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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vote for The Best; Not Wannabe

Elections are coming.

Elections are here.

Hence, it is your responsibility ladies and gentlemen as well to you dear students to pick the MPP of your choice.

Today, The Black Label will give you a highlight on two candidates of his choice it depends on you peeps to make their dream come true.

First candidate, Hairul ‘Hando’ Hafiz.


As the oldest member of The Debate Club (TDC), do not be fool by his appearance due to the fact that he’s just a Part-2 student.

Nether less, the charisma of leadership is there within him. Guided by own own TDC De-Facto, Paul Racha, Hando is surely going to be a splendid leader for UiTM Sarawak.

He represented UiTM Sarawak in the Winter Vice Chancellor Cup 2009 last year and from my observation, Hando is a quick learner. Hw will whip someone’s ass even his opponent is just a mere junior.

Now, this is the type of candidate that we want to elect to be our leader, our Yang Di-Pertua (YDP) ladies and gentlemen. In his judgement, there will no be who is the junior and who is the senior as I know that he will use his own method to seek the victory that everybody keeping on searching for.

Second candidate in the line, Sharifah Shazzea ‘Yaya’ Wan Akil.


She’s the second youngest UiTM session December – April 2007/2009 intake. She enrolled when she was 17 years old.

Even I hate to admit it, other than Rika Astuti, she is among of the girls that I knew that is blessed for their natural beauty and as for my favourite part of all; brain.

Despite he naive and emotionless facial reaction, she is also one of the best candidate so far. As the current Dean’s List holder last semester, Yaya has the ability to taking less of her study, taking less of her work but at the same time she can absorb any type of educational materials in a short period.

With her tagline, “Masalah Anda, Tanggungjawab Saya” *LMAO*, she will surely try to entertain your problem and she definitely gives her best to solve the students problem.

Therefore peeps. It is all depend on you on who will you pick as your future MPPs because we want a strong-bullet-proof-to-the-administration iron ass people so that the MPP could bring their plan to improve the quality of the students to  a higher par.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

As strong as you were, as tender you go

It is hard for me on how to put these in words.

Frustration. Upset. Question. Disappointment. Crushed. Heartbroken.

Those are the things which plays in my mind right now. Even I’ve tried to find the answers along with the reasons, yet the doubt do not want to fade away.

It’s all began during the selection for the Borneo Cup 2010 last Monday.

After I just finished my class around noon, I bumped into B.J who said to me that there will be a try-out for the tournament at that night; he received a text earlier on. Along came Paul telling the same thing; he too received the message.

It was quite weird to have everyone being notified except for me but I just put it aside since I knew that everyone is trying to keep even  a single cent in their credit.

Earlier on, I thought that I would stay in the campus by Tuesday the very next day but due to the try-out, I have to go through the heavy rain in the midst of January to get my stuff at home and come back again to campus before 8.00 p.m.

Here I was; after being soaked in the rain, rushed to packed my none-complete stuff, go through the horrible traffic jam; in the room B430 getting all pump up, thanks to the adrenaline to give all my best.

Since it is an Asian Debate style; hence it is 3 vs. 3 people in that round. The debate start on the motion;


On the Government side;

  • 1st Speaker (Prime Minister) : Yours truly, Rahman Sallehin
  • 2nd Speaker (Deputy Prime Minister) : Yan
  • 3rd Speaker (Government Whip) : Hando

Meanwhile on the other side of the bench, the Opposition were represented by;

  • 1st Speaker (Leader of Opposition) : B. Terrence
  • 2nd Speaker (Deputy Leader of Oppostion) : B.J
  • 3rd Speaker (Opposition Whip) : Y.B Paul Racha

    The adjudicators for the try-out were;

    • 1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Simon “Faizal Hakeem” Botley
    • 2. Syed Nizamuddin Sayed Kassim a.k.a Swinburne
    • 3. Sharifah Shazzea bt. Wan Akil Tuanku Abdullah (Yaya)
    • 4. Jeff Johamson

    Time Keeper;

    Arthur Kulow

    I, as the Prime Minister has set a very good and solid case indeed. Let me break it down to you on my case setup.

    • Title :
    • THBT Green Technology Should Be Tax Deductable

    • Definition:

