Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ramadhan : The strange feeling



One thing that I like about fasting months is that I could go home everyday despite my really busy life in the campus.

Luckily, I always have somebody to fetch me up from campus to return back home. I mean, Ramadhan a.k.a the fasting month is the most matter moment for me because it is the only actual time that our family gather around to eat together.

Plus, the best thing about Ramadhan is the activity which is being held after terawih which is the tadarus. It is where a group of people would gather around to recite Al-Quran until they finish recite all of it during the fasting month.

As for myself, I always attend the activity every time the fasting month shows itself. You could say it is my must-activity annually.

At my place, most of the reciters are kids and children. I mean, despite their busy life in school; being burden with homework, assignments and tuition, they still spend some time to recite the holy Al-Quran at night. Well, basically most of them just do not know what to do at night and some of them just come to meet their friends. Well, you get what I mean, kids.

Personally, since I already khatam the holy Al-Quran about 21 times (chewah!), I still need to move myself forward. Not to mention to seek the bless during Ramadhan itself. Even though I will khatam with 22 times, I’m still do not satisfy with it.

The only correct terms for it;


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just sit and look


As a person whom always busy with everyday’s life, it is substantial for me to find a time just for myself and only to myself.

With certain things that keeping on happening around you, somehow you will never have the time for yourself. It is according to your own self dedication to ensure that you have that time alone.

Every week, I would just simply sit at the Youth Floor sitting there just for five minutes without being  distract by phone, laptop nor people. It is just me and with only me.

It is where the time for you to reflect back on what you have done before and it is the only good time for you to do the judgement. 

What did I go wrong? What other things that I can do to make it better? Who are the people responsible? Which path should I choose next?

Those are among the question that you suppose asking yourself during your time.

As for me, it does turn me to a better person because it is the only time for me to judge myself without any doubt.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Yes, I read For-Women-Magazine


Just downloaded it this morning.

Read it. Enjoy it.

and not forget to….

Surf it.

Especially for guys out there who do not have the guts to read women magazine; either it’s in a library or bookstore; going to the website would not lower your self-esteem and pride.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

True 1Malaysia


This what I called ladies

and gentlemen; a true

1Malaysia playing

 scrabbles together.


Could you follow them please?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Alone: Breaking fast and sahur

Alone in my room. Both for breaking fast and sahur. I called all my friends and all of them at their home and no where in UiTM ground.

Looks loner isn’t it?

I know.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cut it

My hair grew longer where as I just had my haircut last 2 weeks ago.

Need to go and cut it again….

RM10 just fly away like that.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fasting month

So I was able to find a client for Mohammad and he is my own classmate.

Together with Mohammad, we went to UNIMAS to do his session with the client. It takes around nearly 45 minutes till it was done.

After Mohammad and I sent him back to UiTM, we headed to The Spring where as we want to see the second floor as well hoping to see the new cinema MBO to be open.

Yet, when we reach there; the ambience and the atmosphere were totally different if you try to compare it with the lower, upper and the first floor. It’s like you’re being to SACC mall in Shah Alam if you know what I mean.

Unfortunately for us, the cinema are not being yet open to public and I could heard the sound of hammering and drillings. Man, they are really into the deadline!

One thing that I like about the place is the Zen landscape. If you do not know what it is, it’s an exterior landscape being inspired from the Japanese landscape design. The best part is, instead of make it exterior; they make it interior!


Plus, there is place for you to sit down while waiting or even just want to relax. How nice is that?

Muhammad and I were thinking of a place that we suppose to eat like there’s no tomorrow since the next day is the fasting month. Hence, we decided to eat at Hartz located at Satok.

After we done, we drove to Mohammad’s house because he want to complete his “business” there. On our way, we saw lots of people make their way to the mosque and surau. Then, it occurred to me!

“Mad, tonight’s the terawih prayer right?”

“Yeah, it is…..”while making a non-facial-expression.

It is not my nature to skip the first terawih during Ramadhan but yeah, we skipped.

Afterwards, we went to Lotus 5 Star located in Riverside to watch District-9 and it was a really great movie indeed. A bit of sad in the end though.

When I reached home, almost all the person in the house already fallen asleep. So I shut my eyes….

