Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's too late to's too late

Stifler quoted "Shit happens".

And I felt what he said is totally right. I'm trying to do my best in my new field of expertise and where does it get me? Jeopardizing people whom I care, whom I love and whom I adore. Frankly speaking, I didn’t know what I’m doing right now do makes every people having a hair-trigger moment in this tight-tense-controversial situation.

I’m sorry for what I make, what do I have begun, what do I already build-up makes people feel the annoyance, the sickness and the sadness out of them. I never meant to do it. It is just certain people can’t understand what I’m saying, for what I meant. I never meant to make people fight and argue towards each other just for what I wrote. Now I know the meaning of “the pen is much sharper than the sword”.

I do love TDC so much. It’s like I’m turning to Iqhbal Hafis (well, 25% to be exact) due to the passion, experience and the skills that I’ve gained when I entered this club. So people please do not question about my feelings towards the club itself. I do love it so much more than my own course’s club. Heck, even my course mates always questioning me the reason that I always make out the priority out of TDC more than theirs.

It’s due to the factor that since I entered this club, I met lots of people whom widen my mind and my perspective. Even from the club itself, I learnt something which no one could have by do not entering the club. It’s what I call “Discover The New You”. The first club that I actually join with my will is The Language Society. From there, I met Paul. A nice-friendly-polite-gentleman-supportive-helpful-and-sorts-of-quality-
person-whom-you-can-found he is. From there, he guides me to know the lecturers, the people whom in charge and such. And from there, I pursued my steps in TDC by having my first debate after being forced by Jack. From there, I learnt skills and stuff which I dare to say never being achieved by any people in the campus. It’s like having the whole UiTM at the tip of my fingers. But yet, I never misuse the skills that I’ve learnt for self benefit. Instead, I helped people when they have any type of trouble which I can overcome. That is why right now most of the students know me. For the record, they call me “Black” because people kept calling me “Black” without knowing my real name. I’m not blaming them, maybe due to the fact that I’m too good to be somebody whom the call “Pure”.

Thus, I end my post by saying, “To all the people whom are affected, will-be-affected and indirectly affected by my posts, I, Muhammad Rahman, having my hat low down, stating that I’m totally sorry for what I have done/cause and will done/cause in this present and in the future. I didn’t mean to and I hope that all of you would forgive me”.

P/S: As for the TEC site, I already make it only accessible to people whom I already authorized. And to Dr. Simon, Miss L and Swinburne; thank you because respecting my freedom of speech. Your good deed will be in my mind forever.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Black has a fan....

Yep, believe it or not I do have a fan; a girl of course. It is not I'm saying this because there is no girls who likes me. There are but most of them likes me not to me; directly. They do not love me as a person. They love my knowledge actually.

I mean, I have to admit that having knowledge to different of fields does make you look sexy in girl's eyes but yet, they just love you because they actually love your BRAIN. Not you as what you are. Yes gentlemen, ladies are attracted to intelligent men. NOT intelligent and BORING, NERDY LOOKING men.

Sometimes I felt my brain is more sexy than I am. Just imagine if my brain could transform itself into a person. Not just I'm loosing girls to him but yet, all my data about girls are IN HIM! Thus, it'll make me like an empty can which just standing there like a fool. Luckily God gave the brain to me. Not me to the brain...huhuhuhu

So who's the girl?

Her name is Jesse Fedelity, DPA part-2 student. She was being introduce to me by my foster sister in UiTM, Kaka. She gave me Jesse's number stating that I'm Jesse's type. Without my acknowledgment, she gave my number to Jesse stating that I'm the type of guy for her. In other words people, she tries to match make us and it seems quite work.

It's already 4 days we always text each other and from my opinion, she's a nice girl indeed. Once I thought her having this attitude same as Kaka; can accept harsh comments; but yet I was wrong. It took me about 1 hour to apologize to her because I told her to concentrate in class, not to text me. Indeed I feel guilty because as a guy, I surely want to keep a girls heart as unhurt as possible.

By her subconscious text, I know she already like me but as the way being taught; I must stop it before it reach the peak. It's like playing push-pull but I'm the one here on the dominant push part. Hence, she kept on pulling me towards her but by having loads of experience around beautiful girls made me know on what they're gaming at. But yet, she's not that type of girl. She just do it without she noticing it. It is in human nature to get a guys attention and when he do not give one, the girl will work harder to get his attention even though the guy just notice it a bit.