    • Green Technology
    • 1. Any technology that reduce the rate of carbon emission
    •    during the production of a product.
    • 2. Any types of method which is “environmental-friendly”
    • Tax Deductable
    • 1. Reduce the corporate tax
    • Perimeter:
    • Malaysia
    • Problem:
    • 1. Copenhagon accord has failed to meet 7 continue the Kyoto 
    •     Protol.
    • 2. Up to us (Malaysia) to make & start our own effort.
    • Stance:
    • To ensure the environment is protected from a long term effect for the sake of nature & humankinds. Plus, our goal is to reduce the carbon emission by 1/2 the amount during the 90s by 2050.
    • Mechanism:
    • 1. Reducing the corporate tax from 25% to 18% along with 
    •    insentive such as a cutting from their utilies bill (water &
    •    electrical bill)
    • 2. It is open to all SMEs, big companies, plantations & factories.
    • 3. Every company will submit an application form that will be
    •     provided by Ministry of Enviroment (MoH).
    • 4. After the form being submitted, inspection of the technology
    •    and method will be enforce by the Department of Health.
    • 5. A certificate will be given out to the company who meets the
    •   requirements (refer to the Definition) and by using e-
    • government, the list of the companies will be given to the
    • Ministry of Finance & to the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN).
    • 6. If any mishap happen, i.e they do not receive the benefit due
    •    to unavailable of information in the LHDN system, they can
    •    show the cert as a prove and LHDN will refer to the MoH.
    • Points:
    • Our step will encourage other nation especially in our region to follow our footsteps.
    • Summary:
    • I have said, mentioned and elaborate all the things that you need to know. If we do not do anything, we will put our nature in jeopardize and it will certainly will give a long-term effect to the nation itself. Hence, I beg to propose

    That was my case setup. I have it all structured and gave the layout on what I would say to the adjudicators.

    As for the opposition side led by B. Terrence, they came out with a radical approach (Simon Botley, 2010).

    Instead by arguing the nature of the debate which is about principal, the opposition side has came out with an idea by giving a counter proposal;

    • 1. Rather than deduct the tax, we give the companies including the international companies FREE TAX.
    • 2. From there, they would use their profit to be invest in the R&D of green technology.
    • 3. Thus, these companies can sell their green technology invention to other companies in the country by having the government controlling the market.
    • 4. Government will adopt some of these companies (pre-GLC) and set up new companies which then the government would inject funding for the companies R&D of green technology.
    • 5. It will act as a catalyst; by having these companies (reinvest 0% tax income & pre-GLC companies) as the first player in the green technology.
    • 6.Plus, it would trigger the newbie to involve in the entrepeurnership.
    • 7.The opposition has stated that they would gain back the money in 20 years time.

    As you see, there are some fatal flaw in their arguments which my whip successfully pointed out. Kudos for that. For my DPM, she has done a very good job by giving out points on the reasons why we need to approve the motion even though she’s not that well in delivering speech but she could improve on that; job well done, Yan.

    FYI, these try-out is for selecting the second team that will come along with the first team.

    I swore that I just knew this thing when they want to start for the debate. As for the record, during the previous tournaments, I always being putted (assigned) in second group; hence I do not mind about who’ll be in the first team which they has already sorted it out.

    In my mind, the first team would consisting of Swinburne and Jeff (duh, like obviously). As for the third person, I thought it would be either Paul or Terrence.

    After the debate has come to an end, the time of truth were finally reveal.

    Dr. Simon said that due to the misfortunate experience during the last Borneo Cup, UiTM Sarawak will be sending two adjudicators consist of Yaya and himself.

    Afterwards, he announced the people who would be the first team;

    • 1.Swinburne
    • 2. Jeff
    • 3. Hando

    It was a bit shocking indeed seeing Hando in the first team but honestly, I do not mind due to the fact that Hando is a really good whip and having him with Swinburne; who is the best 1st speaker; alongside with Jeff; fantastic 2nd speaker; I personally think that it is a very dynamic team indeed. For that matter, I rest my case upon it.

    Having the expectation and those excitement rumbling in my chest, Dr. Simon announced the names for the second team.

    • 1. B. Terrence
    • 2. Paul Racha

    And by then he said something which makes my feeling starting not to feel good.

    “Now, this may upset some people but I hope you can take this thing well. As for Yan, I’m sorry that you are not being chosen for the team due to the fact that you’re still lacking in delivering speech and we think that you need some more training.”.

    Hence, it narrowed down to only B.J and me myself.

    • .
    • .

    • .

    • .

    • .

    • .

    • .

    • .

    • .

    B.J is selected for the third slot instead of me and the decision has been made anonymously.

    The reason that has being given by the adjudicators to support their selection for the third slot is because;

    1. B.J hardly involve in any major debate tournaments where as I already involves in some plus already acquiring many experience throughout the previous tournaments.

    2. B.J has shown a lot of improvement compared to me which the adjudicators said “still at the same level”.

    Now, I couldn’t argue more about point No. 1. Thus, I’m willingly stepping myself aside and having him in the seat. He deserves it and no hearts taken.

    But, for the point No. 2, I hardly disagree with that statement due to the fact the adjudicators always seeing me debating where as for B.J, I couldn’t recall when the last time he debated.

    In other words, if they want to make a comparison, please take standard of comparison and improvement when both of us; B.J & myself; last debating together.

    For your additional information, the winning has fell to the Government side and I got the Best Speaker during the try-out.

    Hence, taking the method of improvement from that night is not a really good way to determine the level of self-improvement due to the fact that Swin and Jeff has seen me debating less than a month ago compared to B.J which I think is more than 3 months.

