Monday, March 22, 2010

I’m sorry that I made you cried

She is among of the people that  I respect the most.

She is strong and a very loving person indeed.

Yet, my accidental mistake that I committed last week is one of my biggest sin ever.

If that guy knows bout this, he’ll kill me and resurrect me again just to kill me twice.

I didn’t intend to hurt her feelings. I’m the one who are guilty here; not you.

The feeling when her tears starts drop, I was being clouded by the most terrible feeling ever.

She is important to me and important to us, yet it is I’m the one who made her cried.

She’s just doing what I thought was thoughtful and I blew it.

A thousand words of apology doesn’t cover much of my sin towards her.

I hurt her feeling, I wrecked her heart. I almost taken her apart.

I’m sorry and even it takes me another hundred years to utter those words, it will not make up my big stupid offence.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Things that you’ll least expect

Last week, my team mates and I went around to the city and suddenly it occur to my mind.

Things which are irrelevant but could be relevant if it happens.

The inspiration came by when we have to go to the authorities to finish up our ETR 300 project.

Here are the list of the ‘inspiration’:-

1. Place that you least expect to have robbery in the neighborhood

Answer: Police Complex

2. Place that you least expect to have fire burning the building

Answer: Fire Brigade Complex

3. Place that you least expect to run out of water in the toilet

Answer: Water Board

4. ?lace that you least expect to have a black-out


5. Place that you least expect having dealers doing smuggling

Answer: Custom Complex

6. Place that you least expect having bribery

Answer: Anti-Corruption Commission building

7. Place that you least expect run out of drugs

Answer: Hospitals

It would be a major (laugh) headline news if its ever happen.

Monday, March 1, 2010

An Open Letter to HP Service Centre Headquater


I have sent my laptop model CQ20-317TU since last Wednesday, 17th February 2010, to be look at since I suspected my power adapter has giving me such a nuisance.

The front desk girl told me that the engineers will look upon my problem and will call me at the end of the day but yet when I call Kuching HP Service Centre the very next day(Thursday, 18th February 2010) , she said there is no available engineer to look upon my laptop. Thus she said they will call me the next day.

Again on Friday, 19th February 2010, I call them again and they said there is no available engineer to look at my problem (AGAIN) and she pointed out that the whole engineers has taken their holiday in the conjunction with Chinese New Year celebration that has been celebrated last Sunday (14th February 2010) and Monday (including Tuesday which is the replacement holiday, 15 & 16th February)

It is hard for me to taken the fact that there is no available technician nor engineer to sort out my problem which is actually derived from the faulty power adapter which you can sort out in a few minutes by replacing it with another one since mine is still under warranty.

As a student, my dependency on my laptop is high and without it, i will not have the ability to do my work smoothly.

After waited for a week now, I called Kuching HP Service Centre asking the condition about my laptop and the answer that has been given really made me feel angry and mad towards HP itself.

She said that the sparepart which is the motherboard is out of stock and it would be estimated time of arrival is on the 24TH MARCH 2010!!!!!!!

It is purely insane answer for me to accept since your company has tresspassing your service policy of 5 to 10 days working and with this occuring, it has cause me more than a month!!!!

Did you know that my study life, my achievement and my final examination result depend on that notebook since I need to use it especially when I have a crucial subjects this semester!!!! And did you know how it will effect my productivity terribly!?

Did you ever think of that!!!?

I ought your company to do something on this because you are jeopardizing my future here since all my data, all my notes are in that notebook.

You can call the Kuching Service Centre for futher explaination by their number which you guys I believe that you have it, 082-349808.

Please ask them to check my record under my name Muhamad Rahman Sallehin and using my phone number as their reference which is 014-5907431.

Dear HP Customer Care Team, my future of success is in your hand right now and you ought to do something about it ASAP!