One point to say, she texted me saying, "I'm addicted messaging you...". Now please untied the knot of subconscious text here which behind it, there are the meaning of, "OMG! What this guy just did to me? I'm so into him...". That gentlemen is what you call text game. It is where you make the girl having the need and the urge to text you where as you just being cool about it. It works like a charm. How to do it? Learn by yourself. I ain't teach you....

Tomorrow I would get my new lappy. Supposedly I get it by last Saturday but due to some factor and misunderstanding, I failed to get it. Hence, hope by this Wednesday I finally get my hands on it. 12.1" mind you...hahaha. Besides, I have to escape my account class that time. Just because of the laptop..huhuhu.

And I got Economic test this evening, 4-6 p.m and I haven't learn yet! Darn!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just think I did have the week of my life...

Just then, PR called me.

I just saw your blog (referring to The Elite Club). It's quite good I say

Me :
Oh, thank you...*felt strange on PR's sudden call*

But ermmm Black. Could you please watch out the blog? Cause you see, later *authority* knows it's know.

Me :
Yes PR. I understand *thinking WTF, (authority) just buzz off*

Man, I'm sorry to say this to you. I know you look highly to The Debate Club. But please, control the blog okay. I mean, I myself are quite hate this type of conversation. But I'm just telling you about this matter. I'm sorry man.

Me : It's okay sweat. *darn! Is this meaning I need to shut down the site?*

But you know what I did? Yes, I'll control the post to TEC but then, I create a new blog for TDC itself. It was title:

Two successes in a week

It has been a tiring week for me. I think all of you notice that especially to my friends and classmates. I barely have stuff for anything. Thanks to the busyness of me which led to having such a nice weekend. *I miss my old life in Part 1 which I have free time totally for anything*

Since the early of January, I already made my research on bananas. After almost a month of the research, I'm done with the points and structures. Hence, I want to give it to Giovannie which is my group mate. Apparently, you just can't trust Giovannie to do things. He didn't even bother to do anything. He just playing stupid, go out clubbing and flirt around with girls. He even didn't bother to ask me on the update of OUR research for OUR presentation. Heck, when I asked him to send me to Pustaka, he gave me the excuse of being sick on that day which unable him to send me. Now, where's the group contribution. He didn't do nothing and yet just send me to return the books, he can't do it. Then why on earth; the next day is V-Day; he can went out dating with Marcelle? Goddamnit!

I've spend 24-hours or more; without sleeping to finish up the presentation. Thank to his laziness I have to do it all by myself. Even 2 hours before the presentation is my BEL class, I had to escape and go to the library to finish it up. Thank you to Farah whom lent me her laptop just to finish up the presentation. When the time to present, apparently, during my absences from the BEL class, Giovannie and Farah had an argument because before that Giovannie was lurking searching for me. He phoned me, text me but I didn't answer due to the fact that he kept ignoring the presentation itself so why do I bother. He asked Farah about my whereabout; I told everyone where I'm headed to during the BEL class and to do not tell Giovannie about it; and she replied by saying, "Why bother?" and that's where the fight begun. I do apologize to Farah because of me, she fought with Giovannie.

During my presentation, Giovannie is like the parasite; he make the little presentation, well I make him to because I want to present the presentation all by myself. In other words, being dominant; he kept on leeching onto MY presentation which I made it all by MYSELF! But since I do it by my own effort, I do make sure that the quality is there although I do it in quite a hurry; mind you; I didn't go sleep for more than 24-hours. Anything could go wrong here.

So the presentation begun. I talked and explained briefly. When it's all over, my lecturer rose up and went to the front and said, "Now, this is the type of presentation that I want. Loads of features, examples and pictures. Rahman, if you do not mind, could you please give me the softcopy of your presentation?".
I was like, peaking it my heart, "HE LOVES IT!!!!!".

So the hatred feeling towards Giovannie suddenly dispersed itself during that moment. Even for some of my friends said to me that it is a very good presentation. Just imagine if I do it all by myself. I could have the marks just for me and to only me. Hahaha....

Then at the same time, after I finished with my presentation I have to cope with The Debate club (TDC) brand management and events. Besides, I'm the Brand Manager of TDC since I'm so good at it. Well, I just start to learn about this field like 3 weeks ago. But at least I learn something outside of my field right? With the competitive market nowadays, you ought to have something which is more that you can offer. Ain't it?

