Saturday, May 30, 2009

My 'Guess-What-Age" Birthday Post


To whom?

To me of course.

I hope I will have a great day today. But I doubt people especially my friends would remember it; like last year. Huhuhuhu.

But then, I'll try to keep myself up due to the fact that my one week holiday already started. Hence, I have to spend it well; exclude a proble that I have to settle with the Pejabat Kolej of course. Why it keeps on bothering me; ESPECIALLY ON MY BIRTHDAY?

And I kinda miss someone who is currently having her umrah right now. Maybe some of you know this girl. Hahaha...

Btw, just wish me (apart for my birthday wishes) a good jolly day; won't you?

P/S: Maybe some of you wondering on what stuff you want to give me for my birthday. Well, I have one.

Sony Alpha 200 with twin lens. It's on promotion now
*puppy eyes with full of hope*

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A weekend as always

Four nights ago, I decided to sleep at UiTM because the urge to obtain the final episode both of Gossip Girl and Grey’s Anatomy. Hey, I do really miss the 24/7 internet line, okay.

So I asked my brother to send me but due to the heavy rain, my father drove me there having my brother following along. Since I’m overnight at Seri Mulu, so I bring along my heater, some sachets of mild Nescafe’ and of course by beloved 12.1” lappy.

There certain of you think, “Aren’t the college closed for the semester holiday?”.

Of course it closed you fool but then I still have the key to my room *grin*. After I arrived, I immediately switch on the whole block’s light because the darkness which alleviating it was totally creepy indeed. Plus with the raining, the creepiness kept on hovering onto me.

But the passion to download the episodes really disrupts the horror inside me. After I switch on the computer and let it download the files, I went straight to sleep.

The next morning, I want to take my shower and since I left my spedo at the pantry, so I want to grab it before I have myself all wet. Besides that, there is also a shirt of mine which I purposely hanging it there last week because I know by this week, I will go here again.

By the time I want to get it.....

It's gone!!! My shirt and spedo! WTF they want to do with my spedo?!

Luckily I brought an extra. LUCKILY.

Hence I waited for the bus which will head to the town as early as 10 a.m due to the fact that the “supposedly-to-be-finish” episodes aren’t actually finish yet. I texted Mohamad and he want me along with Dominic to hang out together.

We hang out at The Spring and after a body building competition; we actually spent around 15 minutes at the alley to the food gallery deciding which place for us to dine in. Since Dominic really have the temptation and since he is being longing to eat sushi, both Mohamad and me just agree.

While having our deciding discussion, I saw a kid being tied by her mum in this type tied to her little son.

No guys. This is how you say as precaution. I've seen worst; a kid being tied up by his dad using the dog's collar rope.

Mohamad reckon said that the little boy have Aggressive Hyperactive Disorder since he observed the kid really well than me. If Jasmine was there, I sure bet that she’ll tell off the parent herself.

I ate like a monster because there is just so much food available. Huhuhuhu….

Notice how many plate there are; AND THAT IS ONLY FOR THE FIRST TEN MINUTES

Black Pepper Udon....and I will not going to order it again.

After we had our lunch, Mohamad asked us to accompany him to watch “A Night in a Museum 2” and Dominic just agrees.

Finally, on the way home I caught a picture of a beautiful rainboy anf it actually makes my day…

Nice eyh. Hope to see more of that.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SPR & The Parliamentary Reorder

Tsunami already hit the nation politic arena last year and the impact of the tsunami is still not getting lesser but it’s getting more and there is no chance of anyone to stop it.

Due to the negligence of the ruling party from the year 2004 until 2008, their people have made their choice and the massive statement does really almost kill the party itself. Taken into account, it is the third time that the ruling party lost its 2/3 majority in the parliament and frankly speaking, their worst winning (or you may call it loosing) ever. I will not state of the first timer due to the fact I’ll touch about it in other post.

Earlier to say, I’m not at any sides; yet; and what I’m going to say is only from my strategist mind.

If you observe correctly, the main key that the ruling party is still being able to built a government because they have a simple majority thanks to Johor, Sabah and especially Sarawak whom given the advantage towards the ruling party.

But for now, we focused to Sarawak parliamentary areas.

