Monday, June 28, 2010

My Story - iTalk Whoa! IDD Rates

Back at school not so long time ago, I had a good friend. His name is Terence Ngui. We did everything almost together and we share stories too.

But sadly, his family had to move to Switzerland due to the fact that his father went there to pursue his Master degree.

So I am left all alone here. Mind you it’s quite hard to replace someone who are really close to you and may I say that by trying to replace them with someone else just so that they could fill in the empty seat; it’s like cheating yourself and the friendship bond that we tied all this long years round.

Yes, I know there’s Skype, there’s MSN and there’s Yahoo Messenger but it doesn’t feel the same as the usual because it doesn’t feel and sounds like it.

I need to have internet connection and mind you, living in Malaysia and to expect having an internet line is almost sounds does not make any sense especially when you live on an island such as Borneo.

If I want to use fix line, it is way beyond by capability due to the call charges between two countries. Heck, it is not me who will pay for those expenses since I’ll have my father running amok with a parang.

Not to mention the charges when you use mobile phone to call him there. The price would be astronomical. Hence both options is a no-no and I have to be stuck with the old-internet method; YM.

Not until long ago, I was introduced to iTalk Whoa! which surprisingly have a very catchy IDD rates!

Not just also that. I’m not only call Terence by fixed line or mobile line but also I can call him through internet line via iTalk Whoa! website.

Pretty neat indeed!

Therefore, if anything I stumble upon very interesting scene or anything happening around, I won’t be hesitate to call him right on the spot without worrying the cost of the call. It even has a miss call back function if somehow my mobile credit balance is low.

So people, who have friends or lovers who have their love ones in another region, this is the way for you guys to stay connected; no matter where you are.

For more info, log on to iTalk Whoa!

Monday, June 14, 2010

The truth finally revealed

On the 10th of June is the most remarkable day for the whole UiTM students. This is because it is the moment for them; including myself; to know what we had done throughout the semester is worth it.

Two options will be given to you.

It is either you will feel happy or you will feel the innermost stupidity within you.

In this post, I would break it down on my exam result, the reason why I received this outcome and on how I would improve myself in this matter.

*clear throat*

Ladies and gentlemen, BEHOLD!!!

Capture Click the picture for more clear view

After all the hard work (kinda) that I put off this semester, it really make myself still in disbelief *slap myself*. I’m not saying that I’m not believing in myself (Jeff Johamson, 2010) but this is due to many occasions that protruded and consume most of my time and commitment especially with the Kenyalang Debate Open 2010 that totally drained me out totally.

Enough with the ranting, let us set ourselves to the main focus. Why I gain the mark, what did I do wrong and on how I could improve it.

1. Management Accounting

Result : A-

FYI, I’m not coming from accountancy background during middle school. I’m a pure science student and to tell you the truth, I’m not good with calculation either. So you can imagine how disastrous I am trying to catching up with this subject during the entire semester.

Therefore, during Management Accounting subject, I always sit beside with the student who are very good in the subject in the class. Anything that I didn’t follow or fail to understand, I will ask her first before I forward the question to the lecturer if she couldn’t give me the answer.

It is also important to sit at the centre of the front row because it is the most strategic position as it will enable you to focus on the lecturer, writing the notes easily and not to mention can have a moment of shut eye without having the lecturer noticing because he always give his attention to the back row. Plus, prior to this unique self-pattern-type-of-seat, anytime when you raise your hand to ask question, the lecturer would easily notice you and he would answer your question specifically. Meaning he would spend a long time to answer your question rather to a question being brought up by the back benchers. Plus, it also shows that you pay attention to his class and it gives the slightest edge for you because you already made out a very good impression towards him. Hence, it could give you another advantage; higher carry marks.

Back to accounting matter.

For sure, for a normal student, he or she would do the exercise given and hand in the assignment during the next class. But not me. I never do any exercises. I just read the notes. Yes, READ the notes. I have no slightest idea on how I manage to survive at all. I passed all the subject’s test but I didn’t send any exercises. Personally, this may be the reason why I got an A- due to the fact I got less mark for handing in the exercises.

Thus, for next semester, I will hand in any assessments that will be given to ensure the marks for contribution would not jerk out to the stream.

2. Fundamental of Entrepreneurship

Result : A-

This subject thought me on how to prepare myself if I want to create my own business one day. It taught me on how to develop a proposal from a scratch and expand the idea of the business to a much more complex structure to ensure the business would run smoothly and have a little risk involve.

One week for the business proposal’s presentation, the lecturer who was suppose to teach us had an surprise birth when her pregnancy is just 7 month old.

It was almost an entire mess because we need to refine our presentation which almost unorganized. Luckily there was a lecturer who being asked to fill in the post and he helped us tremendously. Thanks to him, we manage to finished the presentation on the day itself (Malaysian…duhh!!).

I can’t speak more about the carry marks because our class doesn’t even know our carry marks are. There was other lecturer who was suppose to put up the marks but he was too lazy to do it.

