Friday, November 25, 2011

A Letter for Sarah

Sarah Yasmin

Dear Sarah,

Do you remember the first time we met?

I was not good with girls at that time; thus I bravest thing that I could do is asked your name from a friend of yours. From that day, never once your name makes my heart calm because your name itself resembles the most beautiful scent in the world; a flower called Jasmine.

Do you remember when you love?

Those guys who were with you were the luckiest guy in the world but it is not a promise that it would last. When you failed in one, you will not make an excuse for another one to stop by; to say “hi” and being given a chance. You’re a fighter; a fighter of love which never give up upon one. You show the world that whatever happens, whatever may come, whatever it took; you will not give up. Instead, you are better for the next; despite you have to go through it all over again, giving out efforts, learn to forgive and exploring the new.

Do you remember when you stumbled on the ground?

Those words that you wrote, the meaning that you’d held tight; which any moment could make you kneel to the ground, crawl to your feet. As a person who cares, I would not allow such things to happen. I manage to prove you were wrong, to make you see there’s a better guy out there. As you flew, I smiled and pray to God to protect you in where you go, to whom you see. So does my guardian angel that was with me for all this time, I said to her, “Go. Protect her. Even it took each thing out of you. Protect her from pain, keep her tears away except for joy and ensure her happiness” as I would watch from afar to make sure you are fine.

Do you remember when you want to be better?

Seeing you in hijab makes everyone around you smile; a smile by saying thank you to God by showing you the way. Even it happened in a short period, you should know that it encouraged many people to follow your steps; to be better. Thus, you’ve made a moment to yourself; a moment of creating a better place to live, to stay and to hold on to what they are believes in.

Do you remember what you capable of?

You could shake the world; that you could turn an awful thing into a fine kind. That you are capable to motivate a person like me to be someone’s better; to self, to my family, to others. This letter I wrote is a letter of appreciation and gratitude because whether you know it or not; you are one of those people who shape me as what I am today and trust me, there is no better gift compare to you. If not because of Him that wrote the met three years ago; I would lost one value in my life, “Don’t quit before you try”.

Thank you.


Rahman Sallehin @ Black