Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Once Meant Everything To You

Broken Hearted Girl

He met her after a long break up.

He told her, “Sorry, I've met a new one. I have a new girlfriend and another future.. How about your life?”.

She closed her eyes to hide her tears, remembered all the memories she shared with him.

She remembered how she shared his pain before his happy moments and how she refused many other boys just to stay with him.

She kept the remains of her pride and collected her force, smiled and said, ”Sorry sir, but do i know you ?”.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Kiss Me Underneath The Mistletoe

Kissing under the mistletoe

As we are in a deep affection with someone whom we love; not “fall in love” but “in a deep affection” since we’re already in a relationship; we tend to make them happy, to feel safe and having great moments whenever they are with us.

Despite all of this, there would be a point when one or both are upset with each other which leads to temporary silence in the relationship.

Even though we will eventually arrive at the station someday, somehow we can work things out; we will put it out and continue to have a warm relationship and it's getting much more better than before.

Do you know why?

When we are trying to figure our way out, without us knowing it, we are actually learning about each other much better. Due to that, in order for a relationship to last long, we need to communicate with our partner; trying to resolute the issue is one way of communication which will develop an understanding towards themselves and their partner.

Hence, it is okay to be and involve in a fight sometimes because it helps in strengthen the relationship.

In the end, both of you still cuddling, hugging and kissing each other despite all the issues that you guys had before.

Just like kissing underneath a mistletoe; it snips but it creates a beautiful piece.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Fine Line Between Determination and Desperation


At some point you will realize that you have done too much for someone that the only next possible step to do is to stop. leave them alone. walk away.

It's not like you're giving up, and shouldn't try.

It's just that you have to draw the line of determination from desperation. what is truly yours would eventually be yours, and what is not, no matter how hard you try, will never be.

- Secretly Loved

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blackberry 9700 Bold II & Nokia E72

Blackberry 9700 and E72

It never occurred to me that I would use Blackberry phone and Nokia E72 despite the satisfaction that I obtained from my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

But the 4 months holiday has change it all.

It all begun when I didn’t do anything during the holiday due to the accident that occurred which cause my limitation of moment. As I am a regular Twitter user, I always tweet using Twitter desktop client called Tweetdeck and I used my Nokia 5800XM as a modem by having it working as a wifi hotspot using a software called JoikuSpot.

From there, I always check my Twitter timeline regularly; heck only spent 5 minutes in the loo and then jump off towards the screen. Therefore, I couldn’t detached myself especially when I went out from my house due to the fact I couldn’t use my Nokia 5800XM to check my Twitter through a software called Gravity since I no more subscribe to DiGi Internet Weekly due to the fact my house already have Streamyx. Logically, you wouldn’t subscribe a 384kbps internet speed whilst you have a 1Mbps speed back at home.

Plus, it is much more hurtful for me when I went back to my mother’s village that doesn’t have any basic enmities infrastructures at all; electricity, water and INTERNET!

Rhetorically, I’m out reach by civilization since I could not tweet about it since the experience when I was there is overwhelm.

From there, the urge of having a Blackberry emerge but I said to myself I don’t need it since I love my Nokia 5800XM so much.

The climax is when I always go out from the house one months before the new semester open and I from there, I realize that I couldn’t live without Twitter to express on what I feel at all time.

Economically, it is only cost me RM25 per months to subscribe BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) compare spending RM60 per months for internet. On the other hand, I already have DiGi Internet Prepaid which only cost me RM100 for 100 days of internet surfing; thus I already save a whole lot of money for mobile internet.

In addition, by having a Blackberry, I could browse the internet on the go, receiving my e-mail real-time, updating my Facebook status and most importantly, twitting anytime and anywhere.

So where did Nokia E72 came in?

Actually, my initial intention is to only to buy a Blackberry Bold II but it all changes when I browse about Bold II competitor which is surprisingly Nokia E72.

When I see the design language and the material that being used, I’m amazed and fell in love with it in an instance. Since my real intention is the Bold II, I bought a secondhand E72.

Considering it is running using Symbian 9.3, it is compatible with the software that I installed in my Nokia 5800XM.

Since my DiGi will be put into Bold II, so I decided to put my Celcom simcard into Nokia E72 considering my 4 years faithful Sony Ericsson W810i has some mishaps especially due to the quiclkly-drained battery, poor earpiece sound projection and the not-so-good fireport resulting I couldn’t recharge it directly. I have to twist the wire and cable here and there for it to charge.

I thought that I continue to use my Nokia 5800XM as least as a music player but since Nokia E72 could deliver the same quality of audio projection via a Bluetooth headset, it ends up in my bag hoping to be use again one day.

After I bought both phone, I put my female bestfriends pictures as the wallpaper, you know, to give the persona and beauty of it.

Finally, you see me always tweeting and replying messages from people from different social platform such as Twitter, Facebook and Blackberry Messenger.

It is true indeed, “Once you go black, you never go back”.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Raya Syawal

The morning sun has risen itself in the morning of 1st Syawal 1432H; which fell on 30th August 2011; has given a ray of joy to entire Muslims all over the globe.

As for my family, with my dad whom departed to do his umrah a week before Raya, we could manage some stuff since most of us already grown up.

Hence in terms of buying some stuff for Raya is not a main problem since most of us have our own vehicle; except for me.

Plus, after solat sunat Raya, there is a reception for kids and adults whom finished their tadarus (reciting Al-Quran in groups which only being done in Ramadhan) and as usual, RM50 flew into my pocket as a reward to us.

Afterwards, the whole family went to my father’s village located at 10th Mile to celebrate Raya together with other family members and at the same time picking up my dad from the airport in the evening.

DSC_0002My usu putting on a necklace to my grandma

DSC_0010Posing like a boss!

DSC_0015My sister and our second nephew and niece

DSC_0020  My second niece too. She’s such a beauty

DSC_0029  My cousin with her niece and nephews

DSC_0040Since I’m the only one whom brought along my DSLR camera, thus everyone want their family picture to be taken

DSC_0092These two cousins of mine like their photo to be taken in every frame; no exception

DSC_0109  All of us is watching TV programme except for those two which are ready with their pose all the time

DSC_0118  The 1987 born cousins

DSC_0125 Seeking forgiveness session commends

DSC_0154 My mother smiling to the camera

DSC_0190  My dad just arrived from his umrah

Well, that is my Raya celebration for the first day of Raya. Despite the lateness in delivering it to you guys; better late than never right?

It was a nice and wonderful first day of Raya and I feel quite happy that I could actually celebrate it with my DSLR importantly; for the pictures tells a thousand words.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Down To Be Official?


It doesn’t bother me to argue when I’m in a relationship unless it’s in the very beginning when we’re not even ‘official’ yet.

When you two are in the ‘talking stage’, it’s supposed to be the fun part where you get butterflies all the time, text each other all day, call each other every night, and get nervous and excited at the same whenever you’re about to see each other.

Forget about arguing, jealousy, commitment, trust, and all of that relationship stuff. Well not like that but don’t even worry about it too much. It’s not like you guys own each other.

If things don’t work out then they just don’t. It’s definitely different when you guys have been in an actual relationship for awhile but until then, just have fun with it. You can’t force someone to be, act, or feel a certain way when you guys are just beginning to talk. Give it a few months and then try to talk it out, calmly.

                                                                      - Hang (BobTM)