Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sushi King long line

Patience is number one people’s least subject.

This is due to our nature who wants everything fast in front of our eyes; either in services or production.

On the 20th until 21st of October, Sushi King was surely testing Kunchingites patience.

This is due to the promotion of RM2 for every plate on the belt with rice base.

I mean this is the chance for those people to taste expensive sushi at cheaper price.

Does it work?


From the picture above, yes it works.

Since all of the patrons are only have 1 hours to be inside the premise, imagine the hours of those people who are waiting outside.


As for me, I only look to the long line as I just have my sushi last week. No two-weeks-in-a-row of sushi activity for me.

Monday, October 18, 2010

One more stage to go through

Recap on what did happen during TESL interview 10 minutes ago.

Interviewer 1 : Please tell me what's wrong with these two sentences

1. He want to go to school everyday
2. He want to eating some durians

Me: For the first sentences, it's suppose to be "He wants to go to school everyday" because it reflects as an often activity.

For the second sentences, it's suppose to be "He want to eat some durians".

Interviewer 2: Are you sure for the second sentences? Why not "wants"?

Me : Because it doesn't reflect an everyday activity.

Interviewer 1: What if I put "everyday" at the end of the sentences?

Me: So it will be "wants" since it's an often activity.

Interviewer 2 : Are you sure?

Me: Yes (with confident). *salah pun salah la. At lease salah dengan rasa yakin*

Interviewer 1 & 2 : *gives teasing smile*

Me: *in my heart* Fuck you.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pre-graduation Night

Last Thursday, the Pre-graduation Night was being held at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching.

It is the most anticipated event that has been waited by hundreds of final year students as they will celebrate the gala of their last presence in UiTM Sarawak for this semester.

Girls as always try to look at their best and some people say, “Less is more” which I had to agree upon too after those what-they-so-called style and fashion for the night.


Perhaps some of those people who attend try to save budget over their attire and looks until one of the choice that is to dress up themself from head to toe.

In certain occasion, you need to seek professional advice and skills to make yourself beautiful because they know what they do the best.

Because at the end of the day, you do not want to end up to look like a clown or a chipmunk wearing a joker costume plus ending up having hairstyle which looks just like from a mental institutionary escapist.


But sometimes do not take the advice of “ Less is more” seriously because you will end up to be underdress for the event. For occasion like this, you must know if the host will put up a theme for that night or what type of event it is either it’s high tea, luncheon, dinner etc. Be do aware of that.


A scenario that would not be missed out is where there are couples who decide to wear the same colour for the event which is sweet indeed and as long they keep up with the theme, everything will be look alright. No sweat.

Enough ranting. Now here’s the story telling.


That is Nisa and Lan, different course but same attraction. Both of them decide to wear Chinese traditional attire and it was sweet of Lan to manage to get the close from don’t-know-where. Nope, they’re not couple…only merely-there-couple.


She’s one of the Business Study student. The whole member in her table is having Indian theme. She looks astounding out of the ordinary. But due to the reason she didn’t follow the theme, she didn’t win the Queen of the night.


This is one of by best pictures for the night. Francesca was perfect on that night in the terms of style, make-up, dress and everything. Taking her picture was the hardest part since I need to seek the perfect angle to show her beauty.


Our fellow Hairul ‘Hando’ Hafiz, the Chairman of the Student Council along with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wan Akil, the second in command in UiTM Sarawak along with Prof. Jamil Hamali, UiTM Sarawak Director. Hando just make it in the nick of time to greet the VVIP during the VVIP arrival.


Sharifah Shazzea, our Deputy Chairlady of Student Council does looks amazingly stunning. That night she was on her best look and I kept on whispered to her on how beautiful she was that night twice.


Taking a group picture does really suit up since in the event like this, you need to get as many as pictures of yourself in the crowd.


This is my class table.

From left; Irwan, Farah. Faizura, Emmelly, Hakimah, Anna, Mike, Me, James and Atai.


Anna Sato was looking gorgeous on that night. Might perhaps because of the eyelashes extension that make you feel tires.


The picture of Hakimah, the only queen of all football games I ever knew,.


Taking a camwhore photo is a must but it will looks wrong since DSLR already pandai main at the main area.


One that night self, there’s a slot to appreciate those students from each different faculty by selecting one of them as the best based on their CGPA.


My beautiful Hana which are being worshipped by most of the girls in the campus came with a beauty like no one else that night. Although she might be intimidating, but don’t feel afraid just to say ‘hi’ to her. She’s friendly to begin with.


My classmates for that night look more than their normal selves that night. Some of them even bought new dress and tailored new clothes just for the event.


Yours truly within the picture scope and it was the only me who didn’t sit quietly at the table because keeping on running here and there to take pictures.


Both Nisa and I ended up being red for the night reflecting the passion within us for our partner. I mean red does mean love.


Jesse was astounding-astonishing-amazingly beautiful that night. She’s a pretty Sabahan girl and to take picture with her really shows the exquisite side of me being choosy.


The picture of the whole Part 6 Business Studies students. Luckily most of them fit in the frame.


Yours truly with his besties. Do I have to say again that she is amazingly beautiful that night once more?


Rahman and Nisa taking a picture together with that background seems like they are attending a fashion show event.


Yours truly with the YDP of Student Council and President of Debate Unit English Department. Seeming seeing us to be as red, it was only a coincidence. I actually wore Hando’s samping because he changed with mine to match up with his shirt colour.

