Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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Special Post: 29th February


For something that can only come once every four years, 29th February in 2012  deserves a special place in our heart. As four years apart from the previous and the next 29th February, surely there are huge and impactful things happening to us.

From relationships, family, self, life, career etc. has does really change a quite a lot in terms of up self bringing whether it becomes better or worse. For some people who are experiencing quite tough year, remember that it is still beginning of the year and starting tomorrow, there would be another ten months to create a great changes towards and within self.

Certain people would leave 29th February with beautiful memories; especially if it is hug and kisses from someone you care the most. You would never want the time to go by as their soft lips touches yours; never let it go as the lips blissfully grasp tightly to one another; wishing not be parting away. Hugs that will be given today, will be remembered as one of the most valuable hug as it only come once every four years. You will hug tighter and tighter as two bodies will be so much closer than usual.

The most painful part of 29th February is telling the person that you care about that you need to go to somewhere for a long period and only within two months that you will return to give all the passion, love, kisses and hugs that was being accumulated throughout the time. It sounds nothing but saying in on a day that only come every four years, made it sound to them that you would come back when the next 29th February appear.

The painful of waiting that they have to bear will be more excruciating since two months of waiting will be a four-year-type of waiting. So, please do understand if they hold your hand tight, never would let you go because they will be afraid that they will lost you on the way. Assure that everything will be fine and those kisses and hugs will be returning to them in the end of April.

It will calm them down because just by a little bit of patience, just a little; happiness would wait for both of you.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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Between Two Angels

Two Girls

Nearly a year, you keep on waiting for her to come back and in between, “Will you be with me again?” is the norm conversation and having a silent answer from the other side to wrap it all up.

But sometimes, your heart does not want just a silent answer as you need to give and deliver passion of love which you keep on accumulating while waiting for her to return to you. So, in order to keep you sane, you search for the right person for you to empty the tank that has been overflow with unanswered questions; for which took another round of the full moon for her accepting one of things that might change her life too.

Being with her triggered the earlier girl whom you’re waiting all this while decided that she wants you back in her life; but it is a little too late. Nether less, she would wait as for you waited almost a year for her.

Perhaps the new relationship will be taking months from stranger in the start to stranger in the end; but the most hard decision is to whom you will devote yourself? You love, care and happy with both of them but since you are the prize, only one will be the winner.

A tough situation but time will show it to you; pray and make it happen.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

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There would be a point in someone’s life that they could not bear all the things that being jumbled inside their chest.

They want to express it by words but sadly, there is no word which could describe and helping them to show what they want to convey. Only one option and it is the most effective way to do; cry.

Bursting our tears could help to ease all the burden, frustration, sadness or emotional burden that causing you into a fragile state. Ego aside, crying is the first thing that every human in this world did, so don’t be ashamed to do so.

Each of yours tears is priceless, so don’t let it fall down to the ground; collect it into a bile and by using the Pensive, you’ll know what is the real cause and try with all your might to fix it.

If it doesn’t, don’t be afraid to cry again.

Friday, February 24, 2012

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One thing that is quite hard for most people whom have an attachment; towards a person or a place; is to say goodbye.

A goodbye meant a lot because it means that you will never see them again which is really contrast to a bye as the word “good” contains “forever”. It is not fair to be use by those person that create a huge impact in our life or a place that being place in one special place in our heart; in other words, sentimental moment.

We can bring memories with us but it is not the same by experiencing it first hand as laughter, smiles, joy, tears and sadness remain.

Saying goodbye is hard but at a certain point in life; we will endure it.

It is painful but that’s the truth; the painful truth.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Lots of people expects good feedback upon things that they did; as it is a sign of achievement whenever it work up to the top.

Whether it is about relationship, career or idea; conceal in matter of “hope”, sometimes it could change someone’s dream, fate or journey all being put upon a thing called “decision”.

Since when saying “No” is complicated despite the heavy burden underneath it that would not harm you in a way; as hope fill it all the crap under those two letter word.

