Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Munch Park Party


Last night, our class Interpersonal Communication class MC27S4A made a self-made-group dinner. Well, basically we were just spending the surplus money that we gained from our class activities, events and projects throughout the semester.

A number of our classmates could not attend due to other commitments but we were having fun throughout the night. That is also our chance to actually to have a deep conversation about relationships, hearts and feeling; which is unavoidable since our course is mainly about extensive deep person-to-person communication.

Thank you for Atiqah Azlan for making the delicious spaghetti, Yuna for the Singaporean bihun and I-do-not-know-whom who made the delicious thick gravy chicken curry. This would be our last semester as a second year student before beginning our third; and our last year; as a student. For those who wants to see the rest of the pictures, you can click here. Such a great time and all the best to all of us for this final exam!

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