The next thing is my father woke me up to have sahur with the whole family.

There it goes, the first Ramadhan.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Every each and one of us have the limit of what we could do and achieve in one whole day. If you exceed your limitation, you will end up like her.


Being tired, exhausted, bloated and turn out in the end she caught a fever.

So people, do know your limitations.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Lots of my classmates are struggling to understand of what are being taught by the lecturers in the class.

But they quite mad at my attitude recently. All because they said that I’m not full utilizing my gift.

What gift?

Taking their quote, “ Rahman, you’re like smart and have this brain which could absorb almost anything immediately. But the thing is….your lazy. If I were you and if I have the same ability as you are, I would just like studying only. Aren’t you want to achieve Dean’s List this sem?”.

Well, basically what they told me is true.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

They are what is you

Friends are important. There are friends to hang-out, for group studying even there is friends for watching football together.

But the thing that I want to highlight here is the people whom you are mingle with.

Without you realizing it, the will reflect on what you will become. Either it will affect your attitude, characteristic or even your future path.

Thank God, through the entire journey of my life I’ve been stumbled upon people who really made me what I am today.

I was just an ordinary boy, thinking immaturely and always gave childish act or answer. You will feel astonish on how this bunch of people taught me the meaning of life; from my taste of music, food, place, ideology etc.

Unfortunately, not all of us as lucky as I am. Loads of them ended up with a bunch of bastards who only know the meaning of”LET’S ENJOY AND HAVE FUN 24/7” without thinking the consequences and the effect to their friends.

They taught you something which is really bad indeed without teaching you the good substance to make it balance; at least mine did.

It is really sad indeed seeing somebody that you really care so much change and it keep on changing themselves in the name of “Because they’re my friends.”.

Perhaps these bunch of people just sees you as a ticket to a goldmine or even a back stage package. Let see if you have those thing at the first place; would they actually want to approach you at the beginning?

Yet, lot of people when they meet up with new friends they tend to leave the old ones even without realizing them doing it. Giving an excuses such as “I need to care about my new friends feeling too…” isn’t acceptable especially when the old friends knew you way more longer than the new “ones”.

Hence, sometimes we must be aware of these matter because by choosing your social circle, it is either you end up JUST LIKE THEM or realizing it before it’s too late.

Monday, August 17, 2009

As you know…



As all you know, it’s her birthday today.


A very good

18th year birthday

to Sharifah Nur Azureen.


But God, return me the old Zureen back to me.


I miss her.

Friday, August 14, 2009

One night singer

It is hard to say about Yaya’s passion in dancing and singing; I’ve seen both and I told myself to not see it again.

But, last two nights ago; in DBS Suara Emas; I told myself for one more time…..”She can SING!” but some how it only lasted nearly 10 minutes on the stage. LOL.


She actually almost forget her lyrics up on the stage but she sang gracefully until maybe it cause her stage fright to wear off.


A pose from two beautiful women of the night made the headline of this blog. I have to admit that Zureen do really looks like her mother rather than Yaya.


Finally, the self-took picture of Be`be’(right). OMG, she does really look cute in it!!!! I adore her…

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good vs. Evil

Along my way to put up the notice for the next public debate which is look like this:-

The Debate Club Public Debate Advert 4

Then, I noticed a notice beside one of the notice that I put up which looks like this:-


Hence, which will attrack


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It all has to do with learning

I still have the memory of “the old me”. If my memory serves me right, I’m not good with girls. Heck even I do not know on how to start a conversation with them.

The only memory that I have which I actually talked with girls hours of long is when I was in Form Six.  But it is merely to academic purposes. No what-so-ever attraction at all.

Then, I continued my study in medical field. From there I met loads of hot girls; note that they have brains too; but it is a start for me to sharpen my social skills around them.

Afterwards, I switched to UiTM back in the early year of 2008. From there I received the full blast of my not-so-good-with-girls-reaction; GIRLS EVERYWHERE! LOTS AND LOADS OF THEM!

Even there are so many young attractive girls, the low-self esteem is still there. I mean, it is hard for me to dispose the parasitic behaviour since it is already attach to me quite delicately.

