Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bukit Bintang Event!!!!

Last Saturday was the event where you can see yourself being given a privilege where almost all the perimeter of Bukit Bintang has been closed for traffic. Why? It is due to the main event of the Everyone Connects promo which is the Everyone Connects Concerts.

The concert starts around 2 p.m and it was a blast! Lots of people who were there cheered when Bunkface make their performance and singing what I think is the No. 1 local English song today, Through My Window.

Here’s the photo of their performance (credit to ewinee.com for the fabulous pictures).





In addition, a friend of mine who was feeling high because he was at the concert send me a MMS consist of the pictures from the concert and I would say that I do feel envy towards him.

Here is the picture that he sent to me.



Overall, the event is a success when it is being flooded by hundreds of people and all of them enjoyed the show!

Hope to see this type of event again!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Unlimited yourself

Personally, I only limit myself to Soul/Hip-hop/R&B genre thinking that the smooth beat suits me well. I didn’t really enjoy rock songs because it only rumble my ear drum but it all change when I heard “Through My Window”.

The contain of the lyrics is really deep indeed and with the catchy music, it does catch my attention even I heard it for the first time. Each of the line does reflect me in any type of way. I always think above other especially in the sense of grasping for success. For example, I would rather do an assignment by myself so that I could score an “A” just for myself. See how selfish I am?

“Through My Window” does really makes me realize the importance to achieve the success because in the end, you will not be alone celebrating it. You will have friends all around you that one day, will chase another victory up to another par. Remember the saying said that “Victory taste so sweet”?

Well, personally, the victory tastes even sweeter if you could share it together with your love ones and your friends. That is one of the message that being brought up by the song for you to understand it. I’m so into that song and I would listen to it over and over again. I’m so addicted to this song!

To makes things exciting, I called up my friends who are currently either staying or even study in K.L to catch up all the previous events that I listed down in previous post ago and they said it was a blast!

“That e-karaoke is totally darn cool!” one of them said to me. Plus, he insist to make up another song because all of the freebies that has been given during those cruise in various place of malls.

To you guys, whom missed out that event, don’t fill sad yet. There will be another one this weekend at the Lot 10. Make sure to keep your heads up and bring some friends along cause you guys have the chance to win some cool fabulous CDs!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Catch it!!! Enjoy!!!

A song could make people’s day and “Through My Window” does really can do more than that. It will make your day without ending. From every each of angles, this song does its magical charm by boosting you up, energize your day and pushing you to exceed your limit. This song tells you the importance of teamwork. Despite what you can do independently, you need a team in order to make your task much smoother and quicker. And the most important thing in teamwork is that it teaches you on how to tolerate with each other.

From the song title itself, “Through My Window”, it shows you to look outside your personal space and explore the great stuff that you yourself may miss out. You may learn something if you see trough that window. Don’t shun yourself in your comfort zone. Start something new and learn something new. Eventually, it will give some experience to you and perhaps you could have something to share with others.

For people who feel that they just alone in this world, i.e break-up lover or social outcast, this song does heal those loneliness by listening one of the lyrics line, “…me and you are together now…” stating that you are not alone; you have your friends or even you could gain one; by getting yourself back together again and start the whole phase again. In return, the social dynamic that you will have will be much more than what you have then. Listen to the songs and you may bump into something that could make your life ALIVE!

Talking about songs, there will be an event that will be happening in Bukit Bintang area this coming weekend. And let me tell you, by seeing the event schedule, it will boost your adrenaline to go there.

Main Activities:

3:00 p.m – 3:18 p.m – You’ll have a blast first with the starter

3:20 p.m – 3:55 p.m – Group Karaoke

4:00 p.m – 6:00 p.m – Sing-Along-Karaoke with some

                                     added spices in it.

6:oo p.m – 9:00 p.m – Banner Concert 


And for those of you outside of K.L who wants and will be going to the event, here’s the direction of the event.


So I hope that you guys w ill have a great day there and enjoy all the fun!!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Every bit of memory

I’m sorry to you guys for ain’t updating this blog in a while. Blame the exam and the paperwork that I need to do throughout the entire week.

Right now, there’s lot of things which are currently being playing in my mind. Either you like it or not, I’ll try to express every issue that I want to say right now and trust me, it can be quite personal.


All this while those three girls and I were the most closest people in the group that I called “The Elite Club”. We usually have our lunch together with the groups and even when we finished with our class, we would have our tea time together or if it is already late due to night class or even a debate training, we would conjured together for dinner at the canteen.

But it lasted until two semesters only.

It all change when one of them started to have a relationship. Quietly and slowly, she become more further away from us. I still remember her quote saying that '”..I appreciate my friends more than boyfriend (if I have one)..”. Although she’s still hanging out with us but it only happen in a few occasion. Three times in two weeks if I my calculation is right. So it only left two of them together with me.

Due to a certain academic issue, one of them have to back off from the tertiary education. I was like seems lost for a while since she is the most closest girl with me. It like you lost a twin. So there is just one left.

And recently, I officially lost her due to the fact that she also start to have a boyfriend plus the previous girl whom return to the tertiary education also got herself a boyfriend which makes me……seems gone.

I dated so many girls in the campus but yet, I can’t recall on ANY occasion that I actually left them out. When I think of it all over again, I NEVER DO IT!!! EVEN ONCE!!! So much of the words that they uttered few semesters ago.

People do and does change. Yes, I do realise that but if the change gave a negative effect to me, I wouldn’t accept it. I’m a man of my word and I kept others promise; every single word that came out from their mouth; I do took it seriously. But since all three of them eventually falls to their own world already, perhaps I’ll just be an observer. See the situation and their life from afar and if anything bad happening to them, I’ll be there.

Yes, you and they could say that I already have so much of girls around my life. It’s true, indeed. But the feeling being around them isn’t the same as being around with you guys. Did you ever realized that?

I don’t blame the first girl-friend because she tends to go home after having the class. Where as for the second girl-friend, she already got a new circle with her; BAD ONES whom always influenced her to do something stupid; even she try to deny the fact but it is obvious. As for the third-girlfriend, she’s right now along with her boyfriend, as I see is leading towards to the “social outcast” status.

Why do I said that? Both of them try to control each other by not letting any guy or girl approach each other. I mean, even the boyfriend told off one of their male friend who actually helping those two to become a couple.

Love tends to make people blind and it is now applicable to the second and third girl-friends.


For The Elite Club circle, let us see our journey down the memory lane throughout the semesters before you guys hit to pursue your degree.

Warning: It may bring back some issue


On a separate issue, my parents would not allow me to go to represent UiTM Sarawak in debate after the exam. They said it is not an academic issue for me thus is not important.

I said to them, “Well, do you expect me to sit at the house and babysit for this whole one month!? What do I gain? Nothing!!!”.

And my mum came up with what she thinks a solution. “Okay, I give you green light to go but don’t expect us to give you pocket money to go there…”.

And I was like……”What!?”.

I mean, there’s nothing is what I could a sense of pride in their voice of having a son represent his university in a tournament.


Because they think that having me as the only English speaker in the house tends to make me like an “Englishman-wannabe” and try to be in the category of trying to be an “up” person.

In their eyes, speaking English is just to pass the exam and other than that is just for showing off that you actually can speak English.

Luckily I already brainwash my siblings to accept English as a way of the communication in the house.

Yet, about the “no-pocket-money-if-I-go-debating-in-West-Malaysia” is still an issue from me. *Sigh*