Sarawak has 31 parliamentary and only Kuching parliamentary has been won by DAP. That is no surprise due to the awareness and the mentality of the urban citizen of the surroundings being compared to the people who are still live in the extreme rural area.

Here is where the advantage begins.

If the ruling government actually increase the number of roads which will connect the urban, sub-urban and rural areas via a networking roads until we actually can go to the deepest area in the rural, SPR will increase the number of parliamentary seats when they do their parliamentary reorder. A factor of SPR to create a new parliamentary seat in an area is by having the amenities of roads as one of the consideration factor.

Giving the size of Sarawak which almost to the size of the peninsular and the and the low density of population in each parliamentary seats, it will eventually gives the advantage for the ruling government to increase its parliamentary seats in the next election and maybe being save from overthrown.

Remember, the rural area citizens are still in need the help of the ruling party to improve their life and surroundings and they still have the strong mentality of their own support towards the ruling government.

Basically, it is a win-win situation between both sides; both for the ruling government and the citizens. The ruling government has a big chance to maintain their power and the citizens will have the accessible to go outside of their place to find job or to find markets for their product. Eventually, it will lead to the improvement of the lifestyle of the rural citizens.

By having roads also, other amenities will eventually flow in for example electric and water amenities due to the easy access of the build material to the rural area thanks to the networking roads.

Somehow, this idea also can be implementing for Sabah at the same time. By having a massive mega road-networking in both states before the SPR made the reorder, eventually the parliamentary seats in both states will exceed the peninsular (including Johor). The ruling government will surely win at both states since both Sabah and Sarawak are their Helms Deep. Along with the help by the Lord White Hair himself; so far the best strategist I’ve ever seen despite Anwar; winning is not a problem at all.

The problem is the ruling government will talk about cost of the project etc. For goodness sake, it is a win-win situation. Either you use millions of ringgit or losing power and have your own people still live in their native way.

But it won’t be true due to a fact that THE RULING GOVERNMENT DO NOT READ MY BLOG.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

UiTM Debaters Nightmare: Iqbal Hafiedz

Iqbal Hafiedz. A sweet name indeed but no to be fooled by the gloomy looking face because if you met him personally, despite your age, you will run to your mama. Yes, I do mean it.

You may ask, “Who is he anyway?”.
If you are a UiTM debater, there is nearly 0 percent that you actually do not know this guy. But to make a simple statement; He was an Asian champion in debate and a hell good trainer which, if you have a shaky gut, could make you cry.

So debaters, beware of this guy. If you ever meet him, do not, I repeat DO NOT introduces yourself as a debater to him or will cry out loud a name. “Mummy…..”.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Teacher’s Day

More than half of my life I spent it dealing with a group of people who called themselves teachers. Back when I was a little boy way before I enter the pre-school around the late 80’s and early 90’s; kindergarten of course; I always have this skeptical mind about them due to the fact that most of the Malay dramas back on those time always shown the image of a teacher; despite they are male or female teacher; who would be mean to the students and punish them by caning them by giving a “good” whooping until you could hear the sound when they move the cane to strike their student.

Back on those time, people; both parents and students; really gave their respect towards the teachers because they still have the moral value of respecting the people who actually guided and gave knowledge to us.

Unfortunately, those entire moral values of respecting and dreaded towards the teacher are keeping decreasing year by year. I’m not blaming both parents and students wholly due to the fact their knowledge of their own rights as parents whom protecting their children are amusingly increase in a large percentage thanks to the information from the internet and the massive action taking by certain parents whom confide against the school caning policy. From there, parents who always look up upon teachers will eventually leave just a bit of moral value according to time.

We also not are forgetting the media which always giving headlines to certain cases of students taking legal action to both school and teachers. Sometimes they even drag the Education Department into the issue. Eventually, large number of students will know about it and it will induce them to think and flashback all the action that the teachers gave them as a punishment as an “I-Could-Counter-Back” strategy.

Personally for me, I’m a person who is still keeping the moral value of a student towards his teachers. We must admit that without them, we would not be as we are today. Yes, may likely you have your own teacher whom you dislike or adore but then, their focus towards us still not change; to be our host and us as the mutual parasite who sucked all the information that has been given must give back to them our self respect towards them as a method of gratitude.