Hence I make the kinda-look-high-class notice with the heading itself already made people think, " Wow, I love the label. Maybe I could spare some of my time for the debate". But apparently, (taking Stifler's quote) "Shits happened". See at The Elite Club and you'll get what I mean.

I booked Dewan Kuliah 1 (DK1) and filled in the form to use the ILQAM portable audio system. Then there was the rushing to complete the notice, brought it up to the Hal Ehwal Pelajar (HEP) office to get the you-could-hung-this-notice-up stamp, photostating it and hung it up around UiTM. I make full utilize of all notice board and what its outcome? *drum rolling*

69 PEOPLE CAME!!!! 69 PEOPLE BABY!!!! I was so proud like hell but redundantly, I had my account test during the debate so i don't have the chance to see the outcome of my success. Hey, at least I know that I'd done such a brilliant work and I do have the touch in the brand management itself.

Plus, making me proud are when Stifler, Jew and Swinburne congratulate me for the good work that I did.
And you know what? For the next debate, Swinburne has already given me the authority to set up the motion for the debate in the future. Mind you, Swinburne has also gave me the power to set up who're going to debate and the side that they will be. Either the government or the opposition. By fact, both Fikri and Jew already set me up as the future TDC president which I look in a terrified way because it'll make me busy and stuff. Huhuhu...*no time for girls*

So thats ladies and gentlemen, are the two things of my success throughout this week. I need to go now because the Seri Mulu Festival (SMF) are being held now and they need all of the blocks's AJK to meet the SMF's AJK. WTF, I need to go to Saberkas ASAP!!! Why now they're calling us!? Why not earlier than that!? Arghhh!!!!

P/S: I bumped into Hanim yesterday and I made the date at that time. Heck, she didn't even look that down anymore. I love her....more than anything else.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here's the thing

Last two weeks ago, on Saturday, B.J, Azmilah, Syed Nizam a.k.a Swinburne and me went for the Kuching Open at Swinburne; that's why I'm emphasizing the Swin's real name.
Since Stifler and Jeff along with Fikri couldn't come because some "internal factor", hence, it's only us three debated while Swin becoming the adjudicator.
Overall result?

UiTM got the 2nd last place to be exact. Hey, we're just the junior team. How do you expect we performed?

But unintentionally, from the 44 debaters whom competing, I obtained the 24th place. Making me the 24th best debater in Kuching. I don't care about the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. I only care about me. Hence, I felt dead asleep because during that time I haven't sleep for 24 hours. Zzzzz.....

Monday, February 16, 2009

Crumptious day.... feels so nice.
So relief until I can't sleep through the whole night. Thanks to my insufferable team mate whom made me awake 24-hours, till now. Well, one group consist only two people, hence I'm the only one who do the job from A-Z.
But it's really worthy because my lecturer likes it so much until he asked for a copy of my presentation.
Yes, it's about the banana presentation thingy.

The climate in Kuching are getting into its usual self again. No more raining for the whole day like what it made last January. Finally, I can go outside and walk in peace without worrying the risk of be being bluntly wet. Partially, it didn't go well for my dad sand business because due to the rain, the quarry had been water log and flooded. Thus, no input money from there for the whole month. Even the debtors of the KOBELCO has asking their money from my father. Well. that what my mother said. Due to the fact that I also feel quite guilty myself because in the situation which I didn't notice, I ask my father to buy me a new laptop since the old laptop failed me many times. If I just knew earlier, I would just keep those things to myself.
Hence, maybe in this two weeks ahead I'm going to have a brand new lappy. I hope it's the model that I want really really bad. Sorry father. If you ever read this, your son feel really really sorry.

For the VC Cup report; yes, I had done it. Took me about 3 nights without sleeping and by having me almost like a zombie, it really does drain me out of my clothier's. Luckily, Dr. Simon kinda satisfied with it.
Oh yeah, almost forgot. I think the brand management that I'm doing now are getting into the right track because before this, I just follow what my heart did tell me to follow.
Thanks to Sarah Yasmin-look-alike (her names BearBear by the way but I just spell her name as Be'be') that make me realize I kinda dispatch away from my path.

What? Sarah Yasmin's alike? She does ladies and getlemen. Well, except for the eye and the hair of course. Plus, she speaks! In English! And I just got her number yesterday morning! Hahahahaha!!! I feel in cloud nine.... Plus, she texted me this morning to hang out with her due to the boringness that she had today. It's quite a shame that I'm not that good asking and let her expressing her problems. No matter, there's next time.