Getting all the reasons above, it is better compare to hear a “Yes” in which responsibility, credibility, sincerity and accountability are on stake.

I’ll go for the easy path.

Monday, February 20, 2012

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As human being, we tend to stay away from failure and end up being disappointed to ourselves.

Most people would see it as a bad omen in their life; believing themselves would not get up and ready to face the world since the high expectation causing pressure upon the things that they are doing.

Why not we look failure as part of a normal life cycle? Everybody experienced it but what makes it different between other people are the level of failure.

The first level is where the failure is minor such as get an “F” for a paper in which it does not affect much in someone’s life.

The second level of failure is when it affect other people around you such as break-ups in a relationship where deep down, you know it would not be the same anymore between both of you. Awkwardness and silence will rise towards the progression of being  stranger.

The third failure is called the major failure where your life is totally being affected by it and you just cannot simply stop it from coming. When it comes, don’t you ever kneel on the ground as it would push you harder to by pressuring you up until at one point you may lost your mind.

There is a cure for all levels of failures. You want to know what it is? Easy.

“Look the glass as half full, not half empty”.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

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Dear Girlfriend


Dear girlfriend,

Thank you for accepting me into your heart, for letting me to love you, for making me the luckiest guy in the world and for having me able to craft myself around your love.

Dear girlfriend,

I know the insecurities that you’re having when I’m not around. Your wild imagination would whisper some stories about me and cause you to be worry about me. Here, I assure you that there is no possibility that I would walk away. I would put you as my priority in everything that I do. If I ever go out with someone, I’ll text, FourSquare-ed and even tweet about it so you can check up on me on random times to make sure you’re relief.

Dear girlfriend,

It is alright if you want to be clingy around me because it shows that I’m important. If you want to be clingy, don’t over do it. I will not be mad but I’ll be more clingier than you are so that you will loose. I want to be the winner in our relationship so you know that I’m serious about us and I won’t take you for granted.

Dear girlfriend,

Do take care and love yourself as how you love me. Every time I text you a long morning text, do reply even it is just a “K” just to know you’re still there in the end of the line. If you feel that I have made you upset, go and tell it straight to us because us, boys, are not born to understand silent treatment as we believe effective communication is the key of a long-term relationship.

Dear girlfriend,

Do learn to believe me because I already believe and putting my hope in you; as faith makes us stronger.

Dear girlfriend,

I love you with all my heart and nothing could tear us apart; except death.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

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Words and Efforts


One does not simply confess to a girl without showing any effort to win her heart.

Effort is the key of making a girl would fall for you apart from beautiful words that you said to her because some girls are tired of empty hope, broken promises and shattered her heart caused by her past relationship.

Why does efforts play such an important role in chasing her?

By delivering efforts, it shows that you are serious to be with her, to commit yourself upon the next months that she will spend her time for and convincing her that what she experience within the past will not haunt her down as you will be her protector.

How does an effort can be materialize so she would notice it?

The secret is to know that the effort would go deep and touch her heart. Giving out efforts is not hard. The hardest part is the continuity of the effort despite she already chose you. A simple poem would do; but give it as a one off does not mean anything for a girl.

Write to her everyday without missing a day and be consistent as it would take time but before you know it; the girl of your dream will be with you on the aisle.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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Turning Point

Love Waffle

Valentine’s Day (V-Day) exist to celebrate love and to create love; a relationship in which you’d done something in order to win a person’s heart.

So it comes and a frame of our picture became the turning point on V-Day. No words could describe the joy and the utter of happiness filling me in.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

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Ego of the PastLooking Back

It has been a months since you being left; or in reality, got dump after perhaps years of relationship.

Even though you have tried to accept it but your mind keep on rejecting the fact that the person whom you cared, cherished, has left you. Then, you closed your eyes where deep down inside hoping that they would turn back, running towards you and says that it was all joke. As your eyes open, nothing change and you cried as much as you can so the pain would be flow out together with the tears.