Due to the nature of this subject exam nature which is more to vomit all the information that you read from the notes, it was a bit easy for me since I’m also that type of student. For the record, this is the only subject in this semester that I left the examination hall early.

As for the reason for the A-, I think the reason is that during the early test which consume 15% of the total marks being carries out during the middle of the semesters, I took it for granted. I was only able to obtained half of the marks. Hence, it is a lesson for me to do not take any future test for any subjects reluctantly.

3. Agricultural Engineering

Result: B-

Agriculture is a big business and one of the key factor of its success is the use of machines such as tractors and trailers. This subject actually teach you on how to maintain this machineries. Therefore, this subject is more to applying the knowledge and it is a technical subject which as you know are being dominated by men.

I myself is not good at this subject because I’m more to a theory person who would just read and vomit all the information that has been received.

The reason I got a B- is because almost all the test that has been given, I only obtained half from the total marks and let me tell you, it is quite awful indeed. The only guy that I know quite a master in this subject successfully holding the Dean’s List where as me…pfft! Not to mention that this subject holding 4 credit hours meaning it dragged the marks down causing a significant shrinking in the pointer; it is one of the subject in this semester that cost the Dean’s List flew away for the third time.

I have found out that some of the girls in the class are too having the troublesome to cope with this particular subject since their nature in not bond to technical stuff.

What I can do to improve myself next semester for other subject is to try to give more time to certain subject which I will found quite hard to understand and try to kick my ass off to obtain as high marks as possible.

4. Research Technique

Result: C+

Research is about to improve or to proof a theory so the information that will be gather would be useful for mankind. And to ensure the research is reliable, it must being back-up and support by a solid and unquestionable result and data. This subject goal is actually what it is; to assist and help you to gather a consistent data for for you to support your hypothesis.

Mainly, this subject is about calculation. As mentioned earlier, I’m quite bad in calculation not to mentioned kept on failing every test due to the clumsy mistake and my hand and brain are not communicate towards each other. Example in an occasion that happened during the first test, almost all of my calculation went wrong because the figure and symbol that emerge in my brain is not the same as being written and being key in the calculator. And it cost me 70 marks of the first test. Plus, the value for this particular subject is 4 credit hours.

Hence, adding the deficiencies in the marks, the inability to synchronize the brain to the hand and the tremendous credit hours, no wonder I did quite bad in this subject. But I believed that I had done my best in the exam paper but still, it does cost me the Dean’s List apart from Agricultural Engineering.

5. Secondary Crop Production

Result: B-

It is the almost-to-favourite subject in this semester because it is all about reading the notes and vomit it all over. Not to mention having it with Mr. Zayn as the lecturer does make me to do not sleep during his class; thanks to his thick American accent.

The reason I got a B- is because once again thanks to the test total marks which I only obtained half from it. One of the reason is because my bad habit of reading the notes not taking down the notes. As you well known, you tend to remember something if you write it down but I was quite lazy about that. Plus, revising the subject five hours before the test being given out; it was a stupid move indeed.

So, after looking to this things, I will try to do not study during the last minute even though I have a fracture ability of photographic memory.

6. Drama

Result: A

This is a co-curiculum subject which I didn’t take during Part-3 because the system slipped off the subject. Thanks to it, I only manage to take it during this semester, in Part-5!

This class is all about participation. If you participate more, you will have a bigger chance to have a higher marks. It is all it takes.

Not to mention that Encik Azizi, trainer for drama, have been asking a lot of favour from me and I think it does suites me to obtained an A for it. It does pay off frankly speaking.

There they are, my analysis of my latest result. Perhaps for you readers, you can gain and use some information that I have been given to you. At least it could give you the slightest idea on how to manage your time, ways and style to cope for your next semester subjects.

And try do no not forget to do your own analysis on the reason why your pointer is what it is so that you can have a clear view of what you should do next.

Next semester, beware of my present.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Room 6302

Cerita ni bermula dengan sebuah bilik yang berada Blok 6 di asrama Seri Mulu, UiTM Sarawak. Bilik yang bernombor 6302.

Ceritanya bermula begini…..

Al-kisahnya tentang aku dulu by the time daftar masuk UiTM, aku ditempatkan dalam bilik ni oleh pihak pengurusan kolej. So when the lecture time when I knew my classmates, mostly korang akan intro diri masing-masingkan? Macam dari mana, sekolah dulu kat mana, nombor bilik so diorang boleh singgah ziarah-menziarahi antara satu sama lain dan macam-macam lagi lah.

Bila aku sebut yang aku tinggal di Blok 6, semua budak freshie dalam kelas aku time Part-1 dulu semua melopong sambil mengebut, “Blok dekan tu….”. Bila aku risik-risik, apparently blok 6 cuma di diami oleh students yang score 3.00 pointer ke atas dan entah macam mana aku boleh terlepas masuk ke sana because for freshie diorang memang dah ada blok 3 yang supposedly being provide to them.

