Thursday, January 3, 2013

Exam Is Here


Picture above is from my Instagram which I took last semester but the concept is there. The exam week has arrived and I am currently working my ass off. First paper was Corporate Public Relation and it has been done upon to my level of satisfaction. It is the killer paper for us this semester as the lecturer is quite strict with her marks; not to mention it is a 4 hours credit paper. Yes, 4 hours credit.

The next paper will be Event & Publicity Public Relation and Media Law paper which is a back-to-back paper. With the emotional breakdown I’m currently going through right now, I’m trying my best to be strong for this final exam. Definitely hard but I will survive.

Seeing my classmates making their notes while myself still lingering around does make oneself feel scare towards the potential odds. Better work my notes now.

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