Thursday, April 7, 2011

Format Factory – A Simple Solution To Video Conversion

I own a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone and I love to bring my music videos collection around and therefore I need to convert them to MP4 format with the 640 x 360 dimension.

There is so many video converter out there but is there any converter that you just click it according to your phone dimension without going to go to the setting.

As simple as one click.

There is ladies and gentlemen. Let me introduce to you to Format Factory.

Step 1:


Open the application and click “All to Mobile Device”.

Step 2:


Click “Output Setting” and perhaps before hand you could add the video that you want to convert by clicking “Add File”.

Step 3:


Since Nokia N97 have the same dimension of 640 x 360, I choose “Nokia N97 High Quality”.

Click “OK” and start to convert and you’re done!

So next time if you want to convert another video, it has been preset to your setting earlier on and therefore, you just open the program, add the video and just by a single click you can convert it!

Easy, isn't it?

You can download the application by clicking File Factory.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Windows 7 USB DVD Tool

In the era of technology, everyone wants their device to be small and powerful and one of the device is laptop.

By the introduction of Intel Atom processor, computer manufacturer such as Hewlett-Packard (HP), Dell, ASUS, Acer and such can make a small device yet powerful enough for ordinary usage for example to surf the internet, listening to songs and videos, typing documents and making presentation slides.

As light as 0.8 – 1.3 kg, the device knows as a netbook is portable and lightweight for you to be with you travel around. It is so small that is couldn’t fit a DVD-drive because of power drain factor. So most of the files are being transferred from USB drive or memory cards.

Here comes the trouble. Imagine your operation system crashed and cannot be rectified anymore; thus reformatting is the only way. But your installer is in a DVD and you cannot format because the netbook does not have a DVD bay. As alternative, you can use external DVD player but not all people can afford it.

That is why this software comes in handy. The good news is instead of using DVD, you can use your memory card or USB drive as your installer. The bad news is it is only work with Windows 7 installer only.

The name of the software is Windows 7 USB DVD Tool. First, by using certain ISO maker software, such as Ultra ISO and a PC, turn the DVD installer as a disk image; ISO format.

Done? Here is the best part.

Step 1:

Insert a USB drive at least with the capacity of 4GB to the USB port.


Open the software and browse for the ISO disk image that you just created.


After choosing, click “Open”.

Step 2:


Then choose “USB device” and choose the USB drive that you inserted. Click “Next” and wait.

And presto! It is done!

For you to use it as a formatter media for netbook, insert the USB drive with Windows 7 installer that you created just now and go to BIOS setting by pressing F2 when you turn on the netbook.

Go to “Bootable Device” setting and put up “USB Disk” as the first option.

And the rest is all the same when you reformat using the Windows 7 DVD installer.

After it restart the installation, please plug out the USB device because if you did not do so, the process of installation will be continuing on from the start.

And there it is ladies and gentlemen. A good method to reformat your netbook. I hope it is useful for you guys.

You can download it from Windows 7 DVD USB Tool.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Birthday–Sharifah Shazzea Wan Akil

Sharifah Shazzea

As 4th April 2011, I here by declare Sharifah Shazzea binti Wan Akil is an eligible voter.

I know how much girls hate when people know their age, hence this is the only metaphor which I can use to tell her age this year.

I thought I would never see Princess (that’s what I called her) when I’m pursuing my degree in UiTM Shah Alam; no more of her sarcastic teasing and her little-girl-like laughing.

But then, there she is….suddenly popped out from nowhere taking Bachelor Degree in Law; which makes her ends up in Shah Alam too. From there, she continue of what she did best; words bantering towards me and I take it happily because she’s the only girl who actually criticize me and subsequently making me look much more better in front of other girls eye after I took her criticism and change myself from there.

Princess is in her own class; exclusively for her because most of the girls could not fit even one of her qualities. One of it is that she is the only girl whom I know who have the natural beauty and able to look pretty just by putting on a simple smile instead of make-ups. The picture above proves it.

The other thing that I like about her is the way she complaining. If you were just an ordinary guy, you would getting tired and run away. I knew her for nearly 4 years and 3 years previously we are being there for each other; of course there’s a gap of time between due to certain circumstances; and we never failed.

She is one of amazing girl that I have known; a true girl with beauty and brain – hope she is not reading it or else she would be really proud *in a bad way*.

Why I leaked things that she would hear from me into the blog but not from me directly to her?

Because she would never read my blog plus I really restrain myself to say something good about her; later she become so proud….


If she only knew.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

CPU-Z–Ensure You Get What You Want From Your Laptop Dealer

Nowadays, the usage of computer is really essential until it is almost impossible to live without one.

So you go to the nearest computer dealer or any computer shop to buy one; and perhaps you already knows what is the laptop’s specification that you want.

Or the promoter there explain to you the specification of the computer which you are eyeing on and you decide to buy it. Therefore, he would ask you to come again after certain period because he need to install some essential software and configuring the setting.

When you come back afterwards, the money exchange hand and you bring the laptop to your house before knew that the specification isn’t like you wanted. Hence, you go to the dealer and argue but he do not want to refund your money plus it is a long way to get back the money from the consumer tribunal.

Thus, I introduce to you a software that could prevent the incident from happening again.

It is called CPU-Z.


From the above diagram, you can see that it shows you all the specification from the CPU information to the graphic info.

So, if next time you want to make a visit to the computer dealer either to buy or assisting your friend to a laptop, make sure you have this software inside your pendrive.

To obtain it, just click the link CPU-Z.