Saturday, July 7, 2012

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Nowadays Morning Lifestyle


Lets us forget about waking-up-in-the-morning-feeling-like-P. Diddy because we are not living in Ke$ha’s song. By reality, we wake up in a messy look, rubbing our eyes and starts to look for your phone at the side of the bed. Thus, your finger start to roaming around the homescreen, tap the little bird symbol and reading the timeline; it is your official morning social newspaper.

No more going down to the front door nor go the nearest newsstand to grab a morning newspaper. Just as soon you finish poring a cup of coffee, either you sit down in the kitchen, in the living room,study table or leaning against the bed; you grab the tablet and your finger flicking through the Flipboard apps reading the latest news while sipping that fresh brew of hot coffee.

Saturday morning is the best morning of all because in that morning, you have no obligation to wake up as early as 6:00 a.m nor sleeping at 10:00 p.m the night before. Let it be when you stay up late and go to bed only when the sun rise because you was having all the time in world to browse and reblog Tumblr post all night long. The best part is, no one care.

Meet up plan is being done in Twitter and Facebook when you feel lazy to call anyone in the morning. No multiple calls nor text. Mentions and tags replaced the traditional multiple way communication. Easy and save up time for you again to browse apps; until you don’t feel the time has flew so fast that when you look out to the window; dark orange of dusk is approaching to roll the end of the day.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

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These Are The Words


Narrowing to the gallows of loneliness, “Did you deter to come here on choice or force” one asked.

“No, not by choice nor force. My crying steps can’t think at this moment. It’s the rush of blood which told my body to keep on walking; slowly and gently; so the earth would not be hurt by the harsh thump” as young girl who’s heart is covered with scars attempt to jump into the dark hole…and the story end.

During the initial of the relationship, both are trying to learn and understand each other. Whether to realize that she is spoilt, dependable and keeps track of everything that resolves around or he who is still learning to be dedicated, focus upon the relationship and spend his entire time to listen everything that she says without any argue. Unfortunately, she could not handle long distance relationship. Thus, she had to let go. He: was devastated but decided to moving on with the row of pains.

In the second comeback, in fear upon that she would be afraid due to the distance; he called every fort day everyday; early morning, afternoon, late evening and a midnight call; in order to give her the assurance that he is there, beside her until she feel the non-existence of distance. Clearly, a modicum of loneliness will clutter and before she knows it, another guy knocked her heart and left the first who were struggling with few papers that ripping out his soul but yet, he survived. Being left again, he walks to the shimmering lights in the sky praying to be with her again; and this time for eternity.

When the third chapter was closing so no heartbreak would deteriorate any living being, he told her perhaps fate roaming around them to be with other people and makes them better for each other in the future. Before they knew it, again both of them fell into a deep affection but this time he play safe; he only keep the relationship in real social life; telling it to close friends and real people but for her, she wants the whole world to know as she believe sharing happiness with others is essential.

Clash of thoughts and loneliness covertly seeps into her mind by believing she is not be treat quite right create a chance for another guy to step in; whom she hide from the one who is facing excruciating endurance for his success in the future. Never once he cheat upon her; never; but she believe he is so. Hence, when her superior told her about disapproval towards him, she waited until he is over with his gruesome test to tell him about the news.

Despite the resistance of temptation, a news hovering her ear telling that he is currently cheating upon her where as he is not made her jump off to the end of the line. He listened with all hearts broken and shatter; the disapproval, the adultery; after all that he had given and sacrifice; she left.

He told her that he will wait even it takes another century while she oppose that this is the last. A beautiful relationship is not a myth to him. It does exist and in order for that to appear; mistakes, tears, heartbreaks, shatters and being hurt is the process to go through. Never he will stop hoping nor hate her in any way, that she, will be in his arms, eternally.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

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Morning Wake


When you opened your eyes, the room is fill with the warmth of the sun with birds chirping in the background. Rise from bed, you look around looking for BlackBerry to login into Twitter; reading your morning social news.

Some people wake up after having a nightmare. In which, the reality blossom feast upon their eyes by the time they escape. Insisted, suddenly want to make the world a better place to live.

But most, they just can’t sleep; not because of external issue but towards things that currently play inside their mind. Majority whom suffers from heartbreak could not bear themselves to sleep because if they do, a bottle of the pill would be empty with a drinking bottle at the side.

Therefore, waking up in the morning does not usually starts someone else’s life but also ending it; in a sad way.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

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Late Night Conversation


The mellow of the night put slaked directly beneath the warmth of our heart. Perhaps for some, this is when the enjoyment of the night life begin and for some, the moment to end theirs after going through a long day.

The best part is when the night amidst itself where all people let their hair and guards down. People start to be themselves and conversation happens. Here, they would talk about something and while on that, another layer of depth being added; thus, creating the astounding conversation. You could feel the sincerity and honesty swarming around the words without a single doubt towards each that been uttered.

Despite the amazing and quality conversation that you might get; there is an unwritten rule. Whatever that has been spoke is being kept in that moment and to yourself. It should never be mention anywhere else or to anyone to ensure the purity  and the essence of the tête-à-tête to be eternal.