Thursday, October 29, 2009

Keep aiming to the goal!!!!

Last Saturday, I promised my friends to played futsal together with them despite that I’m not good enough as a player. But hey, it does not hurt to play once in a while right?

So we play at the futsal court; Sport’s Planet; and apparently that place was swarming with loads of people who have the same intention with us. Luckily, one of my friend has booked one of the court three days earlier and all we need to do is just change our clothes and start to play baby!

I did mention that I’m not a good player so I was telling them that I just be for the defense. Since I’m in the team which consist of strong players, the ball were always at the opponent’s side. Because I am just waiting at the other side, hence I take out my earphone and start to listen to the radio trough my phone.

And there it is again! That song! And after weeks of searching, I know the name of the song. It is called “Through My Window”. I do not know which band sing this song though and they really make a good impact towards the song! I’ll lower my hat for you guys; although I’m not wearing one. LOL.

So I sing the song in my heads and with the lyric becomes more and more clearer, it makes me running to the other side of the court! Now I believe that song does really have its own soul because it tends to keep on pushing you to do something even it is almost impossible to do it.

That was happened to me. Still having the song in my ears, suddenly the ball being passed to me and I could see clearly that from my position, there is a clear view between the goalpost and me. Without thinking, just following my instinct that has been overtook by that blasting song, I kicked the ball and……

“GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!” were bursting out from my teammate’s mouth and I myself couldn’t even believe it! I actually make a and the only score for that day! Even the spectator that was just sitting now standing and jump of joy!!!!

After we finished our game, my friends now ask me if I am free for next week game. I was overwhelm and before I could think anything else, I said “Yes!”.

“Through My Window” does really have it own stuff and to the band whom sing this song, YOU GUYS ROCKS!!!!

By the way, there would be a road show held by, Hot FM and XFM cruisers from 31st October until 15th November. By there, you could win some CDs. There would be booths being set up especially for you guys out there. Here is the schedule and the place it will be held.

31st October

Sunway Pyramid

1st November

Lot 10

7th November


8th November

Subang Parade

14th November

The Curve

15th November


But remember guys, the venue is subject to change and yes, especially for us youth, it will be held at various malls and college. Hence, keep up for the event guys! Plus, don’t forget to go to and add up John Connects to get more details!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Through The Fun!!!!

My friends and I went to the beach yesterday despite we have loads of stuff to do. To overcome the boredom, we decided to sing-a-long the song which was played in the radio and we must sing the song by turn.

I was the last person in turn until the next song does really makes my adrenaline run up high as my most favourite song being aired! Yes, exactly; you read my mind correctly. It’s the song that boosts me up through that last week.

So I sang the song with the entire feel being expressed and the lyrics just being popped in my mind until I hardly believe myself that I could sing the song in a clear go.

That song does also catch their ears. Hence, rather I myself singing the song all by myself, it becomes a sing-along song! Even I’ve seen some of my friends just follow the end of the lyric’s line because they haven’t used to the lyric at the first minute but magically, they can sing it really well, way more better than I am.

We do have the blast when the song is being aired! I mean, what is more excites than having a journey to the beach while having a sing-a-long with your friends in the car? I surely am going to keep that moment in my mind like forever.

That song rocks! Finally, I found out who are the singer for this song and apparently, it is our own local band; BUNKFACE!

The first time I heard the song, it would never occur to me it is being brought by our own local band. Talking about the song sounds international.

So I tried my luck to search via Facebook and Friendster and as the result; I FINALLY FOUND THEM!!!! Both at this link; and Need to remind you that this is the official page for the song and there’s also an application in Facebook especially for it. Give it a jolt. It may brighten up your day!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009




Entah mengapa aku sekarang ni suka sangat dengar lagu 60an. Aku rasa aku perlu salahkan Kaseh pasal dia orang yang mula-mula mainkan aku lagu A. Ramlie sebulan lalu.

Pas tu, disebabkan aku dah mula ada private broadband (alaaa…part ni yang aku selalu lupa mention kat korang dalam blog. Nanti kalau aku ada masa, aku ceritakan eyk?), mulalah aku mencari site-site yang membolehkan aku download lagu lama-lama dulu.

Sekarang ni, aku dah ada at least empat buah lagu. Aku tahu sikit gila tapi lama-lama kumpul jadi bukit kan? Tambahan lak, nih time exam sekarang nih. Jadi kepala aku pun sibuk nak fikir menda2 penting nih. Janji aku kat Hana untuk dapat dekan semester nih mesti dijadikan sebagai alasan yang kuat untuk aku able pegang D.L semester nih.

I’m a man with my word and I’m able to do so. Jadi aku harap aku dapat tunaikan janji aku ni. Kalau tak, aku memang gila babi rasa bersalah nanti.

Aite! Tu sajer aku nak cakap kat korang. Karang, aku nak siapkan practical report aku yang dah 4 bulan tertunda. Sir aku dah warn dah. Kalau tak hantar, alamat terpaksa repeat la praktikal aku ni nanti.

Padan muka aku.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Drained out tapi banyak lagi obstacle kat hadapan

Minggu ni minggu exam. Semua student tengah struggle sekarang nih.

