Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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Giving Space

Looking Afar

In the early phase of relationship, everything seems so perfect between you and the person whom you adore to kisses every day, every night and every time. In each different moment both are learning to be the best for each other by observing and always thinking upon how to love their half even more.

Each day, they love each other as if the first time they met. But somehow, along the way the spark starting to loose it friction and perhaps from there, it caused the other to feel something tingly in the tenure of relationships.

Perhaps the half would ask for some space but for the other half, it will create a cumulated stories of possibilities upon where the direction of the relationship goes. A deep affection and romance towards the half does create a massive insecurity.

Hence, how does one cooperate with the other? Only one way, being face to face, holding each other hand and  discuss. Every words that be utter follows by love and the feel of the heart itself.

Monday, October 29, 2012

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Here I am questioning to myself whether I did something wrong in the relationship? Did I commit a sin that could jeopardize the future of two individuals who is currently deep in love with one another.

I’m trying to be the best and so does my half but sometimes the silence every time I seek whether there is something wrong from my half does makes me tried to understand her more.

Love does create crazy thoughts and actions but it is how you want to keep the spark and the relationship alive.