Since I stay in that block, I knew some students who has been becoming my great friends contoh macam Fuad, Stifler, Bro, Abang Hafiz, Fitri dan banyak lagi.

Dan mungkin kerana suratan takdir, aku masih lagi ditempatkan di blok yang sama, bilik yang sama. Selama enam semester berturut-turut aku tinggal in that favourite room of mine dengan menggunakan pelbagai cara yang dapa t difikirkan seperti mendapat result 3 pointer ke atas.

Time part 4 dulu, i thought that I would not get this room back due to the fact that I perform badly in my third semester which disallow me to stay in the room.

Hence, on  my last day in the room, I took some pictures as a reminder for me of the sweet memory being able to stay in the room for four semesters in a row.

This is Norman, my roommate since I was in part 3 and part 4. I love having this guy in my room and he is the only roommate of mine until now yang sama-sama makan kat KFC and beli barang kat Desa Ilmu belakang UiTM tu. I miss you Norman. This picture is being taken on the last day of our stay in the room.

This is my side of the room. Since it is the last day, I uncovered the bed and start to cleaning up the room.

DSC05326 And here lies the entrance to the room. Behold, the orange door!

DSC05327 One thing that I like about my room is that it has a good feng-shui because it have a direct sun ray early in the morning and as you can see from the picture, the girls dormitory is just at the site outside of the windows. Aren’t it nice?

DSC05328 This is the picture of my desk. I know it looks messy. You should seen it earlier. It was a nightmare. And that picture of Hana and me is a poster of me promising to her that I would get a Dean List for part 4 which I was failed to achieved. Sorry Hana.

DSC05330 What I put up on my cupboard is the tips on how to manage your time well especially for the morning person. It is highly recommended.

That is my roommate desk. It is clean. Yes, I realize that. And it is just because and apparently he already packed and clean his site earlier than me.

Somehow, I’m going to miss the view of the girls dormitories….it’s beautiful, technically speaking.

See what I mean? It’s beautiful isn’t it…. Just love the scenery!

And I’m surely going to miss this room! Block 6, Room 6302..I love you till death!

P/S: Sebenarnya, ini cerita tentang bilik aku di saat aku tidak ada peluang lagi untuk mendiami bilik ni but it was all changed this semester when I make an effort to own this room for part 5 and for next semester part 6, I’m still stay in it baybeyh!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sweet but not the sweetest

Picture taken from the last Kuching Debate League
Sometimes victory doesn’t really show up in the first place. You have to see throughout the whole until the deepest layer before you taste your win.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Think, act and see the results

After a 2 hours long journey from UiTM Arau Perlis and a journey that went trough three states in 3 hours, finally all of Sarawak Debate contingent arrived at Penang International Airport.
Just as I stepped my foot at the airport, I look at my left and there it is.

Something that didn’t occur in everyday’s life; bumping to Penang’s Chief Minister car. Would ask my friend to buy a 4D ticket on that day (I’m not gambling. I’m just telling my friend to buy himself a ticket which the number I produce but it didn’t happen; just want to straight up the record)
Talking about a person, here’s one of my favourite local published books.

It is a bibliography book of our second Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Dr. Ismail whom passed away as Acting Prime Minister. This book is really interesting indeed especially the part on how he handled the bloody  13th May situation. If it’s not for him who persuaded Tunku Abdul Rahman, we will be in the era of the army ruling. Read the book if you want more and detailed information.
Did you know that I used five different types of coloured pen to for writing down notes? Yes, FIVE of it.

It really does help especially my memorizing the notes since the colour will stimulate your brain to absorb the data and information much for faster and efficiently. You should try it too!

Lastly, I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to the adorable Miss Mariam Sakinah a.k.a Kina. My very own Kina la petite fée is already hit her 20. Yet, she looks young and to tell you the truth, she’s the only girl whom can make me smile after having an extremely tough day and she proved it. She’s totally one of a kind.

The girl with the candy coloured shirt, Happy Birthday from me. If I’m being given the chance to give you the most impossible gift, I’ll give you a shooting star for you to wish upon too.
Hope you will have a clear path journey ahead although the road is quite rocky till it gives cuts to your foot, I’ll pick you up and let my feet to bleed and seeing you reach the end of the path makes everything worth it.
Happy birthday, Kina. Happy birthday.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Certain change does make a difference

Months after wearing the lens, I’m getting the fond to it.


It doesn’t makes me looks good, it makes me feel good.

DSC05661 It does helps to boost someone’s confident because it already reflect the first impression which is “he looks good so he is a good to go type of person” in everyone’s mind and it does helps you socializing.

DSC05678 And even a weak smile doesn’t affect the look at all. Somehow it has this magic to cover up the the facial expression mistakes.

DSC05446 If you’re talking about the effect, yes, it does have its effect and that is making the electricity circuit go haywire until I have to call the electrician to deal with the situation.

What can I say? It’s a gift.