One day, God sent me this guy. The best women attracter in the history of UiTM Sarawak. Stifler (sorry guys, I couldn’t risk to post his picture here).

He told me that nature has produced two types of man. One is “good with girls” and the other one is “suck with girls”. The first category is a gift from above and the other one is hopeless.  But he raise this question to me, “Yes, you don’t have the gift but you can make one’.

From there, he taught me the secret of attraction. He shown me the correct method of approaching girls, how to interact with them and how to make them feel safe.

Plus, he even succeed by ridding of the parasite by actually FORCING me to join TDC. Now, I could interact with any people without any hesitation. I mean, my social life is not about girls since they are everywhere. My life purpose is to do what is best for me. What I could compile to ensure my success in the future? What I could do to found the buffer?

I admit that I’m not good nor better than him but it won’t stop me from getting the legacy continuing on.

Before you call me a player or what-so-ever, think this. All the girls that I approached and knew is already my friends. To make it more clear, my social circle are fill up with girls day by day.

I’m  not looking them as a make-me-proud-around-guys factor. It is actually because I enjoyed having them; laugh, smile, fun to be with and even throughout the misery time.

And lots of them already become good friends of mine. What? Show it to you?

It would be a pleasure.













 Fify (10)


Nurul Afzallini (1)

Neeza In Red




Didi Looks Good

And that ladies and gentlemen,

just a bit of the paper.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Rainforest World Music Festival 2009: The Late Review

It had been a  month since the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) were being held at Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV) from the 10th until 12th July 2009 and Muhammad were being eager about the review since I said “I will make one in my blog” and since then kept on checking my blog updates everyday to seek the review.

After all those pushing for me to make it, here it is Muhammad and I only left the Transformers : The Revenge of The Fallen review that I also owe you.

It is a world class event where all the people around the globe gathered around and enjoyed the native music which are really SUPERB indeed.

I’ve been eager to attend it since I was in Lower Six but it is always being postponed year after year until finally; THANKS TO MUHAMMAD; who bought me the ticket and also transportation via his car, has made my dream a true reality and also a very great success in my lust-for-music life.

We decided to opt for the event on Saturday, 11th July 2009. Muhammad and I departed from Kuching around 2 p.m and on the way to SCV, we made a stop at the Petronas Station and bought some tit bits and mineral water.

Since it is our first time going on such event, we didn’t know that we actually have to parked our car quite far away from the venue. Instead, we have to use shuttle bus which are being charged RM10 per ticket and it is only like 2 minutes of journey. Somehow my mind told me to keep the ticket remainder rather to toss it away.

The main event actually will start at 7 p.m, so Muhammad and I were browsing around to find some activities were being held. For example, there was a music clinic located at the amphitheatre, sales of artistic material etc.

Muhammad brought his camera along with him for that day and frustratingly, the camera has drained out of battery just after 15 minutes of usage.



Here, the food were available for sale and thus, makes the rule of “NO OUTSIDE FOOD”. Hence, the tit bits that I bought had to been return to the car just right before we departed to SCV using the shuttle bus. Thank to the lady who were with the same trip as we are to SCV whom giving the reminder.


Since I'm using a bag pack, I manage to sneak in 6 bars of chocolate waffle. Plus, it is practical to use one whilst on the event, you will be going from one spot to another spot. If you’re using a conventional bag like Muhammad, you will found yourself in the situation of having the worries that the bag will be kick while you’re dancing.


Here is Muhammad which always feel hot throughout the day. That is why he bought that little swift fan on his right hand.


The event is actually having Celcom as one of the official sponsor and that is why there is loads of Celcom X-Pax logo everywhere. Even you couldn’t hardly miss one especially with the giant floating logo on the lake.


Since the H1N1 pandemic just begun, so there were health checking at the entrance of SCV and free mask were being distributed among attendees. Muhammad has all the way using that mask whilst I’m not since I believe my immunity system is strong enough to survive the one whole day event.


Browsing around the SCV is really a great moment indeed because from there you will know and learn each different cultures from around the world and not just Sarawak.

There is lots of booths dedicated to the cultural purposes and even from a single bead from  a bracelet does teach you the meaning of every cultural story which are being implemented in the art.


