Sunday, March 11, 2012

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Late Night


Once, I went through a silent road that I know by heart.

“I finally found her!” my heart whispered.

By the time we reach the final road, she smashed it to pieces. Enough of causing my heart went through despair and sufferings which could lead to my death whenever I miss you.

As I expected, I forfeited causing the cut bleed more because as love come and go; all it did is just leaving me all alone. Letting me live without feel the sweetness of the love itself, constantly ripping me off at the point when I need it.

For sure, by late night, I would going through flashback causing tears running. It’s the only thing that I can do aside keep on dreaming about you.

Friday, March 9, 2012

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Dear Future Daughter

Future Daughter

My dear future daughter,

Every time I think of you; that one day I will hold you in my arm; made me smile when I’m going through a rough time and all those burden just shed off to the ground.

You will be a beautiful girl for me; until it made the earth stop moving just because it want to have a glimpse of the face that would shine my world. I’ll take care of you well and nurturing you with all best things that world got to offer.

I would send you to the best school where you can meet your new future friends; which perhaps some of grow up together with you and stay by your side when I am not there for you. Later, when you’re 4 years old, a ballet class I should prepare for you so you could be flexible in the early age so it would be easy for you to take any sports or dance class that you want to be into when you’re 10 years old.

Not to forget a piano lesson so you could develop the artistic value within self so towards the end, you would be a smart, beautiful, amazing, captivating and talent girl people would know.

Thus, the would ask around, “Who’s daughter is she?”

In latter, I would happily answer, “Mine”.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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To Love Somebody

Serendipity 1

Who says that it is easy to love someone? Who says that it is easy to going through relationship? Who says that it is easy to forget about the person you love? Who says that it is easy to move on? Who says that it is impossible to create a bond?

Loving someone isn’t just about expecting something in return from them; perhaps you might say it is about give and take; but upon self perspective, the main reason why you love someone is because you’re giving half of your heart, your soul and your entire of your hope to share it with someone who is special to you; in a way it could turn you insane in a heartbeat whenever something in the bond goes wrong.

To achieve that level of expectation; doesn’t care what that person has done to you, deep down you’re hurting but you can’t let them go as you accept their flaws more than their good quality.

And that is about truly loving a person; because the assure you that they would never let you go despite bad things that they would do behind your back; there must be a reason, although it is yet non-acceptable; you are the person of their choice; their future, your future, together.

Monday, March 5, 2012

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Beautiful Serendipity


Accidentally bump into someone who you could never knew will change your life entirely is everyone’s dream but perhaps it’s only occur to bunch of them and within those bunch, most of them only experience it once.

Serendipity could be more sweet and memorable when it leads to something beautiful; a bond that are tied by promises, kisses and hugs; that neither both of them would even think twice to do so. Sometimes, it is better left things unknown and follow the flow rather planning the path and the journey that you would let your life to go it thorough.

Alas, when you walking through the flashback and pause your step, by looking at the side you knew it was not a set up by nature but an intentional melody made for beautify your life.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

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Fate has never gone wrong on us; in a matter of preparing things that we will face hardly, harshly and heavily.

Don’t blame upon fate towards things that happened to us as earlier on we were being presented by numerous of options before we choose the path of adventure which we never going to know its ending.

Most of us would tell our love ones meeting them is a fate but what if it never meant to be happen on the first place? What if fate was being ready to present you with something as in between someone or something crosses by and totally change the whole situation 180 degrees?

And that “in between” becoming a part of your life that you could never live with; and they would die without your existence on the first place; as options would be invalid. Thus, fate starting to messing you around so you could diverted from the choice that you made to their choice of made.

Don’t ever look back, fight and struggle because if that someone or something is important to you, you would eventually fight it with your life.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

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New Start

New Start

There will be a point where you need to leave your comfort zone because you just want to leave everything behind; perhaps for a reason; as it is for a good cause.

You may need to leave your love ones, places you like, food you love and people whom you’re so kin with; as bringing them along in one small corner of memories would make you feel reluctant to go away.

Perhaps you might say there might not be a good decision but certain things remain to be unknown until you actually try to force yourself stepping in the circle of change by trying to adapt with the new surrounding.

A bless in disguise as most people would say it when you finally figure out all the meaning behind it; in which it does takes time but time is one of the things that we need to risk and to be put upon sacrifice.

Just believe those things that you will do is right and trust me; everything will be fine.