Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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A Story: Sharifah Shazzea Wan Akil


There was a little girl who were insecure towards herself due to her physical appearance. She said she was chubby and not pretty; up until there were absolutely no boys who would want her.

As she is getting older, the thought started to dismiss from her mind just like the old outer skin starting to shed revealing the true beauty which has been kept from the world. She immediately caught everyone’s attention with her grace, splendor and intelligent; yet remain humble whilst she does not know upon the reason.

Perhaps she danced on the rocky dim road but throughout the way, the road is getting better, wider and brighter. She would never walk alone since she have me by her side always; up to a stage where no food craving would never stops her from dragging me along for tasting the victory together.

In a group of four, she’s the closest, whom I love and spend time the most; we understand each other so well until I swear we are bound to marry each other in parallel universe. Plus, owing a birthday on 4th April in leap year putting the fourth numbering character as her lucky number this year so far.

Happy birthday to my beautiful-intelligent-mesmerizing half.Remember, friendship is a beautiful bond; that ties wonderful souls together.