Well, thanks to the cuti of H1N1 and cuti seminggu raya tempoh hari, maka satu UiTM Malaysia tak ada study week.

I mean, apa salahnya pihak pentadbiran UiTM memendekkan cuti semester seminggu kurang untuk menampung study week. Memang pelik ah korang.

Selama 3 semester yang lepas aku dah experience study week, semester nih macam sial pulak. Dah lah aku nak target dekan sem ni, datang pulak menda lain.

Dahlah banyak assignment kena hantar, report kena tulis dalam masa satu hari ni nanti. Paling sedap paper Cost Accounting will be my first paper on Wednesday. Waktu pagi lagi!!!!

Nih baru jer course plantation, bukan lagi campur course-course yang susah gila babi tahap gaban. Silap haribulan, mungkin semester nih banyak orang yang akan repeat paper. Tapi aku akan pastikan I’ll be not into that group. Cukuplah dengan paper Physics ngan Ekonomi yang aku terpaksa bayar dengan peluh darah.

Pukul 2 petang ni pulak aku ada presentation tentang Major Crop. Satu benda belum siap tau! Jangan korang nak cakap kat aku tentang time management sebab aku memang manage time aku dengan sebaiknya. Cuma benda di luar kawalan dan segala hal-hal yang menyebabkan aku sibuk dan lari dari jadual perjalanan asal yang membuatkan aku rasa tension sekarang ni.

Dah lah, buang masa aku nak mengomel dan complaint banyak-banyak. Bukan ada benda aku dapat pun.

Aku perlu siapkan presentation nih sekarang!!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Aktivities For Stamp

So for you bastards out there; UiTM Kota Samarahan Sarawak students; here is the list and copied it down to your activity card.

I already helped you out with the stamp and don’t expect me to write it down to your card.

Cop Universiti

Aktiviti  :

1. Majlis Pengenalan Kelab & Persatuan (06/07)
2. FESKEM 2009 (07/08)
3. Art Shout (10/10)

Cop Persatuan

Penganjur : The Debate Club

Aktiviti  :

1. Public Debate (21/07)
2. Debate Intensive Training (28/07)
3. Debate Training (30/07)

Penganjur : Language Society

Aktiviti  :

1. Spell It Right (10/10)
2. Language Quiz (10/10)

Cop Kolej

Penganjur : Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Kolej

Aktiviti  :

1. Jaulah Sahur (22/08)
2. Riang Ria Raya (06/10)

Penganjur : Seri Gading 3

Aktiviti  :

1. Ceramah Motivasi

Penganjur : Seri Gading 4

Aktiviti  :

1. Ceramah Women Health & Sex (07/08)
2. Pameran Anti-Dadah (08/08)


You guys owe me BIG TIME.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Song searching

I was getting into a really rough week. With the pile loads of assignments, the problem with the social life sure makes my mind a bit tangled. It just I want to get out from these situation just by running away.

The habit of mine to listen to the radio, usually, to listen to the songs before I went to sleep does really help me quite well.

But, there is one song when I heard it being aired in the radio does boost up my energized me up. It is really motivational indeed.

The song tells me on how I should push myself hard to face the challenge because despite what-so-ever type of problems and difficulty that I face, I’m not alone because there are people that have same situation as mine and they just take the risk to jump to the cold pool.

If they could even do it, why not me? Suddenly, I remember a quote from a great friend of mine; I rather think he is my life guru; “Trouble happens….”. Even you want to live your life without any problems or any difficulties, it will come itself to you.

The only thing and option that you can do is just JUMP INTO THE COLD POOL! You will eventually have the experience if it’s happening again to you in the future. At least you are prepared for it.

A line of the lyrics of the song “…..I thought I can do everything…” does really make me think the nature of humans to be quite greedy. They think they are born with know-it-all-knowledge and skills. Thus in the end, they will end up having a pile of problems that they need to sort because they are afraid to share that thing with others.

That song is really good indeed because it will made someone’s day. Well, it did to me myself. Hence, I have the task to found out what song is it? Guys help me out here would you?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

To all bitch out there


Just downloaded it yesterday.

Read it. Enjoy it.

and not forget to….

Surf it.

A special edition for those girls with brain, beauty and the most important thing is having that high bitch shield. A good source to you bastards out there; to know women and girls better from their own point of view; by reading this magazine, you would thank me thousand of times which would eventually repair you a bit in there.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Near & Close



I do love my life. One of them is because that I’m being surrounded by great people, despite their background, histories and cultures.

You may seek to know a famous person but I must remind you that in front of you, there are the unsung great people.

You may not know on what they did behind your back; in a good way; because you are busy lurking on somebody’s else life. That is unforgivable.

Hence, think what I said and look near. You may missed them but by the time that you realize it, it is already too late.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Have a break


I’m sorry to you guys that I haven’t update my blog in about nearly 2 weeks. Blame the workloads and assignments that I need to done within those week.

Even for this time, I’m stealing a bit of my time to tell you what currently happening. Well, I got shitloads to tell you but then I need to save it for later (if I actually have the time to blogging).

I really miss my moment where I just can sit down while just enjoying a cup of hot coffee and surfing the net.

Wonder if that time will ever pass by again.