They are not expecting something from us except for success and someday will have a good name which eventually makes them feel really proud indeed.

I do admit that I also have the teaching life as my career in my job list because it is fun and challenging at the same time to control a big number of students, memorizing their name, check your exercise books one by one etc.

Remember this, for a teacher he or she could have thousands of students in one time but for us it is only one teacher in our heart and will forever call them TEACHER.

Happy Teacher’s Day.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pejabat Kolej & I

Ladies and gentleman, please be ready for my usage of language after following this conversation below.

I really do not want to speak like this but due to the feelings that I must express, it indeed really help me to express it in the exact way that I want.

Bare in mind that I'm not the type of person who want to use this way writing but I have to; for the first time Black has to obey the todays blogging style among Malaysian teens.

I just arrived at home feeling tired plus aching all over and I'm just having a short nap until my phone rang.

Pejabat Kolej: Hello, ini Muhammad Rahman ke?

Me: Ya, saya.

Pejabat Kolej: Ini dari pejabat kolej. Boleh saya tahu awak berada di mana sekarang ni?

Me: Saya sekarang berada di rumah. Ada emergency case.

Pejabat Kolej: Emergency case? Boleh saya tahu apa itu?

Me: Saya terpaksa jaga adik saya cause semua orang tidak ada kat rumah (half-true).

Pejabat Kolej: Awak tahu hari ini awak buat apa kan?

Me: Saya tahu. Saya perlu buat clearence hari ni.

Pejabat Kolej: Dah tu kalau awak dah tahu kenapa awak tak buat?

Me: Saya minta maaf sangat-sangat. Saya bukan sengaja.

Pejabat Kolej: Jadi, awak nak buat macam mana ni?

Me: Kalau saya bayar denda saja boleh?

Pejabat Kolej: Kalau macam tu, saya tanda awak tak clearence lah macam tu.

Me: Errmmm okay. Jadi denda tu RM10 kan?

Pejabat Kolej: Kita lihatlah macam mana nanti okay.


I mean wtf bunyi statement akhir dialog itu macam nak ugut orang. Macam la kita bunuh orang or threatening people.

Aku bukannya sengaja tak nak clearence cuma masa sememangnya tak mengizinkan aku berbuat begitu hatta aku dah buat temu janji dengan pihak pejabat kolej macam sial tu!

Korang pun tahu yang aku bukannya seseorang yang suka memungkiri janji. Tapi disebabkan praktikal aku yang membuatkan aku letih macam sial (tapi ada masa untuk blogging kat Coffeebean) dan langsung tidak ada orang untuk menjaga adik aku kat rumah, semua tu berada di atas bahu aku.


Dengar tak tu you fucking pejabat kolej!

Ha, kan dah kena sumpah dengan aku.

Padan muka.

P/S: Aku akan try to settle things up by this Friday kalau dapat.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Even though this post may not be read by my mother (heck, even she do not know the existence of my blog) I would like to say something on behalf of Mother's Day.

*otherwise the girls will condemn me..huhuhu. Bah! Like I care. I still would love to say something about my mother. Besides, she's my mother for goodness sake.

First, let me give you a brief introduction about my mother.

Her name is Cikgu Fatimah binti Haji Mahrid and she work as a teacher at SMK. St. Teresa Kuching teaching mainly Moral Study and Pendidikan Jasmani & Kesihatan (PJK). She is also the Subject Leader (Ketua Panitia) of Moral Study and PJK. Plus, she always being invited to be as a judge in a sport tournament by the schools in Kuching.

Why I'm telling you my mother's working timetable?

This is because she has NINE children to be taken of. Even four of the elders already grown up and can take care the other siblings but my mother still have the authority to manage our life. Even I want to stay in UiTM so that I can easily go back and forth from my practical place, she didn't let me due to the fact that I might risk my safety.

At the same time, she need to mingle her busy work life as a teacher and have to fulfill the invitation from each different school every week. When she reach home, there's ten empty stomachs 9including my father) need to be feel. Thus, she needs to cook not to mention doing the laundry and what-so-ever.