I’ve been doing my research before I attend the event and somehow I missed out the part which stated the “NO OUSIDE’ food rule. Besides that, I took the advice of people whom attended this event last year to come early and enjoy the tentative which are being planned for the event itself by the organizers so that you could full utilize your ticket which are being put on a price of RM90. Hence, it would make it worth to the value itself. I mean, you wouldn’t go to an event which price is RM90 and you go to the night event which only takes 4 hours of performance.

 P7110027 P7110028 

I visit some of the traditional houses and some of them, I do admit, I didn’t know their existence until I came here. Talk about being a pure Sarawakian, huh?

 P7110030 That object, ladies and gentlemen, is the place for the native Sarawakians to make and keep their own liquor called “tuak” which is the liquid from the fermentation of rice water.


Here is…..actually I do not know the name and its purposes. Sorry people.


Some sells of various products such as fabric, clothes. craft and accessories even musical instruments were being sold throughout the 3-days event.

DSC04921 DSC04922 DSC04923



















The picture on the left is the last picture that I took before the battery went dead. Hence, I have to use my Sony Ericsson W810i camera phone to take the pictures. That is why the result of no-so-quality image are taken place.



Since the place is unoccupied, so I decided to have my pose being taken. Hey, it is a once is a year event right?

DSC04930I was at the Melanau house before I bumped into a plug. So I decided to charge the battery but it is only for 15 minutes before the arrival of the guardian of the house which need us to get out from there since it is already closing time. And she didn’t seem happy with the thing that I commit.


This is a must to every Malay house. A replica of moose or deer head statue. I actually do not know the main purpose of it but that is the place where we use to hang-up our songkok.

 DSC04933 DSC04934 From both pictures, it was being took on the Malay house attic. I do not know that a traditional Malay house do have such a spacey attic.


Since both of us already browsing around, we decided to make a go towards the amphitheatre where they organized the music clinic and it is the slot for the musician from New Zealand.

 P7110033 P7110037 DSC04936

The musical clinic was a blast and let me tell you, I enjoyed myself and Muhammad were being enthusiastic since Cheryl Samad were there and she just sat beside him. lucky you. After they already finish with their clinic, there is no what-so-ever of hesitation to approach them and give any comments or even question and they were gladly to be there to assist you. Great job guys!!!! Ten stars to them.


From the edge of the mountain, you already notice the ambience of the dusk has finally come and everyone started to pack and make their way to the main stage.


Before you dance like crazy, it is better for you to grab yourself a large portion of food to keep that energy to keep on coming. FOOD!!!!!


That is the main stage where the power ambience music and groups were performed that night. I do quite hesitate to go to the centre of the field since there are barely any people there. Yet, the number of the crowd that gathered to that place were increasing from every seconds.


The second stage on my right is the jungle stage where the non-powerful ambience music are being performed.  As you can see, the number of crowd are increasing and the gap between the main and the jungle stage pictures is only for 5 seconds. Maybe this is because to let the crowds to get on hold with their energy before the other music are being play at the main stage. And yeah, the stage are switch one after another of each performance but people tend to stand up in front of the main stage and that include Muhammad and I.


Patience are the key until they start the performance. Along the waiting, I met Zal, Henna, Henna’s boyfriend and a some of their friends.


This is the ring for the entrance pass if you are already in the event. It is to make sure that there is no one who crash into the festival themselves. Tight security they are. You should see the K9 dogs. It’s huge and well-trained.


At 7 p.m sharp, the performance started and the music was quite dull at first because they perform the traditional minang music. But after a while, the ambience of the music were started to catch up and everybody started to flooded the field.


And this is my last picture before I myself zooming of to the crowd and I dance like there is no tomorrow. There is no need of the review of the performance since the camera battery already drained out and there is a lot of bloggers out there who went to the event make the review of it. Google it if you’re up to it and quite rajin to search for it.

Finally, Muhammad and I went home around midnight before the last performance were shown because we want to avoid the competition between attendees to use the shuttle bus back to the car park. Luckily, I didn’t throw my ticket remainder away because it is the type of a way to confirm that you use the shuttle bus earlier to the SCV and for you to go back without being implied another RM10 per ticket. And I snapped my slipper in the mud making me heading home by barefoot.


RWMF 2009