    Thus, the first question arise on the method by determining the debaters improvement method.

    Now the second question arise on the selection of Yaya as the second adjudicator.

    I myself earlier on questioning about this decision having the fact that she rarely come for debate training the also the question of her commitment towards the club last semester also can be brought up.

    Even though she is the Vice President of the Debate Club but she was not acting as one. I remember what Swin said last semester on how he himself will be using meritocracy system of determining which debater will be coming along for any tournaments based on skills, self-improvement, commitment & presence record.

    From here, I’m right now have a doubt in his meritocracy method which I fairly can question about Yaya’s appointment.

    But there is no use to question these things right now as these people, these team would represent UiTM Sarawak and I believe that they will give their 100% effort to make things happen and come up with success.

    Last but not least, this is my last chance to get a ticket for me to represent UiTM Sarawak in the Borneo Cup since this is my last year. Thus, the dream that I hope of can be fulfil and become true has been gone with the wind.

  • I totally respect the decisions. No doubt in that. I accept the judgement.

    I would support them by giving any means of ways especially training B.J since he will be in the same team with Terrence and Paul.

    All the best, guys!!!

    Note: All the comments and thoughts is personally strictly from yours truly point of view and do not make any assumption on what has been said as my commitment in Debate Club is totally unquestionable.

  • Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    Contact lens? What contact lens? What is contact lens?

    Indeed I’m wearing contact lens since yesterday. But to tell you the truth, I was quite nervous when I want to put it on. So nervous until it buy my time of 30 minutes.
    Same thing happened today too.
    I bought it last Saturday and the promoter of the store kept on giving pressure on me to learn-on-how-to-wear-it ASAP so that I would leave the store while their faces are broad in smiles.
    It cost me around RM50; RM51 to be exact.
    What type of lens that I chose?
    It’s this one.
    The colour?
    It’s this one.
    Pure Hazel

    Sorry to disappoint you but that eye is not mine. Maybe I’ll put it up on later.
    Hell no that I would wear this at home. My parents really emphasize to all the family members; NO CONTACT LENS!
    Once my SPM leaver brother once caught for possessing it, my mother went freak out mad and there was lecture on eyes health by her for about 2 hours.
    I bought this secretly behind their back and I only wear and take it off in the campus ground.
    What if I’m being caught?
    It is where my parents start to read my blog.
    Pray for me please.

    Monday, January 11, 2010

    Attention to All Part – 1

    The Debate Club Public Debate Advert

    And yes, this is a very firm note. It has been being approved by our beloved dear TPHEP, Associate Professor Dr. Wan Akil Tuanku Abdullah himself.

    Hence, this gathering is a MUST to all of you.

    Friday, January 1, 2010

    Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

    Yeah, I know that I haven’t updated this blog more than a month. As usual, I would give the blame to the activities that I have to endured along this while; doing the Cinderella house chores for example.

    Reviewing back the year of 2009, there has been a lot that happened; either it’s good or bad, either it’s evil or justice; I have experienced all this things through out the year.

    First, we talk about my academic achievement. For the first semester of the year, my pointer dropped tremendously until I barely survived for the new semester. When I look at it again and analyzed it, I realized that this matter came from Him to remind me to do not be so complacent and occupied with all the things which are not related and contribute to my academic scores and achievements.

    When I finally opened my eyes on what I suppose to do and giving my priority on the first place, I finally achieved to what can I called “a safe stage” for my latest pointer. Well, I aim to get a higher pointer for my semester 5 since it will be my last chance to obtain a Dean’s List since I can’t attend the DL’s dinner when I get a DL during my last semester. Pray for me, will you?

    Secondly, my love life is really on a stable side right now. We met during the Vice Chancellor Cup tournament in  Malacca and we hooked up on Christmas Day; on midnight to be exact. Ought to tell you that she knows my true nature so it’ll be easy on her to replied to people who says that I’m flirting with some other girl. Hope so.

    Thirdly, in the term of social life and having fun throughout the previous year, I do make a lot of improvement. In the sense of internal ability and capability, I have gain a lot of new knowledge and new skills for me to use it in the future which I could say to you that it is quite handy and useful.

    My new year resolution is quite simple and realistical. This is due because it is my final year in UiTM Sarawak and I would love to make activities which will make me feel proud and feel satisfy on the things that I’ll do.

    Here’s my resolution:

    1. Achieving Dean’s List for Semester 5 & 6.

    2. Be less involve in an activity which could make me extremely really busy.

    3. Getting my hands on the DSLR camera.

    4. Travelling the beautiful Sarawak.

    5. Being a volunteer in the Sarawak Rainforest Music Festival 2010.

    6. Try to eat healthy by having Kara’s Vegetarian Week every month.

    7. Putting up my body at its top-notch.

    8. Be much more aggressive in the Venusian Arts.

    Well, I do hope that I could achieve all this things in this year but it is all depends on myself either my stand is really firm or not. Temptation, temptation & temptation.