She's a tough woman indeed my mother is. It's rare nowadays to find a woman who is a mother of nine with a good career yet need to manage her life in both academic and reality. Even girls whom I know who surrounded me will not have the strength to do so and it even will not achieve to my mother's par.

She's a rare person to find and due to the everyday challenge for baring with us....I LOVE HER.

Malaysians Parking System

Do you want to know how Malaysians park their vehicle?

Cars being park in the motorcycle's place

Motorcycle being park in the cars place

The world turning upside down.

Either you want to call it creativity or stupidity.

Practical time

It is an obligation for all Ladangians (AS110 students) to have their practical during the 2 months of holiday in the mid-year.

That is why this course hardly get any intention from people to enroll in due to the sacrifice that you must do.

In certain expression, no one, I mean no one who would sacrifice their 2-months-time-to-relax-at-home just like that for nothing.

For a conventional Ladangian, they would choose an estate or a plantation to do their practical since our course is related to that field. But for me and a friend of mine, we chose a golf course to do our practical?

Why so?

First, due to the logistic and location. Since both of us can’t be apart from our home; I’m a person who really miss his home quickly; we choose to do it in a place which is near from our home. Hey, at least we can get free food (and money) easily. Lol..

Secondly, due to the work schedule.For the conventional student who choose conventional place of practical, they work starting Monday until Sunday from 6 a.m – 10 a.m and continuing from 2 p.m until 5 p.m. The worst part is they work in a plantation located extremely far from the city. In other words, they work in a remote area and some of them even work at a place which does not have a cell phone signal.For us, we work from 6 a.m until 1 p.m from Monday until Friday. Saturday and Sunday we’re totally free. Here I come MPH!!!!

Thirdly is because we want to be different from others. Since our course is full with stereotype mind of people, in their head it is always plantation, plantation and plantation. There’s nothing else in their mind except for that. But both of us came with an outcome which differentiates us from the other old school students. In other words, we think outside of the box; they don’t.

It’s quite okay for my first day at the golf course but yet the biggest challenge is to wake up as early as 5 a.m in the morning just to get myself ready. Tsk..tsk…pity me.

Oh, before I forgot there is no allowance for us. That is why we have Saturday and Sunday off because we aren’t being paid for the practical.

Just hope that I’ll successfully finish my practical at the 5th of July!!!!

WEEEHUUU!!!! But….

Exam is all over but yet I’m not happy about it. Maybe to certain people you guys will be quite weird for my expression but the truth is; it is.

So far I have 3 papers at stake and with the result that may come out around June; I do feel really afraid indeed.


I already count; taking the probability of the worst, my CGPA will drop from above 3 to 1.89.

See my situation now?

So people, pray and cross your finger for me aite..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One paper more to go BUT.....

Account paper will be starting at 9 a.m in the morning.
But then, it's already 12.20 a.m in the morning and I haven't start my revison yet.
Here comes the tense moment again.

After I finish the paper, I need to settle up the practical matters and also trying to catch Mr. Constitution about out confirmation going to Arau.

Then, there's the matter of accommodation problem between me and the college.
I only have two days to settle and sort all these things out.
Two days!!!!
Wish me luck!

P/S: Gossip Girl and Facebook really distracted me a lot during this exam period. Darn.
Why now....?

Mummy, mummy!!!! Look what I've found....

By the time I want to step my foot out from my dorm to find some food for my grumbling food with my roommate, suddenly he pointed up to the ceiling and half-shouted "AN INTERCOURSE!!!".

I was like..."Huh?'.

Then I look up to the ceiling and I saw this...


P/S: Decide which is the male and which is the female...ahakz!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Economy and it's sanity

To be frank, I'll have my Economy paper tomorrow and still didn't bother to learn.

Why oh why my course have to learn economy?

It's not like I'll turn into a banker or something.

And what is the link of "Ladang" with economy?

I still can't obtain the correct, exact and right answer to the question.

Hopefully, tomorrow's Economy paper will touch about the economic recession that has been a global subject in the whole world because; it is not I'm being proud or such; for this type of question, I will get the top marks among of all my classmates.

Darn, I still can't focus myself to study?

It's like I'm allergic to question that has numbers?

