Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thank you very much to VC and TNC

As a student in UiTM, you will get food allowance which is for a month you will get RM120.

I haven’t been qualified to have it since two semesters ago and now, I’m trying my luck to write an appeal letter for the food allowance.

And you know what? It has been approved since 19th August 2010 and yet, I still haven’t get my allowance yet.

Therefore, after much deliberation from both Pejabat Kolej and Bendahari of UiTM, I took an initiative to bring this to the VC’s awareness via Facebook.

Guess what?

It is pretty handy. Just see the reply below.

CaptureIt’s very effective way on how the student could bring forward their problem to the top people in Shah Alam.

Since the TNC made a called twice to UiTM Kota Samarahan’s HEP office, I personally think that the officer who is responsible for this matter has jump up from their seat.

I mean, it’s is the Monday, the day you work after celebrating your Raya and then you got a call from TNC himself?

Plus, since Dato’ TNC said he has called twice; the first call is to the HEP officer; I do not know to whom the second call being directed to.

But then, B.J told me that Prof. Madya Dr. Wan Akil, Timbalan Pengarah HEP, want to see me upon something sounds like “piji” or sound more like that, I think I know to whom that second call has been directed too.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Welcome to my third wife; Eliyana Edith

I fell in love with her since the first day I saw myself gazing upon her.

I know that I’m qualified to get my hands on her since I’m good at shooting people at any events and at any situation.

Worst part is I’m getting into her seriously starting in the early of semester but then, my parents keep on refusing to take her to the house since they doesn’t know her importance of her in my life.

They said that I’m not grateful enough to have my second wife, Elydia Edith, which I always put my hands on her 24/7.

But alas, after so much of deliberation for months, they finally agree to bring her into the house but with a condition; to do not let anyone or any guys caress her body aside from me.

Hence, I agree upon their terms and conditions.

Therefore, I present to you my newest-wish-come-true; my third wife; Nikon D5000 or better known as Eliyana Edith.


My mum and I have to wait for nearly half an hour before the towkeh arrived to the store along side with his wife because their children is the one who’s handling the store while they are gone. And since it’s involving thousand of ringgit worth of item, it’s better to have the big boss to do the deal.


While waiting for the taukeh, my mum made an early warning on to do not taking girls picture because she bought it for me at the first place so that it could be easy for me to do my work and assessment.


After I manage to get this baby home, I spent the whole 4 hours reading it’s manual because I don’t want to waste my time find the correct moment to read the manual at some other time. Understood?

Nikon D5000

But anyway, this little baby of mine will be starting its action soon enough but first I need to find the most suitable compartment to bring it around with me considering I always bring my second wife along.
But anyways, hurrah for me!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

1st Syawal 1431H

First of all, Selamat Hari Raya Aildilfitri to everyone.

It has been the 2nd day of Raya yet I didn’t manage to do my visiting yet. Perhaps tomorrow since there’s a lot of my friends asked me to visit them during this festive season. I will if my brother would take me there due I can’t drive nor bike.

All I can say that it is a dull Raya for me this year compared to last year. Perhaps lacking of a DSLR and also lack of friends to go out with is the main reason behind all of all this shit.

Taking into the consideration of lots of things need to be done after Raya; IDT, class trip, Yayasan Sarawak Debate Tournament and several test plus some subjects that I need to catch up; God knows how I will become next semester.

It must be start now or I will be left behind quite far away.

Lastly, to whom it might concern, I’m asking and seeking for your forgiveness if I ever hurt your feelings either it is intended or unintended.
Credit : Sinzmanual

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