Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10 Facial expression



A happy face does really will be brightened someone else’s day because it reflects a positive energy from the individual to other people. Therefore, a happy face creates a great momentum in every day’s life.

In this happy picture of me, it conjured up because I bought a pair of earphone that enables me to listen to my favourite songs. The quality of the sound that the earphone produces makes the song; U2 – It’s A Beautiful Day; gives me the vibe to make my day feel great. Thus, it rushes the adrenaline to spark my mind of having a photographic vision on how I will spend and having a productive day ahead.

Plus, people would not be hesitating to approach you since I reflect a great and positive vibe thanks to my happy facial expression.

Finally, in the end we had a great time laughing and being happy about it.



I’m having a sad face because I just knew that one of my friends is talking bad about me behind my back and I felt hurt about it.

It is bad behavior of talking bad about people behind their back. It shows that the person who did it does not have the courage to be frank with that person. If there’s something wrong or you think that person has done something stupid, tell them straight to their face.

Plus, since I’m having a sad face, potentially it would ruin my day because my mind would be distracted of doing certain task and it could affect me in a way that I would not have a productive day.

Therefore, this incident would remind me to think before I utter any word that would hurt anyone’s feeling.



I feel surprise because my parents gave me the phone that I have been craving for a long time; a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic; as my birthday present.

It really made my day because for me it is a huge big surprise because my parents never give anything for me during my birthday. I would take care of the phone really well since it has a sentimental value to me.

Sometimes surprises are in a form which will makes your bond towards the person who make it happen really much tighter and firmer than before in a sense of gratitude towards that person.

Surprise is good but sometimes you need to beware that there are certain people that are limited to a surprise. A good example is a person who is having a heart disease.



I’m having this disgusting facial expression because I just saw a person who sneeze and wipe his mucus on a dining table cloth.

I mean does this person have a sanitary issue or he has not been told to use a tissue instead.

His action actually spreading much more germs and it could be infecting to anyone who are near to that table since the mucus would evaporate and travel via air.

Furthermore, his action would reflect his characteristics since people would judge him from his action which awfully disgusting.



This facial expression of fear or horror happens because I watch scary movie from my laptop. The title of the movie is Ju-On.

Everybody has their fear on something or towards someone. My fear is actually towards ghost. Yes, although people said that ghost does not exist but by watching many movies about ghost giving me the perception that ghost exist.

That is why I never walk alone in dark without my portable music player or any person who would walk along with me.

Hence, the fear could create a strong imprint even both for children and adult.



I’m having a concentrating facial expression because I’m trying to remember something at the back of my head.

I also have this facial expression whenever I need to recall certain facts or points whenever my lecturer is asking my question.

It is hard to concentrate especially if there is disturbance such as noise that could make me very hard to give a full concentration of what need to be recall or paying attention towards the lecturer who are teaching in front of the class.

Some people would have different ways to concentrate if they try to recall something for example looking up, looking or looking at the side as it is the physiological response that our body.

Overall, concentrating is important especially to students because they can gather the input from the lecturer as optimum as they can.



Blur facial expression being reflect because my friend suddenly said something that out of the topic.

Plus, in the academic area, it is dangerous if I am blur because it shows that I don’t understand the message that are being delivered due to noise or anything that distracting my mind during the lecture.

Sometimes being blur is good because I will ask question whenever I do not understand certain topic.

When I am blur, I will try my best to do not make an assumption of any information that I’m quite confuse about because it is misleading to me and perhaps to other people when they ask the information from me.



I feel angry in this picture because my little brother spoilt my laptop. It is hard to do not being mad at him because after all it is an honest mistake.

But imagine the entire documents, assignment and presentation file that being kept in the computer cannot be access because the damage that has been done by my brother.

It took me a lot of days and effort to have my assignment and assessment being done; luckily this assignment is safe because I make a copy in my pendrive.

Certainly, I learn my lesson that I would make a back-up file if anything happen to my laptop.



I’m smiling because I remember the sweet memory that I had with my friends back at those times.

Smiling is another facial expression that could gives out positive vibes to other people other than happy. In fact, smiling and being happy has its own co-relation because when you are happy, you are automatically will smile.

It is easier to approach people who smile rather than put a long face because by smiling it reflects that the person is friendly and approachable.

In other words, smile is the mother of all magic.



I wince because my ankle tripped on a piece of lego. It hurts real badly because it’s a sudden and flash pain which I have to endure.

Physical pain sometimes is much less hurtful that inner pain which unbearable to any person exist.

The best teacher around is experience and the best experience is pain because you will be hurt and may go down. But according to time, you’ll be able to walk again and if the pain reappears again, you know on how to deal with it.

There is many types of pain and each of them have different level on how hurtful it is but in the end, people get their lesson.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day

You can call it what ever you like and you can say what ever you like about this special day.

Because on this special occasion, people show their love and mutual respect towards each other.

Despite your religion and culture, all people in the world need to be love.

Including me; whom have her as the holder of my heart.

Gracie Jane Terrance, my love.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, sayang.

I hope you are okay despite our distance.

I’ll be in your arm soon enough, baby.

Just wait for me, sulu.

And I’ll be yours for the day.

Gracie & Me

Our first picture together

You and I, You and me.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

A welcome to my new life

A month ago, I came to UiTM Shah Alam with the hope to do better and make myself more determine to pursue of what I love.

Since then, I started to learn new things, experienced new things and getting to know new people.

But then, the pressure life here does makes me think sometimes, “Did I make the right choice?”.

Hence, doubt is still spreading around me.

Thus, it did not make me fail to take this risk, take this chance and make a change.

Here, I present to you my newest family members from Bachelor of Mass Communication (Interpersonal), MC227 from the group of MC27S1A.


Most of these people come from different background and different part of the region which makes my class more interesting than the others.


I like this picture the most because this is the first shoot that I made for my photography class and the output was outstanding; it’s almost like the photo for a motorcycle commercial or something.


This picture was being took during the PWW (forgot what it’s standing for), one hell of tiring day and I like this because it’s from my newly-bought-phone Nokia 5800; I would post about it perhaps in later future.

I think this is the only thing for now; I‘ll keep you guys posted.