And how on earth I'll try to cover up 3 months of chapters in a single night?
Pray for me....

A Tip To Look Yong: Mental Lock-In

I have to admit that I'm getting older day by day. And I have to admit in the world nowadays where pollutions are everywhere; even in the air we breath; slowly it tend to make us looks older than our actual age.

But then, somehow you have the way to deflect the effect that has been done to your body.

If you made your research about human brain, you'll know that it is the most strongest part ever in our body. I realized about this fact back in the year of 2005.
Now, what actually the connection between brain and the process of aging?

The key is MENTAL LOCK-IN factor.

Due to the fact that you yourself kept on updating your mind about your age, eventually your body will follow up.

To understand, let me give you a brief analogy.

Shamser was born in the year of 1987 thus by logic and a sprinkle of math, he is now 22 years old. Since he kept undating his via mental, thus, every time people ask him he will answer, "I'm 22".

Biologically, this is what happen. As you know, the brain is the center of body activities and one of them is about inducing a number of hormones and chemicals in an certain amount to the skin, muscles, eyes, hair etc. As you age, the number of the chemicals and being provide are decreasing and at certain level of age, certain part of our body; eg. hair; will stop receiving those chemicals. That is why you grow grey hair.

Rather than updating your mind about your age, you must stick to a certain age and lock it up.
For me, I choose to stay 17 years old because it is the optimal level of age that the body will induced the hormones and chemicals at its peak.

It may sounds easy but let me tell you, to get lock your brain restrict itself to a certain age is really tough indeed. That is why you must have a strong not-to-be-easily influence mind. For myself, since I'd trained my mind quite well, it is not a big problem for me. For people who want to start this 'Mental Lock-In' material, this is the most toughest challenge of all.

You may start with that locked mentality but then, people around you will subsequently try to break it apart.
For example, "You look old", "You look mature", "Oh, I didn't expect that your 22. I thought you were 28" will eventually cause your brain to adsorb those words and will change it into action. From there, your mind will unlock itself and your ageing process will continue itself.

It's like people kept on saying you are fat but you're not and at the same time you take wholey what they say about you. Insusevely, your brain will trigger itself and telling the whole body to do not break the fat chain. As a result, you'll gain weight thus makes you look fat.

This is what I'm trying to tell people about myself having childish attitude and mentality.
It is due to the principle that I hold:-

"You must FEEL young, to ACT young, to LOOK young, to STAY young, to BE young".

What Do I Like About Malaysia

This stuff were made back when I'm in 2006....


What do I like about Malaysia? What do I like about Malaysia? Many people will comment about the harmony living between the multiracial citizens in Malaysia etc. But for myself, I have my own reason.

1. Petronas Twin Tower

The highest , I mean the highest twin tower in the world . Now, who can beat that ?!

2. The food

In Malaysia, you can found many variation type of food especially during the Food Festival or during the fasting month . And who says Malaysians are always starving when there are food everywhere? Maybe because of our tamak haloba?

3. Kuala Lumpur

The most alive city in the world (for us Malaysians of course). 24 hours of our life a day is still not enough to explore the joy , sorrow and the dullness of its people and buildings especially the clubs , pubs and the rumah urut .

4. Cucur pisang

What is the thing that is hotter than The Pussycat Dolls? It’s our very own cucur pisang ! The soft texture and the warmth of these delicacies will make you to eat it again and again. Some say, it is best for you to eat it during the evening or hujan panas.

5. Mamak stall

Are you starving or thirsty? No need to worry. Mamak stall is coming. The most cheapest way to spend your money on food rather to go to fancy a restaurant and order the same thing that the mamak stall offered.

6. Roti Canai and Teh Tarik

The most common and popular food and drinks of all time. Never eat and drink it? Huh, telling you are a Malaysian to us `eh ?

7. Chow Kit Road

You want a Prada handbag? Vercase clothes? Latest handphones ? But you don’t have enough money? Just go to Chow Kit Road and you can buy the things that you desire at a very affordable price! Nice `eh?!

