

For FIVE semester in a row, ladies and gentlemen, yours truly has been in Block 6 again despite the pointer that he has. It has to come to a very good medical-purposes-excuse and bit o’ help from our beloved TPHEP himself.

Not to mentioned, Wan too succeed to get a room in Block 6 and the best thing is his all alone there! *mischief grinn*

3. Financial add-on to my account

The payment for blogging has finally banked in. A lot of thanks to Jacklyn Chew for giving her best effort to find the nearest bank and put in rest the money in my account.

Although it isn’t that much, but I really appreciate it. If there’s any more job to do, inform me yeah! LOL

4. Unexpectedly getting a discount at Sushi King

When I received the payments, I ask B.J, Redha and Wan to tag along to the Spring so that I could treat them that 3-For-RM10 Igloo ice balls.

Then we decided to enjoy some sushi at Sushi King outlet downstairs. When we want to pay it up, we’re gave 10% discount with the reason of “just-simply-give-you-guys-discount”. We was like “Oooookaayy” with that gloomy-look eyes.

5. B.J parked his car right in front of the Spring’s entrance

When we went to the Spring again last Saturday and searching for a parking space, we had five rounds at the carpark basement until there’s a car leaving that parking lot just right in front of the entrance.

To make things sounds luckier, B.J accidentally pressed the unlocked switch for the door and his car remain to be unlock until we get there 3 hours later having his car remain safe! Now, how good luck is that!

There’s even a picture to prove it!


6. The Debate Unit get it’s own room!

Finally, there’s a room especially for the Debate Unit and perhaps that room is going to be use to be the administration room for future use. The best part is that all of the debater will be eligible to have their own name card! Now, that’s cool.

7. Progress of the juniors getting much more better and better

Since I already came out with the outline of the debate; on what they have suppose to say for every different position; it looks like the junior debater can get the hang of it. We even the the consistent attendance from a group numbers of people and that is rarely happening for the past semesters. I hope it will continue to stay like that way.

For all of that thing, last week was the best week not just for me but also for the circle as well despite loads of stuff that we had to do. Furthermore, we will continuously retain  the pump but not until it can overflow.

Monday, February 1, 2010



Kuching is a very good place to visit nether less on what you are aiming for when you come by here.

Either you want to get a bulk of “ikan terubuk masin”, Sarawak “Kek Lapis” or even to pump up your stamina in bed buy getting gambir; Kuching town is a decent place indeed.

If you one of the people who likes to eat and would like to experience all types of Sarawak food. you may come to the Open Air food court located near to the Electra House (a shopping mall kinda), Kuching Central Police Station and India Street.

It has that distinctive tower which other parts of Kuching doesn’t have it; except for it’s brother, Pending Fire Brigade Central.

Why so?

This is due to the fact, ladies and gentlemen, that before the Open Air was even being exist, it is once a Fire Brigade Central in the year of 1924 (correct me if mistaken). Back to that time, that tower is actually the watch tower to cover the horizon of Kuching town since back then there was no tall building as it is now which could block the view of entire town.

Here, I gave you my first lesson on Kuching history. Maybe I will post more about Kuching history to you guys out there.

P/S: My laptop charger already faulty. I need to get the new one ASAP!