Monday, May 30, 2011

Unfortunate Story On Birthday’s Eve

Yesterday, my mum asked my brother and I to buy a crate of eggs. Hence we went to the nearest mall to get it.

Half-way reaching home in the drizzling rain, my brother lost the balance of his motorbike and we fell. Thank God there was no car behind us. If not, it will cause much serious scenario.

We went to the side of the road and called our parents whom told us to stay put.

Afterwards, we went home to clean ourselves before went to the nearest hospital, Normah Medical Centre which we are charged RM320.40.

The most expensive birthday present ever; and the most expensive crate of eggs ever.

29052011039Injured on my elbow and those dark spots are actually the tar rock bits 

29052011041On the joint of my knee

29052011042And part of my toenail chirped off

The lesson is be careful when you are riding your bike in drizzling rain.

So much for my birthday celebration.

To end this post, here is the video of the incident.

Remember, drive safely.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Date of classes and lectures for UiTM Sabah and UiTM Sarawak

In conjunction with Keamatan Festival in Sabah and Gawai Festival in Sarawak that will be celebrate on 1st June 2011, all classes and lectures for these two respective campus; UiTM Sarawak and UiTM Sabah will begin on 6th June 2011.

Hence, all last semesters students could obtain their dormitory room key from Unit Kolej Kediaman on the 5th June 2011.

For early birds who wants to obtain their key earlier, they can ask the unit themselves by dialing their office number.

Lastly, you can get the all the information at UiTM Sarawak and UiTM Sabah website below.

UiTM Sarawak and UiTM Sabah.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sah! Keputusan Peperiksaan UiTM Bagi Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pada 17 Jun 2011

Merujuk kepada perkara di atas, dengan ini adalah disahkan oleh Dr. Hadariah Bahron daripada Hal Ehwal Akademik bahawasanya keputusan peperiksaan bagi semester Disember 2010 – Mei 2011 untuk Ijazah Sarjana Muda akan diumum dan dikeluarkan lebih awal iaitu pada 17hb Jun 2011 daripada tarikh awal yakni 2hb Julai 2011.

Ini adalah untuk memudahkan pelajar semester akhir untuk mendapatkan transkrip akhir peperiksaan mereka bagi menjalani latihan praktikal, memohon biasiswa, menjalani chambering, menjalani magang (internship) dan memohon pekerjaan.

Sila tekan gambar di bawah untuk mendapatkan paparan definisi besar.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

UiTM Sarawak 74th Graduation Convocation

Alhamdulillah, praise to God that finally and officially, I graduated from my Diploma in Plantation and Management (DPIM) study in UiTM Sarawak in its very own convocation held for the second time in its campus.

Three years of strive to obtained a scroll of diploma was being paid handsomely. All the tears, sweat and blood which has been dripped from every single of my pores are now inked on a roll of paper stating my fight to be among the best has finally came true.

When my name was being called to go up to the stage to get my transcript from Pro-Chancellor, Tan Sri Dr. Arsyad Ayub, my heart began to beaten so fast which eventually made me to could not answer the question that was being asked by Tan Sri, “Apa itu D.I.P (What is D.IP) ?”.

My mind could not processed it as my goal was to get that transcript and walk out from the stage without having myself trip. When I finally returned to my seat, then I realized his question was referring to my course, Diploma in Plantation, where as we here in UiTM Sarawak refer it as DPIM which stands for Diploma in Plantation and Management. No wonder I have no clue based on the question he asked me earlier.

When the ceremony ended, my parents congratulated me and I can see the proudness from their facial expression; a scene which is the most worth reminiscence in my memory. Afterwards, I took a graduation studio photo with both of my parents in the same frame; which both of my two previous brother does not experience for their previous Polytechnic convocation.

I will not not wasting my time to show you the pictures that I took since I know you guys are eager to view it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you; my convocation photos.

DSC_0027  A proud mother and a proud son

DSC_0026Miss Leelajini; who support me along the way throughout my 3 years journey and she is more than a lecturer to me, she is my guardian angel

DSC_0001With the beautiful Jessy Olen

DSC_0002Nadia Darnata, my Public Relation degree classmate

DSC_0022Gorgeous Nisa, my Mass Com mate

DSC_0006Andrie Fadrick, we went the journey together from Primary 1 until pursuing our degree in UiTM

DSC_0015Emmelly, my diploma classmates whom I went the 3-years-journey with

DSC_0003Hasimah Mahdi and Delia Harrison

DSC_0020Hasimah and her beloved, Mutawally Jolhan

DSC_0017Two future in-law families

Unfortunately, I was unable to locate my lecturers who has really gave their best to taught me and shaping me to as what I am right now. I want to take a picture with them as I want to give my full fledge appreciation but none the less, I have Sir Syukri’s Facebook account to thank for the wonderful picture below. Quite weird on how my other classmates able to grab and took pictures with them. Perhaps I was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Para pensyarah ladang

From left: Sir Yahustazi, Mr. Zayn Gregory, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Margaret Chan, Sir Ghazali, Madam Hasmah Mohidin, Sir Saharol, Sir Syukrie and Sir Abdul Rahman

Here, I want to express my gratitude towards these two lecturers who really influenced me to continue my passion towards communication study; Associate Professor Dr. Margaret Chan and Mr. Zayn Gregory.

Dr. Margaret opened up my eyes on how important is communication to change starting from an individual up to a community. She taught me the wonderful things about the arts of changing the socio-economy of a community which leads to a great better life for them. Thus, I determine to be a change agent and in order for that to happen, the change must be start from me in which I chose Interpersonal as my new major under the Faculty of Mass Communication for my degree program. She is one of the lecturers who support me to continue my study in interpersonal communication.

As for Mr. Zayn, for me he is the best public speaker in the whole UiTM Sarawak and thanks to his advice and taught, he shown me the incredible way to be a good public speaker which helps me a lot in many debate and public speaking tournament. One of the abilities to influence people is the ability to give a good speech and giving out good body language in which Mr. Zayn are best at. It is not enough for me to attend his lectures, but I also learn from him by observing his style while delivering in class. Perhaps I can say, 90 per cent of my public speaking skills is being nurtured by him subconsciously since my first class with him back in Part-2 of diploma and I really feel thankful to him as right now I’m one of the best public speaker amongst the 1st year students in my new faculty.

Thank you all; my fellow lecturers, classmates and friends from making me as what I am right now and I promise you that one day I’ll be a ‘somebody’ as a shown of my full fledge appreciation towards your support and knowledge that has being given by these wonderful people.



Thursday, May 19, 2011

Graduation Photoshoot

Yesterday, Hana, Yaya, Yan, Kak Nina and myself were having our photoshoot in the conjunction of our diploma graduation.

Since I already returned the robe earlier on, hence I can’t be in the picture since all these three lovely ladies; Hana, Yaya and Yan are in their robe; and which the picture would be quite weird having one guy in the frame and not having one.

Thus, I asked Hana if I can brought along my camera and since she already have an official photographer for the shoot, hence it makes me as the unofficial photographer when she said yes. *chuckles*

Without any further due, I’ll upload some of the pictures for your view and I might say its not that much since I took the picture impromptu.










So there it is. The three beauties. Thank you to Hana and her photographer for allowing me to lend his umbrella flash when we do the shoot in his studio.

Hope you guys like it.