8. Manglish

The most simple, easy to use , modest and popular Malaysian-Made English language of all time . Populared by PCK Ptd. Ltd. best in Singapore and J.B. And some said Batam . Aiyooo…. come on lah , calling yourself a Malaysian by using Queen’s English `ah ? Wei , even Simon (pronounce as Sea-Mon) our Belgium friend speak this type of English when he stayed with us you know !

9. The Last-Minute-Attitude

Malaysians is very popular for the Last-Minute-Attitude. Just flashback to the time when the dateline of submitting the tax forms has arrived or if you don’t remember that , remember the queue until to the road when we want to make our MyKad . Still don’t want to remember!? Okay, last reminder. Remember when the exam is a week ahead? Then you want to learn……. Told you to learn earlier!

10. Mega Sale Carnival

The day when our father pockets being emptied by our beloved mother , the day when you want to see a catfight at shopping mall , the day when you see a tough traffic jams during the weekend , the day…. You know what I’m talking about. In short sentence, the Mega Sale is where we used our money to generate Malaysia’s economy (sarcastic indeed huh.)

11. Malaysian Driver

Recalled by our friend Simon; Malaysian driver is the most uncivilized, the most mean, the most creative and the most hypocrite driver in the world; our identity as a kind, courteous and generous Malaysian can be easily changed when we drive at Malaysian road. The sound of the car’s horn during traffic jam , people overtake you without giving a signal , make two lane roads becomes four lanes and curses is the common thing that we see everyday .

12. Durian

Referred as the most stinks fruit of all time by foreigners (except from South East Asia). Just because it smells bad (for the foreigners), that doesn’t mean its taste bad! And my dear Malaysians, if you also thinking the same way, just get out from this country! Even our VVVIP (Prime Minister etc.) eat durian. Even Ananda Krishnan (the richest man in Malaysia) eats durian. Even our Belgium friend, Simon, eat durian. Just give a malu face to our country only by saying, “I don’t eat durian, it stinks”.

13. Ah Long (Malaysian Loan Shark)

No money? Desperate to borrow it but your name being blacklist by our local bank? No need to worry, Ah Long mari (is coming)! No need J form and no need for a guarantor. Just put your ten little fingers on the line and it will be chop off one by one if you don’t pay them along with the high interest rate. Remember, to borrow from an Ah Long, you need to have a daredevil spirit because once you borrow from them; you will be hunt until your graveyard. And it is only because you didn’t finish pay the bunga (interest), you and your family will have a miserable life. Yes, Ah Long can be mean too. And when I say mean, it’s MEAN and I mean it!

14. Public Toilet

It is the last place in the world that you want to go. I reckon everybody agree with me about that. I mean our public toilet have been rated the most disgusting public toilet among the developed countries by foreigners and tourist. No wonder there aren’t any investor who wants to invest a Build-Up-Public-Toilet project. Even the gross image of these place being play in our head every time we saw one. And the best thing about public toilet, it’s the only government amenities that have its own theme song, “Tandas berkualiti, hidup berkualiti”. Plus, a necktie minister cut the ribbon to launch it just to make it look great & official. I mean, how stupid that is!?

15. Ministers & YBs

Since I’m a Sarawakian, I always seen YB trough land of mud, being suck by leaches, swim trough one or two river filled with crocodiles and having their skin being burnt by the sunray for one mission; to visit their Dewan Undangan Negeri or parliament in the rural area. Same goes to the ministers along with their coat and tie, standing under the hot sun just to lay a brick to declare the beginning of a project. And even though the YBs and the ministers always argue in the parliament, they still friendly to each other. No heart feelings. Even the minister (Kementerian Kerja Raya [he…he…he…]) always being bomb by atomic questions, he still keep their cool.

16. Malaysian Time

Tooking a quote from a foreigner, “once a Malaysian, always a Malaysian”. Majority of Malaysians will not arrive on time. If you say 9 a.m, they will arrive at 9.30 a.m. If you say 12 o’clock sharp, they will come at 1 o’clock sharp. The most popular excuse is “traffic jamlah...”. I bet you averagely a Malaysian use that type of excuses 25% of their lifespan. Just think if our salary come out two days late than the schedule, surely the bank will say, “the server is in traffic jam mah..

But because of these things, that is why I loved Malaysia so much. Malaysia, I love you!