Past is a nice place to visit but certainly not a good place to stay as you keep on looking behind; glancing through the times when you were together, flipping the memories both of you went through and reminiscing the moment where your heart whispered, “I could never leave, not to this person whom I devoting my emotion, my love, my feelings”. By doing so, the heart which already in a serious wreckage continue to crumble and the sound of glass shattering turns into a bleeding melody.

In between struggling with the pain and trying to gasping the healing air, a new person walks in and reach out their hand to save you from drowning of exhaustion. While you’re in a big mess, that person decided to halt and trying their best to fix you.

They don’t care about your past, about your story, about yourself before. All they care is to attend you, entertain your rants, your problems and comforting you despite you talk about that particular person who left you and will expect the person who currently trying to save you do the same thing; walking away.

When you’re in that particular state; two things are happening inside you.

First, insecurity issue will rise up as you are afraid the same thing would happen again despite the person; who sincerely wants to know you and keep on reassuring that they wouldn’t do the same. But since you have been traumatized by the past, you feel reluctant to do so.

Secondly, since the past still haunts your mind, it made you still hoping for that person whom left you for good; either they go to someone else or simply doesn’t love you anymore; to come back and since you think it is your mistake on the first place upon the reason they left, you will kneel in front of them, hold and grasp tightly to their legs as you hope they won’t leave you no more.

By analyzing both of the situations, you would understand the reality of what you’re actually facing and phasing through.

Due to the insecurity which currently nurturing inside, you’ll be afraid of being left again and by instinct, you will close your heart from being touched by anyone who wants to try to win you over. The saddest thing is the person who currently saving you has been shut down by you from proceed through as he is halfway there.


Yes, it is about your heart and feelings but it is not your right to deny the a single person chance trying to work things out with you. Everyone in this world owns a chance and it is within their right to give their chance to a person whom they keen; which in this situation is you yourself.

When they give it to you, do keep it in a good shape and when your done evaluating them and coming to a deduction that they are not the one, return it as what being given earlier on. By denying their right, you actually stop their chance from penetrating your wall and end up torn during the process. It won’t look as what it is and in this case, you ought to be blame.

The right way is by let them to put their chance on you despite you’re not ready. But, at least you’re giving them the chance to do so and if they fail, it was worth of try; which they will not be regret.

Another issue which will arise by having you constantly looking back. Snap out of it because the thing that you dream isn't going to happen. They won’t come back! What you’re experiencing are known as “Post-Relationship Ego” where you keep on seeing you’re still in the relationship and that person only walks away for a moment which at the same time believing they would come back plus believing it is not happening; that it is not real.

Thus, you don’t care if a person try to win you over because mentally, emotionally and psychologically, you’re crazy, obsessed and living in a dream. The trauma actually hallucinate you from seeing the real thing in which you will keep on dreaming about it until you decide to wake up.

The best way to get out of it is by giving the person who is trying really hard; putting so much effort to prove to you that they worth it; a chance.

And trust me, you will never feel the same way again.

Friday, February 10, 2012

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Lines of Regret


Once everything was extremely fine because you do things in order and ethical. Then, a little sense of trigger tricked you to act out of the system that causes a great damage.

Cheating is the last thing a loyal partner would expect but since a person would never satisfied upon what they have, they would do it anyway. Once they being caught, they would pray and hope that there will be a time machine so that they could alter the situation from happening.

Backstabbing always happen. Interestingly, the last person that you will think doing so will be the first one who would do it. Nothing much from facing the person asking for the truth upon the reason why they would betray you; as they would walk to the corner of the room and being silence.

There would be a lot of things that can makes you to turn the time back to when it begins but for time, it is their loss since it would never come back.

Your current action would determine the past and future.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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Rhythm of Life

Music Alone

Life is much more like a music.

We begin in a smooth and relax pace like jazz; within a period of time, it’s getting hard and bumpy as shitty things comes by as a side order. Rock songs will be the main tunes during this stage of life and as our life is getting organize and routine starting to shows up, we’ll stuck with R&B because only the beats which makes us alive going through the challenges.

