Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Creating WiFi Hotspot Using Your Laptop

We all faces the same problem; fice WiFi enabled device such as a laptop, a smartphone, Playstation Portable, iPad and a netbook but the drawback is that you only have one internet line.

You want to share your internet connection so that all the devices could get through the internet and everybody in the house would not be grabbing the computer among themselves since it is the only device which have the line.

For certain people, it might be okay if they have a fix line internet at home because they just simply can purchase a WiFi router. But you need to be reminded that not all people are capable to purchase one and have the knowledge to maintain the router if anything happen in certain cases the technician is not available.

What if I tell you that with just a PC operated by Windows 7 and just by purchasing a cheap WiFi a/b/g/n USB doogle, you could create your own hotspot right at home, anywhere and anytime. It is also an advantage if you have a laptop or a netbook which also operated by Windows 7 which also equipped with a WiFi module; seriously, which are these portable devices are not?

There is a software called Connectify developed by a team called Connectify team which have the outstanding ability to change your laptop to a hotspot device without actually protruding yourself of using the laptop for normal use.


Using the above diagram (click the picture for larger view), you will understand on how these software work. Hence, there is no excuse for you to do not know on how to use this software. Even my 7 years old brother knows how to enable it.

And there you have it. A solution to your problem especially if you have 7 sibling with WiFi enabled device which really irritates me since I’m the only one in the house with a mobile broadband. Hence, I use this software to save my time of setting up an ad-hoc with the uncool LAN icon.

And yeah, speaking of LAN, you also can connected your LAN friends using this software when you want to play your games with the other person next to your room.

Finally, hope you can enjoy with the software and you can download it here Connectify.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Yes, memang aku terasa hari ni.

Tak datang kelas sepanjang hari, pinjam kamera aku pulak.

Aku tak kisah korang pinjam kamera aku, cuma aku terasa kat sini sepanjang hari tak attend kelas tapi masa datang nak pinjam kamera aku, korang bilang pegi Putrajaya jalan-jalan amik gambar.

Tak pergi kelas for the whole day tapi ada niat nak pegi jalan petang-petang?

Tapi aku malas nak bilang; just let it be.

P/S: Dan aku terkejut gak ada budak kelas kita ikut sekali dengan korang. Tak beritahu aku pun. Part tu yang paling aku terasa. Sekian.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

It’s not the end; it’s just a start of a start

I believed all the SPM 2010 candidates already received their result either by checking it from their respective schools, via post and SMS.

Thus, the next level is to trying to get themselves to another level which is the tertiary education and due to the limited spots, there would be some of the candidate’s application will be deny.

In this special post; dedicated to those SPM leavers and considering to continue their study; I will give you some tips on how to gain a place in the tertiary education.

First, you must know your result and the requirement aggregates for the course that you want to apply is on par or above. This is because if you have a lower requirement, your application would be denied by the computer-generated-system and thus you actually has denied one chance of yourself to be in the system.

Secondly, know your course of choice and ability. Let say you love Biology and you opt for Diploma in Physics as your first option; do not do that.

You apply for Diploma in Mass Communication or Diploma in Civil Engineering because it is popular and would make you looks cool or you’re following your friends; that’s idiotic.

Diploma or any tertiary education level is actually the turn point of your life, so why you want to put in on the line and gamble?

There will be a chance that you’ll be drop out or being kick out since you cannot cope with the program itself. Then you would wasting years of your life since majority of the courses take about 3 years to complete; and you being kick out halfway? Stupidity.

The best way is know your own strength and know the minimum requirement for the result. For example, you love computer and you have a good mathematical ability plus your result is meet the requirement for Diploma in Computer Science, then do it. Although you might not like the idea but that’s one of the way to get yourself in the tertiary education level. You will love the program eventually just like I do with mine.

Third, use all the chance that you got. If there’s the application for UPU, Polytechnic, Perguruan etc., just fill in the form because in the end you will end up with many options which is good.

Plus, there would be government agencies who would open up diploma program and therefor, you need to be diligent by flipping the newspaper everyday to find it such as Aswara and Ministry of Resources.

Fourth, do not apply for courses which are very competitive and popular among the applicants if you only have a minimum requirement for it. For example civil engineering or mass communication because these are popular courses and there would be more applicants who have better results as you are; if you still want to try, I’m not stopping you.

Instead, go for the less popular but have a bright prospect such as Diploma in Plantation or Diploma in Information Management because you will be have a very high chance to get in and be together in the tertiary education. Before you even do it, identify which course which less popular and meeting your minimum SPM’s result requirement. Therefore, you will have less competition from others to gain a spot.

Lastly, for those who do not have enough credit or a just-barely-alive result; do fill in the form for Pre-Commerce in UiTM; you will have the chance in your life to make a turn point within it. You just can click to Pre-Com and choose Pra-Diploma at the left-hand side. At least you guys tried and nothing is beatable other than seeing your parents knowing you will step your feet in university although you just take Pre-Com but then it only take you six month. Afterwards, Diploma for you, baby!!!

I hope with these some tips and guidance could help you guys to fulfill your parents dream and yours too to be a UNIVERSITY STUDENT/TERTIARY-LEVEL student.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Finally, we met.


It has been about 3 months I haven’t see my girl since the last semester final exam ended in November 2010.

So when I have the chance to return to Kuching; to UiTM Sarawak particularly; to attend the Dean’s List Dinner last mid February, I didn’t think twice to book a return ticket home.

Both of us counted the day to come and when it does; the first thing that I did tomorrow morning is went to UiTM Sarawak to see my love because she stayed back for the weekend.

And there it is.

We saw each other and despite the crowd whom were waiting for their turn to donate their blood; we hugged each so tight that I could smell her neck.

For the rest of 3 days, we spent time with each other; we hugged and kisses. She felt joyful for the whole week since I’m there and we had one great time.

Before I return to Shah Alam, that night we spent the last moment together; talking, hugging and kissing; that we afraid to let each other go.

Even though it is hard, she remind me that although we physically will be apart from each other but our heart is always together.

Sayang, less than two months left before I could see you again, baby.

Wait for me, wait for us and wait for our future.