It has been a week since I didn't picking up girls. Exception to Be'be' because she was being introduce to me by Hana during our lunch at canteen last Thursday. Mind you, she's a fan of Hana. A total fan to be exact. She already leech almost of Hana's beautiful pictures in my phone and lappy. Hahaha...lucky for Hana for having this type of fan. But surely, I'm a fan of her fan.

As for the other girls, I haven't heard from them like every 4 hours; Hanim's for days; and I feel like, "If they want to quit the game, let it be but I'm not letting them to". See how cruel I could be...?

As for my validation, I will have no co-curricular activities this sem...let it be.
I'll be free by every Wednesday..hehehe.

Now, I'll try to update my blog since I just let it not being updated for weeks already. I'll try if it's not a day a post, I'll try to catch up by making it two days a post.

P/S: I spent my V-Day by babysitting. Thanks to Yaya whom called me to join her at Tun Jugah that V-Day evening....I really appreciate it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Superstition: The Significance of Their Existence

Malaysia are consist of multi-racial citizens and from there, we are rich in culture and custom. One of the cultures is our own local superstition. Every different race has unique superstition and there is certain reason on why these superstitions were being made up by our ancient local folks.

We trace back to the Malay culture where they prohibit their children to play in the rain during the sunny day. They provoked us by telling that if we play in the rain, some spirit would take us away and we will never be found. Imagine we are taken away from our parents and our fate is unknown. But if you think it again, the main purpose for the existence of this superstition is to prevent us to catch cold because biologically our body would be in a stress condition where it exposes to two different undergoing processes which are cold and hot sensation. Thus, our body becomes over-reactive due to the fact that our body is trying to cope with the homeostasis. It triggered our body temperature and it cause the after effect which is we become weak, sick and catch cold plus in some cases some of the patient have the potential to be retarded. We also must taking into account that the economic condition of our old folk during those times. Back in those days, most of them are working as farmers, fishermen or even a rubber tapper. Due to insufficient amount of money plus the charges for medical cost are quite high during back then, they have to minimize the cost for medical checkup and medicine.

From another different culture, there is another superstition from the Indian custom which they told to their children at home to do not clip their nails at night because it will bring bad luck to the person themselves. This believe maybe work during those time but when we look in the presence, most of the youngsters nowadays just simply having their nails being clip even though it is already nighttime. The reason behind the practice of to do not clip the nail at night is due to the fact that there are no 24-hours electricity enmities available during those days. In fact, to being visible at night people use gas lamp or torch to lit up their home but only for certain purposes; to study for example. Other uses other than important matter are totally out of subject because they want to minimize the usage of the gas. And that is why they do not let their children to clip their nail at night because they want to save the usage of the kerosene. Believe it or not, it does also involve safety purpose. Back in those days, there is no nail clipper or any tools which resemble like one. Instead they use like small sharp knives to cut it off. For that actual reason, the old folks made up that superstition to ensure their children are safe from harm at night. The last thing that they would want is to have their children to cut themselves during the “nail-clipping” activity (mind you they are using a knife).

In the Chinese’s superstition, there is one believe on to do not have your meal outside of the house especially beside the street because it would invite bad spirits to eat together with you. For this believe, we have our concrete proof the reason behind the existence of this superstition. Back then, there are no modernize television, handphone, MP3 player, laptop, astro™ etc. So the youth groups tend to hang-out with their friends outside of their house. During those times, it is common to see every house set up a bench around their house compound. That is their favourite spot if they want to hang out with their friends. Plus, they tend to eat their meal outside the house because they want to stay with their friends and do not want to miss every moment of it. That is when the superstition plays its vital role. To fright their sons or daughters, they made up the superstition by adding bad spirits element so that they would have their meal inside the house with the family instead. Subsequently, it also enhanced the family bond during dining and at the same time prevent their children to loiter somewhere else and cause social problems. By this way, parents could monitor their children movement closely and effectively.

So as you can see, superstition is not all about crap and just an old folk’s inheritance from generation to other generation. It is all about to preserve our own unique culture itself plus to giving us on guidance on what is good what is not. By studying the subject, we could see the benefit behind the superstitious believe itself. Lastly, it teaches us that there are proper ways to overcome certain problem by using indirect approach instead by facing it directly.