Despite our heads and ears might jumble later on, drama begins and our life that was initially boring goes wild. Backstabbing, being left and getting people whom you could trust will be the main headlines in before you even wake up.

We call it….the opera.

Monday, February 6, 2012

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Comfort of Silence

Kissing Quietly

Remember those days when I tried to get your attention?

Which everyday I would try to spot you around and whenever you are in sight, I’ll talk to my friends, in a tone which you could hear in a distance, so you would notice me. It even cost me to do some crazy act just to tell you that I’m exist, that I’m around.

When I recall it again, it was a crazy act indeed but it’s worth it. You finally came up to me and asked me out. We texted, we Skype and within two months of flirting, we open up ourselves by confessed how we actually felt towards each other.

And now, here we are….sitting next to each other. No sound, no words. Just us holding hands together, kissing and cuddling as deep inside we understand each other without us saying it.

A beautiful end for us.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

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Love Letter

Love Letter

Words are more than being utter between the lips and capture by the ears in which we’ll be amazed by the flawlessness of the sound, the rhythm, the whisper and the emotion that being embedded within it.

As someone would be afraid to say things towards their crush or to the person whom they adore; a love letter is and still the ultimate art of crafting the sentences word by word beautifully.

By taking a blank white paper and having a pen dancing on it; all the thoughts, expression and affection; which the current of black ink filling in the traces of tip point in every single moving line will create own masterpiece to be given to the lucky one.

Love letter is the efficient way upon convincing that special one that you really want to make them as part of your life, for them to be in the special place in your heart, for proving that you put an effort in order to win their attention and ending up being together for they are touched.

Perhaps some people would consider writing a letter is so yesterday when there is texting,e-mail, Instant Messaging, BBM, Twitter and Facebook as a medium to communicate with the special ones.

But then, they entirely forgot the strength of a hand written love letter which shows sincerity, passion, effort and time that being spent to write a beautiful verse that could triumph Shakespeare's.

If you believe in “love in first sight”, it doesn’t entirely refer about looks at all. Sometimes, it refers about something that you read and your heart will desire to those whom sent them a beautiful craft love letter. That is why Twilight and Dear John creates an impact as love letter touch their heart and give a sense of guarantee of the writer is truly sincere to win over their love.

Love letter is not entirely about the arrangement of the words nor the beauty beneath it; but it is rather about the personal touch and the soul embedded to create the sense of belonging and kinship between both writer and the reader; the admirer and the crush; from which it will lead to a beautiful story.

In the end, two people who once being just a stranger becoming a lover who would not live every single day without each other as the best part of themselves are each other.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

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Walking Away

Walking Away

In certain, most people met their special ones in an unexpected way; when certain people prefer to meet theirs’ in a wedding.

As both of you flirtatiously texting each other; something what you did in the past suddenly crashed in between and from there, it creates a big mess in which you think that perhaps the person would leave you just by a bad impression that has been imposed.

What happen in the past is the past; even it just happened seconds ago; as the person doesn’t know your true self.

You felt that both of you have something currently happening; the person that you start to care is about an inch away from walking out from the bases that both of you made. Dreaded by loosing a person which may be your “special someone”, a deep conversation creates a deeper level of affection in which the person listen and understand.

You promised that you wouldn’t mess up no more because the first time you messed up in an almost-pre-relationship, it has caused all the effort and affection, shattered; in direly making you go back to the start.

If you like that person much and due to that one mistake; which you have done in the past, at the stage where both of you never meet; stop them. Tell them on how important are they in your life; at the moment of your heart is facing a hardship to accept; they came, giving the magic by filling it with excitement and hope.

It will be hard to convince them to stay; but let them learn to trust you and learning to earn their trust. No matter how long it will take, show them effort.

Perhaps it would be tiresome but trust me, gaining the trust, love and a relationship are the ultimate prize you will ever have in your life.