Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Should I tell or shouldn’t I

When you like someone, you don’t expect the person whom you like will feel the same towards you too.

The feelings of wanting and longing to be love is not a reciprocal process as it needs two to tango in which both do the same steps, have rhythm within the dance and understand the next move will be.

Therefor, when you’re trying to push and force someone to be in a relationship with you, despite they agreed but you’ll not be able to change their absolute feelings inside.

The best way is not to tell them; keep it to yourself and adore them from afar. Although this way is unacceptable and the pain that you have to bear is too much than you can endure, especially seeing the person whom you adore with someone else; trust me, it is better this way rather handling a rejection along side with the awkward moment which you have to endure.

Be his/her friend, be bestfriend if you could because only that bond that wouldn’t being destroyed even by time, challenges and disputes.

It’s okay to shed your tears, it’s fine for you to feel that way because you yourself know; either to loose them or keep them at you’re side while crying inside.

It’s your path to choose.