Overall, the night was great and everybody is having fun. It was a memorable night indeed and I would like to thanks Momo for lending me his speed light for that night event.

A final of Yayasan Sarawak World Style Debate Competition will be going on today and wish me all the best guys!

Cheer for me aite!

Monday, October 11, 2010

iTalk Whoa! Raya Special


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Yayasan Sarawak–Prelims

Last week, from the 6th till the 8th October 2010, Yayasan Sarawak World Style Debate Competition (YSWSDC) was being held in UNIMAS.

Supposedly they held this event last year but due to some problems and conflict, they manage to make it happen after the last YSWSDC was being held in UiTM Sarawak back in 2008.

We sent fours teams consisting Team A; Moon & Naz, Team B; Jeff & Shana, Team C; Paul & Hando and finally Team D; Terence & I. Hamaz; one of our junior; has been paired up with Steven from Swinburne as the swing team.

We also sent Wahid to be as the adjudicator for the event alongside with Dr. Simon. During the last preliminary round, it is B.J who stepped in to replace Wahid due to unavoidable matter.

Frankly speaking, after what has happen in Arau Open, I didn’t put much hope on this tournament. Heck, I didn’t attend the event with a hope to win nor go to the final plus not taking the competition seriously that made Paul quite upset towards me just because of that for a while.

But I do come with confidence and give all my best for my speech; at least that is all what I can do for Terence since he came for the tournament with a high goal; to break to semi-final.

And there we are, putting our as off as I on the first place didn’t being serious about it.

During of Terence’s hope being rupture down to go to semi-final, we were struck as we are the last team who made it. I was moaning due to the fact my mind was on another event tonight and I want to be there on time.

And there it was, with Team C and Team D on both government bench and Swinburne University for both opposition bench, the debate begin.

At the end of the day, it was both Closing Government and Closing Opposition who made it to the final.

As for me; according to many people who watched; I gave a very fiery speech which I didn’t think it was before I see the video myself. According to Terence and Paul, it was my most best speech ever as a debater. I will not kembang hidung about it *sniff snif*.

So UiTM will be have a representative in the finals on the 13th October 2010 in UNIMAS. I as usual didn’t take it seriously because I don’t like to give pressure to myself.

None the less, here’s some pictures during the tournament for you guys to enjoy.


Her name is Ashreen Norman, from UPM. One of the cuties during the tournament. She remind me a lot to Intan Sabreena and Sharifah Nafisa because she have that both looks.


Camhoring in the toilet aren’t the way you suppose to utilizing your DSLR, what who’s going to take the picture of myself if it is not me myself?

DSC_0028 (2)

Agnes Lee, from Institut Perguruan Batu Lintang. She made the whole session during one round to be procrastinate since she’s using the terminology in dictionary. By all means, she’s still new and need to learn a lot. I believe that she does learn a lot in the tournament.

DSC_0028 (3)

Our dear VIP went through to the semi-final. As the Opening Government, they really do a quite good job handling the motion but too bad the luck wasn’t on their side. At least they still have the chance to enter YSWSDC next year as for Terence and me are no more eligible since we are in the final next Wednesday.

DSC_0031 (3)

I’ve been tired to face these guys almost for all the prelim rounds. My team had already faced them four times including the final round. If I consider with the public speaking competition which was held alongside with the debate tournament, it has been six time. Including the final, total up is seven times! But seriously, the team consisting a Mauritius guy with a French accent and local Kuching guy, this team is really whopping other team asses during the debate.

DSC_0034 (2)

This is Terence doing his speech for the semi-final. Believe it or not, he has the time to go to the toilet and pee and caused him short of breath due to the fact that he has to run back quickly.

DSC_0037 (3)

Paul with other debaters from other institution. He’s just like to make friends.


One thing about Terence’s pictures that he always seems to give a rap instead of a speech.


I do not know what these two are talking but I think they are up to no good since the Communist Messiah is smiling.


Told you so when he gives his speech, it looks like rapping.


The Communist Messiah with the holy Red Book of Guidance. This pictures does really suites him.


Alongside with the UPM debaters. Such a cuties they are. Seriously.

I think that should wrapped these whole thing. Until then, wish UiTM all the best for the finals guys!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Recent life and events

Yeah yeah yeah. I know i haven’t updated this blog in a while.

Okay….in a long while. Sheesh, talking about promises to update regularly. I do not know what happen to me this semester. There’s to be seem a lacking of persuasion and discipline in me to do something that I meant to do.

Since I have my camera, I have been to multiple events to take some shots and recently, I’ve been ask to be the photographer for some previous and upcoming events.

There is no monetary transaction involved but they gave me certificate for my participation in the event. As a student who will graduate in one month time, it is crucial to me to get as many as cert as possible. I mean, I can’t depend on the debate cert only.


Here is one of my first shot from my Nikon D5000. Even you can say it looks nice but the fact is that I’m not a good photographer at all. During those previous events, I couldn’t create beautiful shots. Perhaps due to I’m still new at this, hence I have to read and practice a lot with those shoots.

Well, practise made perfect.

Last Saturday, I went to Semenggoh Wild Life Park and there, I took one of my first nature shoot; the Orang Utan.


One thing that I believe is that it is not the camera who take good pictures; it’s the person behind it.

I’m still learning of course and perhaps I’ll be getting good at this.